In the Spirit of Freedom; SabersEdge Playlists to Move the Soul

When I feel down, I find the music stirs the soul as it has done for warriors through the ages. I remember my first parade when I switched from the US Cavalry to Military Intelligence. It was over and I said, “That’s it? Where are the horses, guidon’s and sabers? Where’s the band playing Gary Owen? Ya’ll don’t know how to do a parade.”

Welcome Freedom Troopers to the SabersEdge.Online Playlist. I hope you find that it motivates you to ride to the sound of the guns and seek out the enemies of freedom and restore our liberty.

SabersEdge.Online Playlist

Remember our revolutionary founding. Conservatism has lost the Republic. It is time for the revolutionaries who are ready to follow in the footsteps of Jefferson, Sam Adams, Madison, and other heroes of the Republic. “Ride to the Sound of the Guns” was the quote of a Cavalry General of Napoleon who was asked how he always arrives at the right spot and right time to turn the tide of the battle. He replied, “I ride to the sound of the guns.” To save our republic we need the same courage to engage in the political arena with the revolutionary fervor that inspired the Great Experiment of America!