Who Stole Your Education? Were You Indoctrinated in Ignorance?

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In the 1800s there was a political party called the Know-Nothings. They wanted to stop all immigration except white Anglo-Saxons and keep America unchanged. They were anti…well, pretty much everything. We see that again today only modern Know-Nothings want to change everything. There are groups in Western Civilization that talk about diversity and inclusion but seem to be more about anger, division, and tearing down everything because of transgressions that they don’t even understand but were somehow our fault. Ironically, they want to destroy the very civilization that has brought them the comforts they depend on and who some couldn’t live without computers, tablets, and satellite communications. Science, space-faring vessels, space stations, solar energy, Central air-conditioning, modern medicine, civil rights, individual freedoms, and Carmel macchiato. Why?

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They want to destroy Western Civilization, largely because of racism, slavery, and colonialism. That’s interesting. With all the things Western Civilization has brought us we need to destroy it because of racism, slavery, and colonialism? Three things that Western Civilization DIDN’T event but which existed in Eastern Civilizations that came before them? We know for a fact that racism, slavery, and colonies existed in ancient China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and other civilizations that preceded the Greeks and Romans. The entire Hebrew nation were slaves in both Egypt and Babylon thousands of years ago.

Rather, Western Civilization is the civilization that, because of its reverence for human rights and our belief that we are all Children of the Divine and deserving of respect, has tried to ELIMINATE both slavery, colonialism, and racism. Yet they ALL continue in societies in the East, Middle East, and Africa. Far from inventing and perpetuating slavery, it is Western Europe and America that led the battle to eliminate slavery. Even the Confederate States of America opposed the international slave trade and would have provided ships to patrol the coast of Africa to interdict the slave trade except that the US blockaded their ports and hunted down their navy. And it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., educated by Western Civilization that gave us the dream that someday everyone would be judged, not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Interesting, how all the people pulling down statues, burning buildings, and desecrating history are completely ignorant of this. Why is that? Why do they want to destroy the only civilization that has tried to end worldwide slavery in favor of Communism which still uses slavery and concentration camps?

Like the Know-Nothings of the 1800s, they can make no positive change because they don’t know how what we have was built and they lack compassion, grace, and understanding. They don’t understand the contributions of the very society they are attacking and, like the Know-Nothings of the 1800s they have a lot of ignorant ideas and they are proud of their ignorance. However, the Know-Nothings of today know nothing because they have been robbed of a real education. They were trained by ideologues and fanatics from the boomer generation who were long ago seduced by the ideas of Karl Marx from the early 1800s that we call Marxism. Others blindly tried new things without understanding why we did the old things on the mistaken idea that anything new is good. They forgot the old proverb, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And, in trying to make things better they broke what was working.

One of those things that were working was education. Over hundreds of years, Western Civilization had built an educational system, unlike anything which has been seen on this Earth. Then, in the 1960s, in our enthusiasm to spread education to all we doubled the size of our educational institutions and, in so doing, invited in the very radicals who had spent their early adulthood fighting for communism and trying to destroy our civilization because they were seduced by the dark side (see the Active Measures Subversion of the Good blog).

To destroy the greatest civilization we have ever seen they had to create Know-Nothings because, as the banner here states, education and citizen involvement is the surest guarantor of the freedoms of our Republic. The Know-Nothings of the past were ignorant because they were uneducated and un-schooled; while the Know-Nothings of today have been schooled in ignorance.

Today’s youth were robbed. They not only did not get a real education they will be paying for the propaganda and fanaticism they were subjected to for decades. It isn’t necessarily their fault (except for the ones who march holding high the banners of ignorance and continue to spread it with violence and hate; they are the real Know-Nothings here). But entire generations have been taught by ideologues who had no desire to teach them to think for themselves or how to solve problems they just wanted them to become good fanatics and do what they were told. Not to think but to simply repeat what they were told.

This creates useful tools, if you want to destroy, a point-and-click society of radicals that they could point at an enemy and have them go demonstrate, attack, cancel, and silence their enemies. And those who are obeying know nothing of why they are doing it. They cannot answer questions outside of what they were brainwashed to say or what is written on their signs. Know-Nothings exist to create chaos to destroy the very civilization that proclaimed individual rights and freedoms, freed the slaves, ended colonialism and built a scientific and educational structure that used to be second to none.

The point-and-click radical Know-Nothings want to destroy our freedoms and make us all think alike. Already, they work hard to silence ideas that they don’t like. This is why I formed SabersEdge Association. Before the Subversion of the Good that I talked about in Active Measures could be achieved people first had to be cut off from their past and taught to obey slogans rather than to think for themselves. Amazingly, educational test scores have dropped nearly every year after we centralized control of education in the Department of Education in Washington instead of in local communities.

We don’t need to feel powerless, alone, and afraid. We are none of these things and the greatest adventure, the greatest crusade of all is not with your sword or blaster on your computer screen. But instead, it is fighting for freedom today in the city halls, council meetings, voting booths, blog posts, coffee shops, and streets. This is the greatest battle Western Civilization has ever fought. It is greater than the battle to end slavery or to end colonialism. It is a battle to save the greatest and most advanced civilization that we have ever seen. It is a battle for survival.

This problem is so complex I cannot cover it all here, and this is far too long as it is, so I invite you to watch the attached video. I would love to hear any insights, experiences, or observations you have about what we have talked about down below.

If we want a better world we have to put an end to these modern Know-Nothings and that can only be done with education. That is what SabersEdge Association is about. Cutting through the lies and propaganda to a truth that we can live with. A truth we can’t live without. I hope you join me on this journey. If so, mount up, draw sabers, and let’s ride.

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