Where There’s Life There’s Hope

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Dum spiro spero – Where There’s Life There’s Hope – A Roman Proverb

The Romans were a strong people, no wimps among them. Well, there were but they aren’t remembered by history just as wimps and whiners today will only be remembered as a class of cowards who were not able to face the trials of our present age. But there are lions among us. We are the sons and daughters of heroes and we won’t be overcome.

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This is a Roman proverb and the Romans saw some pretty dark times. I mean, let’s be real. Their entertainment was watching people kill each other in the arena yet still they said, “Where there is life there is hope.” I think they should know. Our entertainment is fighting battles in first person shooters and the defeating evil on the big screen.

Maybe we’re not so different. We Are Descended From Heroes.

Things can seem pretty grim when we look around. Everywhere the news and media feed us disasters and other bad news. But none of these are things that have not been experienced by people in the past. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. That is because humans keep doing the same kind of things over and over again. And there is nothing hopeless. People endure. That is a fact of history and while some are weak and fail the test that is not something we have to worry about. We today are descended from heroes.

Our forefathers built the Roman Empire, the Zulu Nation, industrialized the world, fought for freedom at Lexington and Concord, stormed the Bastille, the beaches at Normandy, fought on the fields of Gettysburg and France in World War One and many many more things. It is the fashion today to put down the younger generations. As if it was not the younger generation that fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was they who answered the call after the fall of the twin towers and not the World War II generation.

The Marine Hymn says “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” And “we will fight our nations battles on land in air and sea.” Our society is trying to make us into wimps but in our veins flows the blood of heroes from Boadicea, to Joan of Arc, to Clara Barton and beyond; men and women have answered the call and I believe they will rise to the call to preserve liberty in this age. The Mexican War and the Barbary Pirates are long in our past but heroism is not confined to the past. From the hills of the Balkans, to the environs of Mogadishu, to the rice paddies of Viet Nam, the warrens of Sadir City and mountains of Afghanistan we have bred heroes. We are now led by sheep and by cowards but the heroes are still among us and they gather here at SabersEdge Association.

There Are Lions Among Us – Tyrants Fear That

While government and schools have tried to train use to be sheep (see https://sabersedge.online/who-stole-your-education ) you cannot suppress the DNA of lions by treating the cubs as sheep. The truth will win out. Everywhere, the “powers that be” spread fear and hopelessness repeatedly saying “your gonna die in ten years.” Then, when we don’t they come up with another lie saying “your gonna die in ten years” and hope that you have forgotten the last lie they used to control you. But all over people are waking up and there are lions among us.

The only concern I have is that these lions don’t know the principles and morals that allowed the formation of a free country because this knowledge has been suppressed. For that reason, the truth must be spread far and wide and distributed to as many people as possible. We can do that together through the SabersEdge Association cutting through the lies to expose the truth that orders the universe.

Those who join us here are those who will not go quietly into the night. They will not face the future groveling on their knees in chains of infamy but by standing on their feet amidst the shattered lies of cowards who tried to rule them. Entertainment may be on the computer screen but the real adventure lies in standing inexorably for liberty in a corrupt world.

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Where there is life there is hope – Dum Spiro, Spero.

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