Government Sponsored Euthanasia? Even the Nazis Said No

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Aktion T4: Berlin, 1 December 1939 – a desperate father whose son was severely disabled and, according to him, was unable to live any kind of meaningful life asked his Fuhrer (government leader,) if there wasn’t something that could be done to deliver his son from suffering. Adolf Hitler instructed his physician to verify the circumstances and, if it was so, to end the child’s and father’s suffering concerning the situation. Later, they decided that if one person was affected this way then others may be as well and Adolf Hitler wrote the following letter (translated):

Berlin, 1. September 1939

Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. Brandt, M.D. are charged with the responsibility of enlarging the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such a manner that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death.

(signed) A. Hitler

History has portrayed this as an “inhuman program of the Nazis” (it is a completely different program than Himmler’s extermination camps although many sources seem to conflate them.) This program was so “that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death.”

Canada has already implemented a similar program, as have other countries, supported by leftists and socialists. You know, the very people who most loudly denounce Nazis, even as they follow in their footsteps. It shouldn’t be surprising that Socialists and Communists would pursue the same course as the Nazis because the very term “Nazi” is a shortening of their full name: National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – NSDAP in German). I say, not surprising because Nazi Germany was a socialist country. “They weren’t a pure socialist country!” the sheeple will bleat. That is correct. They were not entirely socialist. They encouraged free enterprise as long as it was productive and operating in such a way that the country and society were enhanced so the Nazis were closer to what Western countries that practice, meaning they were a mix of socialism and capitalism as we are today – as opposed to pure communism or pure socialism. But then there isn’t a purely communist country alive today either because history has proven both socialism and communism to be inefficient and unable to continue without the help of capitalist enterprise and incentives. After all, both socialism and communism are philosophies that exist in denial of human nature.

But euthanasia does seem to be something that socialists and leftists embrace sooner or later. Just as governments inevitably move toward tyranny.

The same history books that highlight euthanasia in WWII Germany obscure the fact that the National Socialist government of Germany worked closely with the American companies and organizations that advocated euthanasia and eugenics in developing their programs because the Americans were so much farther along on these ideas. Allied victory in WWII ended the German programs but American programs, including what we now call Planned Parenthood (which Margaret Sanger advocated as a way of “eliminating human weeds” from American society,) continue. Planned Parenthood has killed more black babies than the police have killed black adults. Even today, most Planned Parenthoods (intentionally or not,) follow Margaret Sanger’s idea by existing largely in poorer communities among what she would have called “the human weeds” and what the advocates of the oligarchic elite and WEF leaders of today refer to as “useless eaters.”

We need to be fair though. The Nazis program and the Canadian program aren’t exactly the same. The Canadians have extended euthanasia to people who are disabled, depressed, poor, or who just feel that life is too difficult. They also appear to be offering it to people who are requesting help from government programs for their disabilities, poverty, or problems. As some have gotten letters in response saying, essentially, if life is too difficult for you we can help you end it. This is a level of euthanasia among its people that even the Nazis rejected. Nazis limited Aktion T4 to: persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death” while modern socialists will even extend it to children who are depressed and suicidal. There is even a move to allow the government to intervene and eliminate children over their parent’s objections.

Here might be a good place to mention that Nazi Germany found this euthanasia program to be so distasteful that they wrote letters and marched in demonstrations and because of the protests and outrage Hitler canceled the program on August 24, 1941. Many of the doctors who had approval power were soon transferred to where their medical skills were needed at the Eastern Front. The interesting thing, to me, is that the program ended because of demonstrations in Germany, including sermons by Catholic and Lutheran priests and ministers. That’s an interesting tidbit, isn’t it? No history teacher ever told me that there were successful protests in Nazi Germany that caused the Nazis to change policy. Were you told that in school? That doesn’t really fit the image I have seen in movies or read in most history books of what the Nazis were like. More important is the fact that Adolf Hitler responded to these protests, not by machine-gunning the protestors, but by canceling the program.

This is what the internet says about this program: “Aktion T4 was a campaign of mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany” ultimately killing either 70,000 (or 275,000-300,000 depending on which sources you read.) These people were in Psychiatric hospitals or otherwise incurable and under medical care. It seems from reading many of the historical accounts that many are conflating the programs in Himmler’s SS-run concentration camps and the Aktion T4 program. Yet they are different. The T4 program was run out of hospitals and asylums. The concentration camps were about getting rid of undesirables but they didn’t rely on any of the medical evaluations or select doctors’ orders that Aktion T4 required. Nonetheless, I have read in many otherwise reputable sources, that this program was continued in the concentration camps. You know, in the first years of the Third Reich only a couple of thousand people were killed in concentration camps (mostly communists, gypsies, and various political enemies.) Then, when Heinrich Himmler took over their operation the death toll shot up (ultimately to reported millions). But the concentration camps did not need any rationalization like Aktion T4. It had started killing “enemies of the state” before Aktion T4 (the Nazi version of MAID,) and the concentration camps continued well after Hitler canceled the Aktion T4. Too many sources, especially the wiki, confuse and conflate these programs. But, again, most of the sources in the Wiki are not in German.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time explaining the Nazi program because I find it significant that no one is calling the Canadian program “a campaign of mass murder.” So I wanted to ensure you understood Aktion T4 so you could compare it with Canada’s Medical Assistance In Dying (or MAID.) This program has been available since 2016 for “a grievous and irremediable medical condition.” So, when it was created it was very much like the NAZI program Aktion T4. It has killed a lot fewer people than Aktion T4 but we should probably mention that Canada’s population is less than half of what Germany’s was in WWII and that Aktion T4 included all the areas that Germany controlled at the time. Also in 2021, there are a lot fewer “incurable illnesses” than there were in the 1930s – medical science has advanced almost a hundred years). But now the Canadians are out to expand their program way beyond what even the Nazis did.

“Bill C-7 would allow individuals seeking MAID to apply solely on the basis of a mental disorder (including depression.) … [and] would allow “mature minors” to be euthanized by state doctors without the consent of their parents…We’ve got the homeless, we talked about that last time. The poor. The disabled. Those with chronic pain… Creighton School of Medicine professor Charles Camosy said Wednesday.”

New York Times

This program goes far beyond what the Nazis were doing to German Nationals but it is not described as “mass murder” (although MAID is now reported to account for 3% of the deaths in Canada). That makes Medical Assistance In Dying one of the leading causes of death in Canada – but that’s OK. Apparently, it is still not “a campaign of mass murder.” I know because I have read the newspaper accounts and listened to the news and they are not calling it that. Am I the only one who has noticed that our history and media are not a consistent judge of the morality of actions that are taken today or in yesteryear?

Morality or immorality, legality or illegality, nowadays seems to be very much a matter of who is doing it rather than a matter of the rule of law. There is not even a claim to impartial justice and everything seems to be partisan. Although I have noticed that one side of the spectrum does not even pretend to be fair or unbiased while the other side still holds it as an ideal at least – even if they are engulfed in their own corruption and lies. One of those lies is that all morality is relative (not true because there are actions that are considered wrong in every human society on Earth – these actions humans everywhere and in every time have found repugnant and punishable.)

Please note, nothing here is intended to excuse anything that happened in Nazi Germany during WWII. However, if we want to pass judgment on people and programs I think we should be consistent. Hitler was reportedly moved by the letter about suffering by this father about his son – likewise, Canadians claim to be moved by suffering. Yet Hitler was clear that this program was for the incurable and NOT for the disabled, homeless, poor, those with chronic pain, or those diagnosed with temporary mental conditions. Some studies indicate if we included those who are treated for mental conditions that nearly half of the Democratic Party in America would be eligible to be included in the MAID program.

Let that sink in.

Depression and mental diagnoses are not, necessarily, incurable conditions and even many that are permanent are still treatable and can afford the patient a good quality of life. Further, should Medical Assistance In Dying ever be extended to people who are not thinking clearly because of chronic pain and depression?

Tim Pool in the video below makes an interesting observation and, although he doesn’t list his source, I have noticed that he is careful regarding sources and claims so I do not doubt him.

Nearly everyone who jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge dies. (At that height hitting the water is similar to hitting concrete.) However, there have been a few dozen (of the hundreds who died) who survived. A study of the survivors revealed that the instant they jumped they realized that EVERYTHING in their life could be remedied and was not permanent EXCEPT their decision to jump. Every single one of these survivors, the instant they jumped and could not take it back, was filled with remorse for taking their own life. Considering that is true of everyone who survived I think we can safely conclude that people are not in a state of mind to make these decisions when they are depressed or under duress from serious life situations. Unfortunately, the instant they jump they gain the perspective that they didn’t have up to and at the moment of jumping. Would a responsible program facilitate these people in making such a mistake or would it offer to help them work through the issues that they have? –

summary of the Tim Pool account

It is kind of like someone getting ready to jump from the bridge and a government car drives up.

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

“Uh, I changed my mind.”

“Now now, none of that. Don’t chicken out on us now let me help you. Off you go!” [Push]. “Another ‘useless eater’ out of the way.”

Suicide Prevention lines will tell you that the urge to suicide is fleeting. If you can keep a person talking for ten minutes about their problems it often passes. That is what suicide prevention lines do. Keep them talking until the temporary urge for suicide passes. Combine that bit of knowledge with the information that everyone regrets this decision who survived their suicide attempt on the Golden Gate Bridge, then maybe government should be requiring counseling and medical care rather than helping them in this program of “mass murder.” Maybe we should be trying to apply the same standards of judgment across the board and, if the Nazis were wrong in doing this admit that the Western Governments are wrong too. Or, would we rather say that maybe the Nazis were right?

MAID is just one of many eugenics and population control methods that the elite oligarchs have implemented in the Western World. But, as I have noted before. They never consider themselves to be implementing a “campaign of mass murder” nor do they consider themselves or their families to be part of the population that needs to be removed. They are not volunteering to shuffle off this mortal coil. No, they are volunteering us to do so. But we are supposed to believe that this is not “a campaign of mass murder.”

As I said the German people found this program heinous and intolerable and the program officially ended in August 1941, well before the end of the war. (It is hard to find information in our history books that doesn’t confuse the different programs in Germany, and too often the programs are misrepresented by sloppy scholarship confusing their policies and declared intent. It is interesting that as sources many historians include American documents and wartime articles that were heavily influenced by our propaganda as if they were fact. However, when you read the actual and original documents sometimes the information is subtly (or not so subtly,) different. I have found the same thing in other areas of American History where, too often, we believe our own wartime propaganda as if it were fact (I have brought this up regarding the 1860-1865 War of Southern Independence several times). I still run into people who believe that the Nazis only recognized blonde hair and blue eyes as the ideal even though neither Hitler, Himmler, nor Goebbels fell into that category. If you read their material they recognized 9 Euro-types as valid for European Herrenvolk and the Nordic was just one of them. Also, even the Nazis recognized that the very term Aryan described a people that originated in Northern India.

But in Canada and in programs proposed in the US and Europe they are not killing those tbey consider “aliens” they are killing Canadians, Americans, and Europeans. Either is heinous but our actions today are inexplicably excused.

What our society needs is a good dose and return to honest self-reflection, humility, and ideas such as “judge not lest ye be judged.” But then, much of that came from our Christian foundations that permeated every aspect of Western Culture.

The question remains, however, will Americans and Canadians find this program heinous and intolerable, as Germans did in World War II, or will they just ignore it and go back to their online and video distractions?

We are better than this.

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