Why Ignore Data? Mass Psychosis and Lies

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I am not a doctor but I can analyze data. I have been doing it most of my adult life, in university, as an analyst, in government service, and in security. Again, when people refuse to look at data, especially data which is so many standard deviations away from the mean there is a reason. That reason is never good.

It could be corruption. It could be stupidity. It could be deliberate malfeasance where those responsible want to hide the information. Despite that, information is surfacing. Thousands of years ago the wisdom literature of the ancients from many societies had already recognized that “what is done in darkness will be exposed in the light” and many other proverbs that revealed that lies could not prevail forever. The Wisdom of Confucius, Africa, and ancient Hindus say likewise. When over 5000 years of accumulated wisdom hold the same conclusion it is amazing that evil and corruption still think they can hide and never be found out. One of my favorite quotes of our Roman forebears holds to that:

Now we have information coming out. Since the government agencies that claim to be in place to protect us are actively working against the truth we do not have any government institution actively and diligently trying to determine the truth for us. Still, data is leaking out and conscientious people are analyzing it for us. Below we have data on the lab leak theory, excess deaths, and unexplained clotting. We need to know why these are occurring and we need to know why our government isn’t on top of it.

I will not try to analyze it more than what I have in past blogs except to summarize that the countries that have the highest vaccination rates have the highest excess mortality. Still, this is not causality. We don’t know why this is because no one is studying it. The only reasons that I can see that our leaders would not be interested in finding the cause of an event that statistically is the largest wave of excess deaths in my life time are:

  1. They already know why it is and don’t want us to know;
  2. Our leaders are stupid;
  3. Our leaders are culpable and responsible;
  4. Our leaders have been paid off by those who are culpable and responsible = our leaders are corrupt.
  5. Our leaders are actually implementing a plan to massively reduce our population by randomly killing a set amount of our population (the Thanos Solution from Marve Endgame);
  6. We are in a conflict between good and evil and evil is winning;
  7. Mass Psychosis has engulfed our leaders in a cult that prevents them from seeing truth;
  8. All of the above.

Again. I am not saying what is causing the deaths. I don’t know. I am saying that there must be a reason that no one is looking into it and none of the reasons that I can think of are good for us and I am confused that there is not a greater backlash against it because…even if someone doesn’t know anyone who died in the last year they know family members who are alive and wouldn’t anyone with sense want to know why 40% more people are dying so they can tell if anyone they love is in danger? [see: https://sabersedge.online/dont-be-fooled-about-conspiracy-theories ]

Below I offer Dr. Martenson’s presentation as he is someone who knows. There are others but I like his detail and his use of statistics. Dr. Campbell of England is also good. At one hour in he shows a graph that clearly shows a corollary between excess deaths and vaccinations. Again, this is not proof of cause but it is definitely a reason to launch a full investigation – as opposed to expanding our vaccination programs without seeing if there is a problem first. But, don’t skip to that because his presentation shows the misuse of information and people lying through statistics. And it is worth watching. 2nd, I have a follow-up for more information on the blood clot anomalies, which are disturbing. I remember my college professor. “If you want to lie to someone…use statistics.” They are. Unfortunately, anyone who understands statistics and math can read the data for themselves – even though most won’t look [see: https://sabersedge.online/what-can-you-do-with-stupid ]

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Here is the aditional information regarding the bloodclots we mentioned earlier. Again, we don’t know why they are forming and you need to write you government and congress and tell them we need to find out where these come from. Is it covid? Is it the vaccine? Is it preservatives in food that we just started using widely a few years ago or something else? We just don’t know. It is a crime that the government is not doing anything to tell us why. One of the reasons for the government is our general health and welfare and they have betrayed us in that too – through either malfeasance or incompetence…

In the first month of the Covid pandemic, I analyzed the information and said that it looked to me like an engineered virus that either escaped from or was released from a lab. I posted that on FB and they deleted it all and warned me to be silent. Now we know that my analysis was correct and here are just some of the goods. Unfortunately, the data I posted and the analysis I did then are gone forever because not only is my analysis gone but I can no longer access the sources I used at the time. No problem. Fauci exposes his complicity in the government’s own data and communications [see also: https://sabersedge.online/why-are-we-being-gaslighted-by-government-healthcare-and-media ]

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