Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good

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If you read my intro you know that I served as a Counterintelligence Special Agent (97B), after I wanted something more active than Cavalry (19D3X). I remember my mom asking what we were doing in Germany. “Doing P.T., vehicle and weapon maintenance, and waiting for war to break out.” That was back when Reagan was talking about the Soviet Evil Empire.

I found out from talking to my parents that the public didn’t know that whenever talk got tough between the US and USSR we were issued ammunition and rolled out to our staging areas…just in case. Just like the public never heard of the shots exchanged on the Korean border or all the cases of attempted defectors from communist countries being killed within site of our outposts as they raced for freedom. It was these events that attracted me to Intelligence as it was already at war with the “Communist Menace” and I was tired of waiting for war to break out and running to the border every time Reagan and the Russians traded insults.

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In the Counterintelligence Special Agent’s course, we had a lot of training regarding the subversion of governments and the other “Active-Measures” used by communist governments to subvert the West. (If this interests you read “The Deception Game” and “Soviet Military Intelligence” – both are by Soviet Defectors. I still see things in the news purported to be true that I know were Czechoslovakian disinformation campaigns. That reminds me there is a book Disinformation. But I think it was Dezymformatziya or something like that (my books are largely still in boxes as my library is not yet ready so I apologize). I don’t speak Russian, the book was in English.) There was also a manual for Low-Intensity Conflict which was a conflict short of an open war. It included what they now call Asymmetric warfare, guerilla war, and terrorism.

Yes, Communist and Islamic bombings were a thing way back in the 70s and 80s. But before September 11th we had always stopped the ones on American soil before they happened. This secret war reminded me of that movie with Michael Caine “Zulu,” where he said that the government doesn’t like disasters, “They look bad in the paper and upset civilians at their breakfast.” That spoke to me of the violence and activities of the “Cold” War that never got in the newspapers, How “cold” the Cold War was depended a great deal on where you were standing.

There was also a great song called Private Investigation and Twilight Zone, the latter was by Golden Earring – not to confuse it with the TV show. Both of those remind me of those days. Anyway, for over thirty years I have tried to alert people to these “active measures” that are being used to subvert our society. Douglas Murray’s book War on the West is not about a “new” war it is about an undercover war that has now become so obvious it can no longer be ignored.

Now, finally, it is so obvious that I hope people listen but many people are still in denial. The Normalcy bias is a powerful thing and works in the subversive’s favor. The only time it got in the news was with the McCarthy anti-communist investigations and those “upset civilians at their breakfast” so they were stopped. It later came out that many of the actors that were accused – which was what upset everyone to have their “beloved” public figures accused – actually were in regular contact with communist agents. People, however, didn’t want to hear about it because it wasn’t “nice” and upset their ideas of safety in America. It is nice to see so many people starting to wake up. It’s not nice that they are doing it so late.

Here is an interview with a former Soviet officer named Uri Bezmenov. Eventually, he had “an accident” and died. But I post this interview a couple of times a year on Facebook. Despite the fact it came out in the 70s most people still are unaware of it although I am seeing it more and more today.

If you pay attention to the timeline he gives you will notice that we passed the point where this process could be stopped long before the Soviet Union fell. At that point it then carried on without foreign assistance – although in the riots during Covid, I noted trained agitators in the crowds so, clearly, they still are getting subversive assistance.

There is other evidence that foreign assistance continued. About 15 years ago two spies were arrested. One was a High School teacher and the other the editor for La Raza which promoted the Hispanic “struggle” against oppression. As a note, the title of that movement, La Raza, was the slogan of the Spanish Fascist Party under Generalissimo Franco, the Dictator of Spain. The Intelligence community periodically makes such arrests for those who are aware. Unfortunately, most people think these are the only spies out there while, in truth, there were more foreign agents in New York City alone than the US Army had Counterintelligence agents worldwide. Arrests are smaller than the tip of an iceberg and they are only made to alert the public. There are many reasons for this just as there are many ways to neutralize a foreign agent other than a public arrest and trial. In this case, I think the message was “Hey people, foreign agents, working to subvert America are active in our schools, our media, and “liberation” and “equality” movements. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have missed the message.

What is truly amazing is this warning by Uri Bezmenov was on major networks and has been available ever since its original airing in the 70s and even today most people still haven’t seen it. It is old but the information is quite relevant to us today. Its more scary if you actually know the history of communism and realize that these are not some distant and obsolete activity but as real as school teachers and editors being arrested for espionage, agitators stirring up violence in riots in major US cities.

For me, the “history” of Communism and the Cold War is part of my personal experience. Here is the short version for those who don’t have a whole hour to devote to saving America. The communist revolution IS happening. That isn’t an opinion. It is a fact. And what I write on SabersEdge.Online is not just another person’s opinion but the analysis of a trained Intelligence officer sworn to “preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” But if you don’t know what these warning signs look like, if you have never been trained in these matters, you probably are just wondering what is going on and “What is happening to people these days?”

Below is the full interview that was broadcast on national television in the 1970s for those who want to see know the whole story and actually want an answer to the question “What is happening to people these days?” Most people don’t want the answer. I know because, when asked, I have tried to tell them. and after they have been told they still do nothing. This is one problem that will only get worse if it is ignored.

This was my job. Now it’s my passion. I believe the “manuals” call it asymmetric warfare now. In my day it was the Low Intensity Conflict Manual of the US Army. In the back there was a list of indicators that we were trained to apply when we analyzed the risk to foreign governments, today I am applying those same indicators to ours. They included things like, but not limited to, attacks on Judges, disregard for proper government authority, presence of trained agitators amid demonstrations, increased riots and demonstrations against authority, the inability of the government to maintain order, “front” organizations stirring up unrest, and many more that are now appearing in our news on an almost daily basis. Note that this could easily include organizations that would say “We need to have CRT in our schools to fight injustice.” The front organizations would also fund the groups that say “We need to fight CRT in our schools! We need to act now.” It is the chaos and polarization that is useful to them because their goal is to destroy.

You see, the issue doesn’t matter. What they want is the division. The whole thing is the divide and conquer idea. Its exacerbated by the tactics of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. (Look that up for an interesting read.) CRT is all about dividing us further and is full of neo-Marxist rhetoric. We need “representation” for OUR group, what about OUR rights?

The hard thing is that those are not bad things. People need representation and their rights are important. But all of this division is part of the whole process of a communist takeover. Those who lived in communist countries that fell to communism know what I am talking about and these immigrants who fled communist takeovers are also trying to sound the warning. Many of the “old folks” if they watched the news may realize there is something familiar here. They just didn’t expect to see it in this country.

This is what SabersEdge is for. First to educate and make people aware and second to help them come together to resist the darkness and create a brighter future.

If we fail, we will see a new Dark Age that follows the fall of our civilization that makes the fall of the Roman Empire look like a minor occurrence. Sorry, I’m not more positive today. This is not a happy topic…but it’s necessary to be clear about it. Every democracy in history has fallen to tyranny. The founders knew that that is why they didn’t want democracy but created a Republic in which only the educated and people who had an economic investment in stability would be able to vote. [See also: ]Regarding Active Measures and what Uri Bezmenov says, well, we passed the point where (if it was another country) I as an agent would have recommended direct military intervention was needed to stop the process. But when we recommended direct military intervention it was our government and allies who would be doing it. Who is there to rescue the United States? Only us, the citizens. Cavalry troopers and freedom fighters.

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