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Hello, I offer apologies but the coffers of SabersEdge were exhausted and we were unable to pay for January’s service. We therefore experienced a slight service interruption until I could get my paycheck from work and cover the service fees.

We will be back on schedule for Tuesday’s post unless something comes together unexpectedly.

I guess this is a good time to hit hit the housekeeping notes. We receive no outside support so if you find any value in SabersEdge please support our work.

I will never sell anyone’s information. Especially not that of one of my Freedom Troopers. It is a commander’s duty to protect his troopers so they can accomplish their mission. While everyone who currently works at SabersEdge Association was a trooper in the 8th Cavalry anyone can join us and be a Freedom Trooper through Patreon. You can join us and help SabersEdge Association rebuild our values and ensure that the things that made this the greatest society on the face of the Earth are not lost in darkness. To do this we rely on your support we are limited by the algorithms in our distribution and cannot be monetized because we don’t present the “accepted consensus” that Google wants. Our only support comes from you! You can do this by sharing our content, and spreading our memes, or you can support us through Patreon at  SabersEdge Association is creating Videos, Blogs, and Writings for Education and growth | Patreon; Also, you can help us by buying books through the links on our website. This allows us to gain a small percentage of each sale and won’t cost you any extra; you can also buy us books for our research and ongoing learning from my wish list [ ] and send gifts directly to us at PO Box 433, Leavenworth, KS, 66048. So, these are 7 ways that YOU can help fight the culture war and defend freedom. We are a new, small site, and the algorithms are against us help us to overcome them by sharing with others in whatever way works best for you. I also invite you to contact us at

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