Denial of Natural Laws and Natural Rights Endangers Our Survival

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Blog Post for 29 June

Our country was founded on the concept of natural law and natural rights. Natural Rights are those Divinely granted rights that everyone would have in a state of nature. They are not granted by a government but everyone has them as soon as they enter the world. This is why the Declaration of Independence says “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” In fact, the argument of Natural Rights and Natural Law were a basis for the very foundations of this country. These rights protect you and your freedom but don’t require others to act; although they sometimes say what others cannot do to you. So you have the right to say what you want, associate with who you want, think what you want etc. You don’t have a Natural Right to be provided medical care. Now, I happen to think it is in the best interest of a nation to ensure that ALL people have access to medical care to make the nation stronger but it is not a natural right. Further, as a soldier and disabled veteran I have had access to free government medical care all of my adult life. Because of my experience with government healthcare I have always kept in service a civilian doctor. The government is slow, cumbersome, and sometimes blind to individual needs. I want better when we are talking about my health.

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Along with natural rights there was an understanding that we were subject to NATURAL LAWS. “I kanna change the laws of physics!” Scotty would always say in the original Star Trek series. Although sometimes our perceptions of those laws change as we learn more the laws themselves are pretty constant. ANY SOCIETY WHICH FEELS IT CAN IGNORE NATURAL LAW WILL INEVITABLY FALL. Because, unlike human justice, the universe eventually calls for a reckoning. It seems to be a Natural Law that organisms struggle for life and that very struggle makes us stronger. Humans and animals don’t respond as well to captivity or “being taken care of” as they do to freedom. Freedom can be dangerous. But it seems to be an urge that is even reflected in our animals. Cows get out. Birds will fly off if not caged. Dogs want to run and cats want to hunt. Also, all organisms have an innate desire to survive. In the movie the Matrix the AI placed the human energy sources in a virtual paradise and lost whole “crops” of people. It makes sense that we need struggle to thrive because it makes us stronger and we are descendants of a long line of ancestors who have survived adversity.

I was listening to Jordan Peterson the other day and he said something I hadn’t considered. Science and individual rights could only have been built on the implicit assumption that the world is created by a Divine Creator/Creatrix/Das Ding An Sich. There is no other a priori reason that the world would make sense. Further, there is no A Priori reason to assume that the world makes sense if it is random and not created by an intelligence. From earliest times humanity has believed that the world was created by Divine powers and were tied together by Divine Law, Ma’at, Wyrd, or Fate. Thus the assumption of creation was necessary for the idea of science to develop. A couple decades ago I read a book called Frontiers of Continuity. In it one of the ideas was that as scientists looked at the universe and the microverse that they saw the same organizational patterns. And that the discovery of these patterns was leading to more and more scientists to rethink their ideas about the universe being random. Without Natural Law and something to define that law and enforce it the same underlying pattern would not exist from the smallest to the largest.

On an individual level, Dr. Peterson noted, if people are not children of the Divine why should what anyone wants, their bodily autonomy, rights, desires, hopes, or dreams be of any concern to anyone else. The very foundation of our society is built on the assumption of the Divine value of the world and the sacredness of life. Our society of freedom worked as long as we generally followed the Biblical Golden Rule to (as my father used to say,) “Do to as you’d be done to.” As one of our founding fathers stated: when a people are moral laws are not necessary. When they are not then laws are not enough. We seem to be living out the truth of that now.

In the last hundred years people have worked very hard to tear apart all of those premises. It’s no wonder that we are in such a state because if you tear apart a foundation everything that is built upon that foundation falls. AND THE ARROGANCE! For people to decide with their 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60 years of experience that they can completely disregard thousands of years of cumulative knowledge on how people and societies work is hubris at best. I am in the final stages of completing the website and creation of the SabersEdge Association where we can explore what is good and just from the heritage of our ancestors to establish a bright and vibrant future where we are one humanity, on one world, with a common future. Even if we are hundreds of sovereign nation-states (and it is my contention that the world is so diverse that no one assembly can make laws to justly rule all the diverse peoples and interests of the Earth. WDC doesn’t even seem to be able to do it for a large part of North America) – but then that is why these United States were originally made up of sovereign states. Because even this country is too diverse for a central authority to make laws that please everyone.

Peace be with you and may the Living Force be your guide, whatever you conceive that to be.

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