The Lies Are Killing Us

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Welcome Freedom Troopers, I really hate the money thing but, as you know, GoogleAdsense refuses to monetize my site because my conclusions do not match accepted consensus. Nevermind that more often than not throughout history the accepted concensus is wrong and that Intelligence channels don’t rely on “accepted concensus” to make strategic decisions. Basically, Google doesn’t want you to have access to a trained Counterintelligence officer, analyst, and historian. If I was just going to say what everyone else said I would not need to have a website.

As you know I am a service-connected disabled veteran on a fixed income and retired from DHS and nearly everything has more than tripled in cost since Trump was president. I still have a family to feed and would like to get back to focusing on my research and analysis full time, like I did a couple years ago before Biden-nomics destroyed my budget and put me back to looking for jobs. Intel jobs are mostly on the coasts and my wife wants to stay here – not to mention if I had access to TS SCI again I would not be able to give you my unreserved analysis because I could never be sure what was based on open-source data and what was based on classified briefing. Until I get enough support from readers I have to split my time. I spent 175$ for access to research materials this month (a fairly common expense for me), and I also have the annual cost of the website of 221$ over and above the 25$ a month, PO Box and other expenses. This site is now large enough I want to expand the website to include pages and features so I can organize back data and make subjects easier to find but that too costs money I don’t have at the moment. I really need your help because we are currently out of cream and meat in the house and, although we like Pasta and rice dishes they can get old. Unlike Hitler I am not a vegetarian and no one in my house wants to be. If you can support us please help. You can send a check to the editor and manager Daniel Brakhage, PO Box 433, Leavenworth, KS 66048 or if you would prefer Venmo send me an email at and we can get hooked up. I have a much-neglected Patreon that has not served me worth a darn and I have some bad feelings about Patreon after the Canadian Trucker thing so I don’t blame anyone for not signing up there. I’m open to suggestions on that score for a service that is more politically friendly to the truth, or at least investigation and speculation on the truth. I need your help because the “powers that be” are passively trying to choke us out of existence (can you choke something passively?) I have had to expand security because I receive more bot attacks than any blog my size has a right to. I hate to hog all the attention and would be happy for them to move elsewhere but they have focused on us. If your family, like mine, is already eating too much pasta and rice than don’t feel that you need to help. On the other hand, we are operating so close to the redline ANY help would be appreciated. Also, I have a long line of articles that have been started and research is not done on. Sometimes I move on because subjects move out of the news cycle by the time I have researched it and other times another more pressing matter gets a topic bumped. I am going to try to re-address these articles (there are now more unfinished articles than published articles,) to try to get back to posting two a week. With job hunting (I have found I cannot do an entry level security job because I have trouble working for people who have less security experience than I had by the time I was 25). That and with stuff that needs to be done on the house I have been busy. (It’s so tight last week I had to pawn a gun [key in the sad violin music!] lol.) But seriously, if you can help we need it here. Many feel the problems facing us are too big for them to do anything but here is one place where any help will make a big difference and it will give me much needed encouragement – I certainly get plenty of dis-incentive from the establishment and the haters. Until then, Never Give Up! Never Surrender! Thank you for your support readers! The continuously rising website traffic keeps me going! We mount up draw sabers, and ride to the sound of the guns!

[Lol, my wife asked if we were riding toward the sound of the guns or to the sound of the guns. I said probably toward – but that isn’t what Murat said – however I guess if you are riding toward the sound of the guns you are also riding “to the sound of the guns” as “music in your ears” since you have to hear them to ride toward them. Anyway, thought I’d share that comment. I like that my wife and I have been married for over 30 years and we still enjoy each-others company.]

Well, all the admin stuff is through, and I was planning to talk about the judicial and legal abuse of power as the US moves into Imperial Policing as the authority of empire increasingly appears in the news. But I wanted to talk about truth rather than continue the game of whack-a-mole (or whack-a-lie) that we too often end up playing here. I would like to have one post of how we can make a difference and the core of Western Values that has been forgotten and one post of whack-a-lie/highlight injustice a week but there are times when God (or my conscience – if you prefer,) wake me at 0300 and prompts me to right or research a topic. The core of the problem we face in America and Europe is that the “free world” has lost its way. Our civilization is based on freedom and NOT capitalism. Capitalism is the powerhouse that drives Western Civilization and prosperity, but it is at its core every bit as radically materialistic as Communism and it is not the heart of the West but the engine. The Heart and mind of the West is founded in what used to be called Christendom and Greaco-Roman/Germanic/Enlightenment philosophy that is still relevant today. We have lost our way in a Foucault-ist maze of relativistic lies. For over hundreds of years it was the predominant values of Christianity – that everyone is a child of God with intrinsic value (a view shared by Stoics such as Epectitus,) and that truth and honor in behavior had value. The corruption of business got so bad in the 1980s that the University of Nebraska began requiring an ethics class for business majors. Looking at today’s business climate I imagine they have given up on the ethics and replaced it with neo-marxist cultural and economic tribalism. This is part of the lie I have called “the Hydra” (a many-headed monster that for me symbolizes the many ideologies that are tearing the West apart )- this Hydra does not represent some massive conspiracy theory because they are NOT in conspiracy with one another but there are places where their malfeasance and tactics form a web of deceit and corruption that overlaps and cooperates to undermine our life and values. These heads hate and disagree with themselves just as much as they hate us and when Western Civ falls then they will continue tearing at each other. We are more powerful than the Hydra. But we are divided and as Abraham Lincoln (who was qouting Jesus Christ,) said “A house divided against itself cannot stand but must surely fall.”

Seek the Truth If You Want to Save Civilization

As I have said before I have conduced well over 3500 interviews and interrogations, and I have come to believe that we were not designed to lie. Indeed, whether you cling to the idea of God as our Creator or evolution liars can only survive in community on the short term. Community is based upon trust, and without trust in the members of your community community itself fractures and collapses. I am old enough to remember when my dad left his truck with keys in it and unlocked in the driveway and the house was unlocked at night and we never had an issue. That is when we, as a whole, believed in right and wrong. I remember a soldier friend and his family coming to my Dad’s cabin for the weekend and I said, “Hold on while I unlock the screen door.” He was from Philly and waited for me to get there. I took my toe and slid the brick that held the screen door shut aside then stood back and said, “OK, you can go in now.” He just shook his head and said, “Flatlanders, aren’t you afraid someone is going to break in and take your stuff?” – “Why would they take it it’s not theirs?” This is the world we used to live in.

Humans are not the pinnacle of the food chain. Our teeth are weak, and we don’t have usable claws. In the West we have highlighted individuality to such a degree we have forgotten that humanity is dominant because of community. We can survive the trials and struggles required for continued existence only by addressing them as a community. While some may survive as loners, they are always the exception and never the rule – it is even more rare that such loners don’t rely on food, equipment, and or weapons that have been made by others who do live in community and “survivalists” buy stocks of food and ammo created by civilization or do reloading with equipment and gun powder that they bought. So even their ability to survive as a loner demands that they remain on the fringe of civilization or take with them into their solitary life equipment and ideas learned and drawn from people in community. But the truth is, no loner or family group will be able to survive alone when bands of marauders and theives pick off homesteads one at a time. That is why the West had possies and forts because otherwise each farmsteaad could be picked off one by one – and many were.

While our legends of the American West have venerated rugged individualism when new farmers arrived in an area the community had a “barn raising” and helped the newcomer get started because the frontier was dangerous and deadly and people, if they truly wanted to survive, had to hang together. As our forefathers said after signing the Declaration of Independence “we must stand together or we shall certainly hang separately.” As mentioned above there is a reason forts were built on the frontier, militias were organized. Life is dangerous and we must join together to effectively fight for survival. Liars, when discovered, are rightfully “othered” in the community. Trust has failed and community fractured and when community fractures everyone’s survival is brought into question.

Welcome Freedom Troopers, I mentioned last issue that I was going to talk about the economy and its effect on the poor this week but then the trial of Trump and the abuse of legal authority became paramount then I started working on that. I have settled on this topic because I have to feed and care for my family and can only spend the time I have left over afterwards on this website. So, we are going to go right to the heart of the matter…Truth vs. Lie.

Truth is the heart of freedom and relationships between a free people while lies must be enforced by force and tyranny…and more lies.

I was talking with my son the other day and explained the reason that I say I conducted over 3500 interviews is because I worked for a Captain who required we count our stats for posterity. When I became the acting SAIC (Special Agent in Charge) I continued that policy because I saw no clear reason to stop it. When I left that office in 1987 I had conducted over 3500 investigative interviews and interrogations. Following that I conducted interviews as a pastor and returned to investigations after September 11th, 2001. I have no idea how many actual interviews and interrogations I have done I just know where I stopped counting over 30 years ago. I will say, I never again had a job where I had to conduct so many interviews in a day as when I was a counterintelligence special agent and not all agents have the same experience I did.

In those interviews, based on the training I received in Kinesiology and identifying body language and statement analysis through the Agent Course, Kineasiology training at the University of Delaware, Group Counter-Espionage Training, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA and my experience it became clear to me is that if we lie we need to expose that lie in some way by our body language (sometimes – in experienced or habitual liars – it may be as subtle as a quick glance in a certain direction.) In every case, if you see an “expert” who says, “if a person does this they are lying.” You should be aware that they are probably not the expert they claim to be. In every case you have to develop a baseline for the person you are talking to before you can determine whether they are lying or not. Developing a baseline is relatively easy if you have the training. But everyone is a bit different and the mannerisms and indicators that reveal our lies are not all the same (although there are overlaps.) Still, in my experience, anyone who lies – if they know they are lying – reveals that lie in some way.

We were designed to speak the truth and normal people do not lie comfortably.

Having said that, it is harder to determine lies by trained interrogators and lawyers because they do not speak normally. Normally, people are not so concerned about the exact meaning of words. They speak freely and when people are guarded it is an indicator that they are defensive and possibly guilty of something. However, lawyers and trained interrogators have years of experience seeing the importance of the exact meaning of words and they are, subsequently, very careful in their word usage because such care is required in detecting the best liars and in the daily work they are engaged it. Usually, such care and “splitting of hairs” as they call it is your first clue that you are dealing with someone who is not being entirely honest with you. It is a trait of investigators, criminals, and those who have been so seriously psychologically abused that they are afraid of saying anything because it could have negative consequences to them.

We were designed to be friendly and speak the truth and when it doesn’t come naturally there is a reason. Beginning interrogators assume that reason is the person they are talking to is guilty, and they are usually right. It does not mean they are guilty of the crime you are investigating. They may be guarded and evasive about where they were and what they were doing, not because they killed your victim but because they were cheating on their spouse at the time of the murder or were keying their ex’s car. Unfortunately, our society has convinced itself that “comfortable lies” are better than “uncomfortable truths” and so most people lie about “little things.” However, even those “little lies” are revealed in their speech and mannerisms and, as an instructor I had once said, “Don’t go home and use this on your wife and friends. You may not like what you find.” However, I have done so many interviews I cannot NOT use it anymore. Consequently, the question we then need to ask today is not “does this person lie?” But, “what are they lying about?” Hopefully, it is that they scratched the paint on the car or spent too much money shopping and not that they betrayed you or are plotting your murder. Fortunately, such grave malfeasance is rarer but still, we have a deeply ingrained “programming” (whether evolutionary or Divinely implanted,) to tell the truth and lies make us uncomfortable – even (or maybe especially,) when we are lying to ourselves.

As the Bible says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

I find it interesting that there is such hostility to the ten commandments and the wisdom of the Bible when, after more than 2000 years, the documents have not only stood the test of time but proven to be of value as an organizing basis of society and civilization. Their testimony is to the truths, lies, betrayals, murders, and benefits of living in community and truthful relationships – and the consequences of betrayal. They should continue to be a lesson to all. I cannot help but wonder if it is precisely to conceal betrayal that they loathe the book so thoroughly. Most of those I have befriended who claim to hate Christianity and the Bible have no clue what it says or the lessons therein. Rather, they hate something that someone who claimed to be Christian did to them when that (self-proclaimed Christian,) was not acting in a very Christian manner. Christians have a word for people who don’t act forthrightly when dealing with others. They call it sin. As they say, church is a hospital for sinners and not a museum for saints. Unfortunately, today, too many mainline denominations have fallen into a cultural marxism and social justice confidence that has roots more deeply in Marxism than in Christ or the Bible.

Indeed, the Hebrew greeting is a blessing and call for shalom. In English we feebly translate this as “peace” but it is, like so many English words a pale shadow of what is meant in the original language. English is a very concrete language and fails miserably at communicating most theological or philosophical concepts. (That does make it handy in investigation of fact, however.) There is a book, Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be; A Breviary of Sin by Cornelius Plantinga. It has a whole chapter explaining this single word Shalom and ads to that explanation throughout the book. It is well worth reading if you have trouble with what you perceive as “judgmental Christians.” In fact, you will see that the most judgmental are often embracing sin themselves and violating the very concept of Shalom and injunctions to see truly. “Let those who have ears to hear, let them hear.”

Shalom is a state of universal flourishing where all things live, work, and exist together in a state of harmony and mutually fulfilling prosperity. This not only extends to people but to all of creation. In fact, the way Native Americans interacted with nature fits quite well into these concepts of Shalom. Sometimes they fit better than how self-professed Christians interact with nature and the environment. Unfortunately, like many things when translating from the Greek and Hebrew into English we lost some of the meaning.

For instance, when God makes humans “stewards” of the Earth in Genesis, many English translations translate this as man has “dominion” over the Earth. While it is true that a Steward has dominion (like in the medieval concept of the Steward of the Castle – who had complete dominion and the Lord’s authority while the Lord was away,) at some point the Lord will return to his domain and at that time, the Steward must give an account of all they have done and with the Lord’s property. I think there are some people, who may have attended church regularly, but when leading business matters and making decisions in life did so in a way that did not respect the environment, their community (even poisoning them,) or the divine spark in each of their employees and customers, who may be hard pressed to explain their actions as “stewards of the Earth” or “stewards of a company” when the Master returns and demands an accounting. We lost this whole notion of accountability when certain Biblical translations chose to use the word dominion rather than steward.

Now, to be fair, in the days of King James and the Bible he approved for distribution, people well understood that when God was said to be King it is the King that has dominion over everything and everyone. They would not have needed to be reminded that, whatever else was said, that everyone was accountable to the King at all times and in all things. However, when you take these same verses and give them to Americans or others who no longer have a king and whose people have not lived under a king in living memory, (or whose kingship is limited by constitutional authority,) perhaps we need to reassert the “king’s” ultimate dominion more clearly if we are to understand passages that refer to God as King. In order to understand the original text in the Bible.

In this I do not intend to criticize scripture, although I often quibble over translations from other languages into English that I don’t like. I come from a point where I honor any document that has managed to survive for thousands of years. People chose to preserve the words for some reason and most of what was written thousands of years ago has been lost to us forever. So, when something lasts, I believe it must have value to someone somewhere, in fact a great deal of someone’s in many somewheres. In addition, I am a Christian and I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is precisely because of that I am concerned with ascertaining its true meaning and what to ensure I understand what was being said. For me I strive to find that meaning by studying the society in which it was written and the precise meaning of words (as best we can determine,) that were used at the time. I have found that such study enhances my understanding of scripture. But that matches my personality and life as both an investigator and a pastor and is not absolutely necessary to understand or gain helpful insight from the Bible. What is required is being open to change and the ability to learn new things.

Many don’t take the time to listen. [See Auscula article at AUSCULA – Listen With The Ears Of Your Heart – ]Some sit and read their Bible regularly but never allow their Spirit to be involved with God’s Spirit as they read. I think that is a mistake because our minds are finite and prone to errors in thinking. We, as so many have done, can take things out of context and run with it. Others can make the opposite mistake going with “God told me to do this” when such could actually be a type of mental instability. We are mind/body/spirit creatures and each of them are required to live fully. To rely totally on emotion and Spirit and not to engage reason (denying John Wesley’s injunction to compare one scripture with another to find its depth of meaning and to ensure your interpretation holds water,) can lead you as far astray as to rely totally on logic and to ignore your own conscience and feeling.

I feel that too many Christians content themselves to having a relationship with the Bible and never actually develop a relationship with the Living God. Too many want to “see Jesus face to face” and don’t take the time to sit in His presence each day. Their prayer life is more of a “wish list” than a conversation.

Those who feel that Christianity can only be about “Grace and Love” and center their faith solely on how “it makes others feel” ignore the fact that guilt is a natural result of sin (which is a culpable disturbance of shalom.) Our own society has so warped the message of Christ that I feel if he returned today he wouldn’t recognize many of those who claim to follow him. In fact, Jesus says as much when he says many on the day of his return will come to him will say “Lord Lord!” and he will say “Get away from me you doers of iniquity! I never knew you!” That is a far cry from a Christianity that accepts everything and is obsessed with “being nice” and being afraid to “other” people. Those are concerns of secular progressive culture and not Christ. In that respect it is the guilt itself that reminds us to turn from our selfish and wicked ways and return to the path God created us to follow. A path of Truth.

We are not called to be nice and accept everything and everyone we are called to “speak the truth in love.”

Truth is not relative. There is a Truth that underlies existence. While our perception may have great affect on our sensing truth it doesn’t matter what we believe if it is contrary to the truth of physics and the reality of the Created Order. We can assert that natural law and the laws of physics are unfair all we want but they are what we have been given to work with. Our chance of success in life depends on “our truth” matching most closely with “The Truth.” To the extent “our truth” deviates it lessons our chances of survival in a fallen, violent, world of constant struggle.

You can cling to “your truth” all you want but if someone has a pistol with .45 Caliber slugs in it and fires it into your skull you can “believe” in your heart it is firing butterflies and all that will happen is your delusion will bring you death. While, if you saw things “truly” you could possibly have ensured you never got in a position where a murderer with a pistol had you cornered in the first place. You can believe in your heart that everyone is “good” at their heart. But for some it is buried so deeply that it will not affect their behavior.

As I have said before, with every decision we make we are (in a sense,) choosing God or Not God. Truth, or Lie. Everytime we choose the Lie (or Not God,) and deviate from the path of Truth, we harden our hearts to that truth. We live in a society where so many minds and hearts have been hardened against Truth that “living the lie” is becoming normative. I myself have said there is so much wrong and so much corruption I cannot address it all on my blogs. That is because the problem is not some game of Whack-a-Mole (or Whack-a-Lie,) we have to devote ourselves to Truth. It is how we were designed, it is the cornerstone of true community, and our best chance for survival. We can only turn our country, and our churches, away from error and doom if we ourselves set our hearts and minds toward truth and learn to hate the lies that pervade our society.

16 ‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. 17 ‘Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, 18 I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19 ‘Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; therefore be zealous and repent. 20 ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. 21 ‘He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. 22 ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’”

Revelation 3:15-22

Even if you don’t believe in the Divine Inspiration of scripture I encourage you to consider the value of texts that have lasted for thousands of years. If you are butt-hurt about Christianity because of some Christian-in-name-only who hurt you or because you have been told lies about what “Christians believe” (bizarrely I had an argument on line once with an imbecile who told me “what Christians believe,” who was so far off the mark that I literally knew of no Christian group or denomination currently or in the past that asserted what he claimed that they asserted. And I have studied various religious beliefs a good deal.) But if you cannot get over your own prejudices against Christianity then look to Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Interestingly enough, these pagans who lived in a world of gods, all speak of God as a singular and true concept and denigrate those who follow “gods” as superstitious. None of these were Christians to be sure. Their philosophy and search for Truth brought them to the Truth of a Creator and how to live. Indeed the Book of Romans in the Bible says the same thing. That the creator is revealed through his creation and the Psalms repeat the idea that the world itself bears witness…if we look.

If someone is true and wants to find Him he will reveal himself but He won’t force his presence on anyone, the enemy is not so considerate. The enemy and his servants have not compunction about forcing their way of thinking and their presence and ideas on everyone else. But there is a mystery of multiplicity about the Divine that is also a form of singularity. Physics has only now reached a point where such apparent contradictions are now seen as simply a fact of Creation and Existence as science has brought us full circle. Science was started by the religious who wanted to learn more of God by studying God’s creation (the very study of science assumes the world makes sense – an assumption contradicted by those who believe everything is random,) they moved from God when they could find reasons for things and now, their findings have brought them back to the point where more and more physicists are coming to assert that there is intelligent design in the Universe and some form of outward power had to initiate the “big bang.” They cannot describe that “outward power” but recognize that explaining such unknowns in the past has been incorporated in the term “God.” So much in life is not “either, or” but “both, and” and that goes against the simplicity that we want to see things as. [See also: What Are Children of God? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

Truth is direct but not always easy. Conscience, reason, and Wisdom Literature all help us discern the Truth.

Although he never used these words others called John Wesley’s Method of discerning truth “the Wesleyan Quadrilateral” where he used reason, experience, scripture, and tradition to determine the meaning of scripture. Again, although Wesley never called this a “quadrilateral” later scholars noticed that again and again he used these four criteria in his preaching and teaching to explain scripture and determine the proper path of a Christian life. Without such conviction we will never find the way of truth because our conscience is an integral part of who we are. When combined with reason and measured with a study of scripture and an active prayer life we can best find our path through life.

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