It’s Always Been About Lies and Control

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We have a generation that is too young to have experienced the terrors of the communist state and the lives that were lost during the supposed “Cold War” during which many died in “Hot” conflicts. But even during the Cold War there was a strong element that denied the mass murder that was occurring behind the Iron Curtain. As people risked their lives to flee these totalitarian societies to the Western Republics there were “scholars,” actors, and actresses insisted that none of these very real deaths were actually happening.

As a soldier in the 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry, I had a front row view to the Iron Curtain that was raised. Walls, barbed wire, mines, and machine guns as well as military patrols of tanks and APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers,) were erected upon the border of Communist Countries. Only, instead of using them to keep terrorists out they were used to keep their own citizens from fleeing Communist rule. This divided Europe between Communist and Free. Each year we would relieve the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment of their border duty so that they could attend Tank Gunnery and other training maneuvers while we patrolled and watched the border in their stead from our own towers in West Germany.

I remember, one wintry night parking by a barn in this farmstead within site of the border. Here, within site of the barbed wire and Communist guns the inhabitants of this little farm had no question as to what was happening and who was keeping them free. As we took turns in dismounted patrol the kindly couple came out of the house with coffee and tea on a silver tea service to help us stay warm. In their broken English and my sub-standard German, we exchanged pleasantries, and they thanked us profusely from coming from America to keep them safe from the Communists. They knew that unlike our patrols which were to keep the Red Army out, the patrols on the other side of the fences and mines were to keep the peoples of the Communist nations from fleeing tyranny. Before communists erected the wire and mines and set up the active patrols, they lost thousands of inhabitants each month streaming to freedom and the West. Even as the Communists talked of “free elections” to let those in Eastern Europe choose, the regime had already chosen for them and prepared to erect their curtain of iron to keep the enslaved masses in. As one Russian once quipped:

To the shame of Western Leaders after World War II Britain and America knew that Russian troops were murdering the leaders of Polish and other East European cities and villages but kept this information secret from their people so that the truth of who our “ally” in World War II really was would not be known. Patton was one of the most vocal opponents of this whitewashing of history. At least he was until his ‘accidental’ though very convenient death.

After the fall of Communist nations in Europe new breeds of Marxists appeared. No longer controlled by Moscow and the KGB Marxists were free to re-work the revolution under new parameters. Giving up on “the class struggle” many have turned to Cultural Marxism. No longer are the two classes Bourgeoisie factory owners and oppressed workers. Now the Oppressors are the White CIS-gendered people of European descent and the oppressed are everyone else. This campaign brings a cascade of issues to tear apart the very foundations of thought of Western Society (or the Patriarchy as some Neo-Marxist servants call it.) Oh, except now it has been announced that black heterosexual males have been declared to be “the white people” of the black race making them oppressors to. I suppose that is because they were not overjoyed at all of the gay and trans propaganda. This is Communisms usual reaction to anyone who doesn’t embrace and live The Lie. They are either identified as enemies or declared to be rascist, phobic, or just plain insane. [See also: Admitted Goals of Marxists in America – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

The second breed of Marxist today advocates totalitarian/socialist control of everything as the only way to “save the planet.” These have been called “Watermelons” because they are green on the outside but Communist Red on the inside. I find it interesting, as a leader of “Ecology Now” at UNL when I was young that “environmentalists” today want governments and big business to save us when they are the very ones that created the situation we are in. Big business and its money has hi-jacked the environmentalist movement suppressing real solutions like composting, worms eating your garbage, planting trees, and small farms as relieving the burden of petro-fertilizers and poisons dumped on the earth in huge corporate farms until now the “environmentalists” are being used as tools of the big companies to crush the small operators who actually live closer to the Earth and more responsibly than the huge corporate farms and toxic food processing operations ever will.

Big business has completely silenced the voices that pointed out if we planted a tree for each person in our families, we would counter their carbon footprint. (Today I would add a tree for the house and one for each car, but it is still a good formula. My father and I planted over a thousand trees in Nebraska, thanks to his boss’s purchase of the trees and our efforts. As a boy I would drive the tractor and my father would drop the young trees in the rows then we would walk back over the rows and close the furrows. It is like saying “We created this problem with our greed. Now, pay us and our “Green Energy” companies to fix it. Pay no attention to those “silly” ideas of composting, tree planting, or anything else that we cannot monetize effectively.” [See more in: Who is the Enemy? Who Are the Oppressors? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth]

Academia is largely controlled now by the Cultural Marxists. One professor, in the video below, was told by one of his students: this is the fifth time I have been assigned the Communist Manifesto as a text book but you are the first professor who isn’t using it as a blueprint for the future.

Having ensnared our educational institutions Neo-Marxists are ensured to be able to create whole generations of Neo-Marxists, despite the parents’ desires.

Now they have made amazing progress, 57% of millennials (between the age of 23-38.) have a negative view of capitalism [in my view thanks to not only the communist instructors but also the abuse of consumers by the robber barons and banksters who will do anything for money and expose people to toxic chemicals just to give their product longer shelf-life or save a few cents,] and fully a third view communism favorably.

More than 70% said they would vote for the socialist candidate Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez describes herself as a Democratic Socialist (note that this description has been used by Communists since at least 1919 to make their views seem more accessible and less offensive. Indeed, nearly every Communist dictatorship the world has seen has called itself Democratic, Socialist, or Democratic Socialist. There was the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,) GDR (German Democratic Republic which was later absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany), to name just two.

Meanwhile, Nazi is short for the German name National Socialist. Socialists do not fare any better in history than Communists do.

When I was suffering organ failure, I was hospitalized more than 25 times in 2020. I had the pleasure of being tended by many wonderful nurses in my many hospital stays. One of them was a lovely young woman – probably the best nurse I have ever had take care of me was a refugee from Viet Nam (now called Democratic Kampuchea under Communist Rule). Her father had been in a re-education camp for seven years then after he was released the family fled to America.

I posted this tale on my FakeBook account and some “useful idiot” who had no understanding of what a “re-education” camp actually was said that every country is free to educate its people as it wants. This mal-educated youth had no idea that a re-education camp was a communist euphemism for a concentration camp and that many many “students” of these camps didn’t survive their “re-education” process. This person clearly didn’t understand that most people who entered these “re-education camps” never made it back to their families.

Because the lies of Leftists and Communists had never been explained to him, he had no idea. In fact, he and us, live in a society where increasing numbers of these lies are becoming accepted. Alexander Solzhenitsyn repeatedly in his writings warns us not to succumb to the lies. We cannot do so without living out the lie in our own lives and we pay the price for doing so in our own misery and oppression. [Read more about his Warning to the West Here: Live Not By Lies – Vote for Truth – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

Ignorance abounds today and it is the fault of our public schools AND parents. Parents who abdicated their rights and duties to raise and teach their children in the way they should go. Parents who let events and activities crowd out family dinner and other family time, and left these essential contacts to the “state” (as in ruling government.) For too many years our government has been under the increasing influence of leftists who use any convenient issue that comes along to be “a threat to democracy.”

The real threat to democracy are Leftists whose only religion, whose only value, is power. Sure there are well meaning people who give them their power by jumping “on board” to the “band-wagon” of the fake “issue” of the hour because they are deluded by the emotional rhetoric of Leftists who seek to destroy every staple that composes our society until today some people no longer even know that there is a biological and real difference between men and women. And by that I mean biological males and females. It is a difference that includes not only wombs, vaginas, and penis’s but contributes to a very different musculature, different brain and emotional functions, major psychological differences and others that I have not even mentioned. These differences are so real and so endemic of men and women that thousands of years later when archaeologists find the bodies they will not care how that person “identified” they will be able to tell from their skull, their bones, (especially their pelvic bones,) the very real differences between male and female. And this is just ONE of their lies. [Read more about this here: Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth]

Leftists even have their own fond nomenclature for all the well-meaning people that they mobilize to destabilize societies and countries. They call the “useful idiots.”

They are “useful idiots” because they actually believe the “issue of the moment.” Issues that actually mean nothing to true Leftists and Neo-Marxists because their only interest is power. As an SDS member (Student’s for a Democratic Society ) once wrote: “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.” The issues only served to invoke the emotions of people they can manipulate into doing their bidding and demonstrating on the issues to destabilize the society that they are destroying. Meanwhile, as good natured people strike blindly at the Whackamole game of the Communists by trying to deal with each issue one at a time the Marxists laugh knowing that the issues don’t matter. With each demonstration, with each issue, with every question or doubt they raise the society that they hate weakens. [See more here Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth.]

Next time we will go into how this movement to undermine society was developed and how such powerful forces were able to manipulate The Lie and how deeply it has been imbedded into the Western World and our lives today. Join us for Part Two of It’s Always Been About Lies and Control Thursday on Sabersedge.Online!

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