A Time of Crisis, A Time for Choosing

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Jefferson said that no matter how well a government is designed, and no matter what safeguards are in place, over a period of time, and by slow machinations a government is moved to corruption. Once that has been done the evil must be rooted out. Any other solution is ineffective and simply creates new evils. This is where the West is today. It is past time to eliminate the corruption and return the Western Republics to the ideals at their foundations. This is a Time for Choosing.

Welcome Freedom Troopers. Wow, once again we have blown all previous website traffic numbers out of the water and hit new records. Keep recommending our site to others. I do all the writing, and marketing all by my lonesome so please help me carry the truth to others. My wierd background of cavalry/drill sergeant/counterintelligence agent/pastor/immigration officer/historian/political scientist/investigator gives me a unique outlook that no one else has. There are better and more experienced “experts” out there in each category but my varied approach to things and life experience has given me a view to see past conventions and sterotypes to get to the heart of the matter in a unique way. Send this link to someone who needs to see it and will help us fight for right.

I am wondering, Freedom Troopers. As you know I was raised watching old Cavalry movies and Westerns with my Dad, even today I try to visit my sons once a week (although I’ve missed the last two,) and we share movies that I or they think are significant. Just as I always took one of my kids with me to talk with them whenever I had errands to run we still try to keep regular contact and try to talk about what matters. One of the ways is by watching movies with them and discussing them [See also Choose to Be the Hero the World Needs Today – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]. Through movies and discussion with my kids I pass on my values and also ensure that they are able to think on their own and won’t just repeat empty talking points. This country was built on the idea that we can think and reason beyond difficulties and, when necessary, stand and fight for our convictions. But back to the idea of troopers.

My Dad was born in 1919 and actually rode in one of the last cattle drives down to a railhead to take the cattle to market in Denver, he also served in World War II, I grew up with John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Clint Eastwood, and Ronald Reagan who all served on the big screen in the cavalry. It should have been no surprise to anyone when I joined the cavalry right out of high school. So, should I stick with Freedom Troopers? A Trooper is the proper term for a cavalryman, not a soldier but a trooper. Troopers do the reconnaissance and guard missions and probe deep into enemy lines…the same job they were doing in the American Civil War and for Napoleon. In France in 1940 German Panzers blitzed across France in less than ten days and in Iraq the US 7th Cavalry advanced farther, faster, and fought more battles than any other American unit had done up to that point. Cavalry is still first to get to the field of battle and the last to leave. But does anyone really know what a “trooper” is? Maybe I should just use “freedom rider.” It is easier but perhaps I lose something of the sense of duty and honor that is encompassed in the traditions and service of the cavalry. What do you think? Let me know in the comments, Freedom Troopers.

Jefferson and the founders were well aware that a power elite would try to secure the reins of government, but our founders were, primarily, idealists and sometimes that idealism was rudely confronted when they actually held the reins of government. There is a warped view of society today that everything is about economics and power, they have even tried to repaint all American History with this brush. It is always present, to be sure, but it is not the only voice…unless we allow it to become so. This is idea that everything is power (I believe it was the Communist Mao who said political power comes from the barrel of a gun,) and this is a blatantly Marxist idea and lie. It brooks no room for love, for passion, nor for honor. It is true but it is not the whole truth. Communists would lose all power if they ever spoke the whole truth.

We will never know how many people have been killed by the corruption and greed of our power elite, whether it was by forced and unwanted and unwarranted medical treatments, toxins, chemicals, or harmful artificial preservatives pumped into our food or even toxins put into our medicines by a hostile CCP that produces most of our nations medicines. (Most environmentalists today don’t realize that several times in the 1980s the Rhine River in Europe was so polluted that the river actually caught on fire. Despite the hype things are better now.) But things only get better when people stand up for what is right.

I ask those who constantly make excuses for inaction…those who challenge every idea to effect change with “well, to be fair…” and then proceed to bend over backwards making excuses for their cowardice and inaction, if not now when, if not you then who? How many businesses, economies, and lives have to be ruined by war and greed before enough have died and you are willing to act? To be sure, even in the American Revolution most Americans stayed on their farm, hid in their parlors, and never did a thing allowing better men than themselves to determine what the future of themselves of their grandchildren would be like. There is a reason that the Minutemen and Continentals were raised up as heroes. Heroes act while cowards wring their hands, worry, and complain that nothing can be done.

To be sure violent action should not be taken as long as there are plausible legal avenues to correct the problems. However, history has shown that power elite will not give up their power peacefully and they have to be toppled by force. Preferably it can be the force of courts and legal action followed by the arrest of conspirators, criminals, and the psychopaths who seek to further and maintain their own power.

I often speak of psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists, although they are only about 1% of the population, they invariably seek positions of power and therefore develop a disproportionate power over our lives. But they all seek positions of power where they can get the adoration and control that they crave. However, for over 200 years, and “by slow operations,” they have been able to maneuver for power and pervert our government toward “tyranny.” Now they are the swamp, they are the power elite, they are what I call the Hydra; a many headed monster where even the heads of the hydra hate each other almost as much as they hate us. Hydras only die when destroyed by heroes.

Sam Adams was one of the advocates of a revolution every few years to forcibly oust the monsters who crave power and don’t care who they hurt when they wield it. Elections were supposed to do that. As a new President came in and carried “on his coattails” a mass of political appointees the power structure of Washington (as well as State and local governments,) was to be swept clean and a new bevy of greedy sociopaths took power and undid the selfish actions of the previous group. Over time the myth of “experts” arose. If we keep unelected “experts” in power in our bureaucracy, then governments will run better (or so we were told,) until now it is the unelected and unimpeachable bureaucrat who runs our nation with impunity and without accountability. The founders knew that power factions competed with one another and that it was unavoidable, human nature. So they used checks and balances so that one would zero out the power of the others as new ones came to power, and no group could have unchallenged control.

In the meantime, they hoped that true citizen leaders would run for office and seek election to “serve their country” (and themselves,) rather than seek to control and tyrannize it. Those honest voices would further check the greedy and the lust for power. Terms of office further can help reduce the ability of permanent power bases to form. But even in the 1980s Trump noted that good people avoided politics and the mudslinging that went with it and that it was a bad thing. (See the video of Trump below.)

To be sure, although the corrupt of today, are eager to tar and feather the founders with the muck of their own corruption to try and mar their idealism and goals with the malfeasance of the modern swamp our nation’s founders were idealists. They actually thought that through the election of citizen leaders (not career politicians but citizens who gave up their own time for the good of the nation,) the nation would be best served and they could avoid the corruption that beset the English Parliament…the dreaded corruption of “political parties.” [See Pietas, Key to Good Government and Good Living – SabersEdge.Online]

We are regularly lied to by media that “we don’t know what the founders meant” with the right to keep and bear arms and other rights but this is an out an out lie. The founders nearly all wrote a great deal in tracts and correspondence, and it is perfectly clear what they meant. In fact, despite John Adams being a lawyer, the founders believed that all law and writings should be in “plain english” and use the simplest meaning so that intentions would be clear. They would be aghast that we allow 10,000 page laws to even be proposed let alone passed in our congress and senate today. “What are they hiding from you in there?” would be a ready question from them.

Many of the founders from John Adams to Jefferson, to Washington, complained of the corruption and greedy power grubbing of political parties and they hoped for a nation that avoided that evil by “true hearted men” motivated by the “civic virtue” of the old Roman Republic rather than the manuevering of political parties [see Was America Founded by Rich Old Men? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]. Unfortunately, Jefferson and the others saw the first political parties form naturally around them as the Federalists, and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists wanted a strong central government and the Anti-Federalists wanted power resting firmly in the people and the states. Many of the Federalists actually argued that the Bill of Rights was unnecessary because it was obvious that everyone had natural rights. Now, even though those rights are enumerated in our first ammendments there are still people who try to argue them away…the Federalists (so revered today even by those who claim to want small government,) wanted the president to have nearly monarchical powers while the Anti-Federalists feared abuses of government, the military, and the police powers of the elite. The Federalist ideas have built the tyranny we have today as the American Civil War hammered the last nails in the coffin of the Jeffersonian Republic. [See The Real Reason the South Seceded by Donald Livingston (youtube.com) ]

Today one of our political parties worships power and will do anything to keep it. Indeed, some speak of the “uniparty” because the power elite of both parties have morphed together and are primarily concerned with maintaining the modern power elite and families that have gained power over the last century. They aggressively oppose men like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, Chip Roy, and others who espouse some of the old ideas. These are rare but they do exist. These men have said essentially the same things about this country for their whole lives. Reagan’s speeches were the same as a Democrat as they were when he ran as a Republican, he was for small government, the rights of the people, and the elimination of corruption. Donald Trump has bemoaned the power elite in control of this country since at least the 1980s (when I went to college and began paying more attention to what was happening.) Trump complained of corruption and what it was doing to our country. He always said he would prefer not to run for President and as long as he said that the press held him up as a hero. I saw that all change overnight when he declared he was running for President in 2016. Overnight the press began to turn on him and try to make him into a corrupt monster. And too many people seemed to not notice the change. Too many people simply accept what they are told uncritically and so now they believed Trump was a racist and a madman when just a year before rap songs and talk shows highlighted him as a hero.

In all of this I looked around and asked, “how can the media do a complete flip flop in opinion and think that no one will notice?” Yet most people didn’t notice. They simply accepted what they were told, just as too many people let others fill out their ballot for them and deliver them. Too many violate election laws and encourage others to do so because they value power over integrity.

We need to rip power from the corrupt by any means necessary before our country is forever lost. In the battle we have fought tyranny slowly and steadily has perverted truth and ideals by compromise. When you compromise with evil you move closer toward evil. We need to re-assert the values of this nation and re-assert the value of a classical education. We don’t need schools that teach only “reading, writing, and arithmetic” unless they teach students to read the philosophers, statesmen, and histories of the Republic of Rome where all the problems of government today first manifested and were addressed. [see also: Who Stole Your Education? Were You Indoctrinated in Ignorance? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth Awaken the Lions! Have We Been Domesticated? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Awaken the Lions! Fixing A Toxic System – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth] We need to know where our institutions came from and why we are a Republic and not a Democracy and that all started in the ancient world. Our heritage is an unbroken line that goes back to Rome and the free peoples of the Franks, Germans, and Nordic who contrasted with and ultimately re-invigorated the nations who arose from the corruption of the Roman Empire. Our roots are old.

Yet even those roots have been poisoned by Marxism which began spreading its lies, half-truths, and their warped view of “utopia” and human perfection (lies that directly has killed more people than all the religious wars and even the combined death toll of both world wars.) How much death is enough before we choose to return to our foundations?

It is Marxism that first codified the ideas that every idea is simply a quest for power and oppression. Think about that for a minute. These are the people who want to control our future. [See also: It’s Always Been About Lies and Control – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ; Admitted Goals of Marxists in America – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

What kind of person believes that everything in life is an expression of power dynamics and money? That is truly what Marxism teaches. There is no love. There is no altruism. There is no charity. There is no honor or duty except the duty to destroy everything that exists and bring about a revolution because…they insist… “it doesn’t matter how many people die because once the fires have destroyed everything and they have killed all who resist, a paradise will magically appear in the ashes – so all the deaths and destruction are worth it.”

That is, at its core, what Leftists believe. Fauci said the same thing about a decade ago when he argued before congress for gain of function research. When asked what would happen when a manufactured virus got out he argued that even if millions died it would be worth it “because of what we can learn.” The power elite who have gained control in the West are the same narcissistic, psychopathic, sociopathic, “elite” who think that any number of deaths are irrelevant as long as they reach their goal. These psychopaths are so common in our government that after Fauci espoused this view he was sustained and promoted because today too many in the swamp infested, Hydra lairs of governments see no value in any human life but their own.

True, this has been what all governments used to be like. Until Chrisitianity taught that “in Christ there is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female, but all are one in Christ Jesus.” For the first time slavery and oppression of anyone became an affront to God. Jesus said, “if you have done it to the least of these, my bretheren, you have done it to me.” And with that we were told to look for the image of the living God in all persons. Yet still, Christ told us to be as innocent as doves but wise as serpents because there was evil in the world and just as people could act in a saintly manner there were those who acted as monsters. When people ask, “What would Jesus do?” Modern churches seem to have forgotten that making a whip from cords and driving the greedy from the temple is a legitimate option. Far from the superficial Christian pastor who once preached “Jesus was always nice and we are called to be nice.” It was Jesus who called the corrupt power elite of his day a “brood of vipers,” or “white-washed sepulchres” (tombs that were painted to look “nice” although all they held was death,) Modern Christians would be aghast at the Jesus who told his disciples to secure swords, (or today to arm themselves with guns). Indeed, rarely today is Jesus quoted from mainline pulpits when he said “I come not to bring peace but a sword.”

The Truth is that we cannot face such fanatical destroyers with moderation and compromise or we will lose all that this country was founded upon.

Our faith has lost its balance and although we remember that Christ was the Prince of Peace churches today play the fool by denying that we are in a battle against evil and that evil prowls about as a roaring lion looking for victims to devour. They offer cheap grace when Jesus said that “would that you were hot or cold” (would that you cared about things enough to believe them passionately,) “the lukewarm” will be cast from him on the final day. It is the lukewarm who tolerate the evil and those who believe that even if millions were to die if an engineered virus escaped or their pet plan goes awr, (no doubt Fauci is comforted the deaths of millions was worth it – although that didn’t keep him from trying to cover up his own part in it all.) they will be safe in their walled fortresses behind their electronic fences and guarded by their paid security. It is only we little people that have to pay the price when their wild theories destroy businesses, lives, and the very world which we live on.

Would that you were hot or cold. Maybe it is time for us to remember the words of Joshua to the Children of Israel after they came out of the desert and into the promised land “from the river to the sea”:

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