It’s Always Been About Lies and Control, Pt. II

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There has been a strong influence in American Government, Intelligence, and the Justice Department to excuse and miinimize the existence of Soviet and other Communist agents and agents of influence in our society. In fact, not only are these not generally admitted to exist but the history and data is minimized and actively silence by the “swamp” that we call a government. Why is this?

Welcome Freedom Troopers, to part two of It’s Always Been About Lies and Control. If you missed it check back to yesterday’s post and come back. Or, if you like to read the end first go ahead, you are free to do what you feel is right.

In the riotous 60s Students for a Democratic Society or SDS was an organization that Joseph McCarthy and others accused of being a Communist front organization. It was claimed that it was largely led and funded by the KGB (spy organization) of the USSR and their agents. McCarthy still today has a reputation for being a fanatic that saw communists “everywhere.” He became a laughingstock and “extremist” and is still regarded as such today and opposition in and out of government to his trials broke his power and ended his investigation. This was a time of lies and deceit, and McCarthy is still viewed as being the father of the “red scare” and it is considered to have been a fanciful and even paranoid episode of American History.

However, we now know that due to the revelation and study of KGB official records that came to light after the fall of the Soviet Union that his charges were mostly correct. In fact, they have proven that he was correct on nearly every case and that there were high level Communist agents in virtually every division of American Government as well as in the Intelligence Agencies and law enforcement organizations that were supposed to fight communism and expose their agents. This information is still largely suppressed, and no one will officially say why or even admit to the existence of this data.

But, once again, I recommend the research done by Skousen and West in their books. Diana West shows the extent of the infiltration and betrayal in her book American Betrayal and Skousen in his book The Naked Communist. McCarthy was not delusional he was right, about almost everything. But our world still doesn’t know this. Why?

I believe because the communist agents and sympathizers that had and continue to have key positions in our government and the other governments of the Western Republics at the time suppressed this knowledge. The agents and sympathizers of communism that are still in key positions of government, as well as in our various institutions, do the same and they are helped by those who would be embarrassed by such revelations, continue to hide the information from us. There is evidence of this as well as simply the logic of the matter.

It should not be a surprise that this is so. The potential of the Lie was early recognized by Communists and Nazis both. Unfortunately, too many have listened to Churchill when he said the truth must be protected by a bodyguard of lies. But Republics and lies do not get along. Lies breed corruption and darkness and Republics are poisoned by both. As Diana West, the author of American Betrayal quotes Robert Conquest on page 100:

“But Stalin had a profound understanding of the possibilities of what Hitler saw and approvingly called the Big Lie. He knew that even through the truth may be readily available, the deceiver need not give up. He saw that flat denial on the one hand, and the injection into proof of information of a corpus of positive falsehood on the other, were sufficient to confuse the issue for the passively instructed foreign audience, and to induce acceptance of the Stalininst [Communist/Marxist] version by those actively seeking to be deceived.”

Robert Conquest, As quoted in American Betrayal by Diana West, p.100

As Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and most totalitarian leaders since have known, people will cling to a comfortable lie rather than to believe an uncomfortable truth. And this continues today in our society even as it did throughout the Cold War. Further, it is alive and well in those who have wrenched control of today’s Democratic Party from classic liberals and turned it over to Leftists. No longer is the Democratic Party the party that I once belonged to nor the party of our parents or grandparents. As so many liberals have come to say today, they didn’t leave behind the Democratic Party the Party left them. No longer liberal the party is run by Leftist Neo-Marxists for whom lies are the basic currency and for whom “virtue signaling” is simply an appeal to emotion and those driven by emotion to help them gain more power. As Diana West writes in American Betrayal, The Secret Assault on our Nations Character (also on page 100):

“Flat denial plus a corpus of positive falsehood: Sounds like another black whole of antiknowledge, another corroding attack on the basis of the Enlightenment itself. Conquest describes this concerted effort to deceive the world about the truth of the state-engineered famine [killing millions of Ukrainian peasants in the 1920s], Stalin’s brutal war on the peasantry, as “the first major instance of the exercise of this technique of influencing world opinion.”

Indeed, Stalin’s lie, ably helped by sympathetic Marxist elites in academia, journalism, and government in both America and Europe. Hitler’s rise to power and preceding activities had driven Communist editors and professors out of Germany to American, British, and French universities and media, and they helped Stalin sell his lies. Alexander Solzhenitsyn [a Soviet artist and dissident who was imprisoned in the Soviet Gulags and finally – after the vigorous campaigning of people in the West was exiled from Russia,] says in his book Warning to the West on page 16-18 that:

“This was a system [Marxism] which was the first – long before Hitler – to employ false announcements of registration, that is to say: “Such and such persons must appear and register.” People would comply and then they were taken away and killed. For technical reasons we didn’t have gas chambers in those days. We used barges. A hundred or a thousand persons were put into a barge and then it was sunk [in the frozen waters of the Baltic or Arctic.]

“This was a system which deceived its workers in all of its decrees – the decree on land, the decree on peace, the decree on factories, the decree on freedom of the press.

“This was a system which exterminated all other parties. And let me make it clear to you that it not only disbanded each party, but destroyed its members. All members of every non-Communist party were exterminated.

“This was a system which carried out genocide of the peasantry. Fifteen million peasants were shipped off to their deaths [the ones who inconveniently didn’t starve to death in the famine.]

“This was a system which, in time of peace, artificially created a famine, causing six million persons to die in the Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. They died on the very threshold of Europe. And Europe didn’t even notice it. The world didn’t even notice it. Six million persons!

“I could continue this enumeration, but I must stop because I have come to 1933 when, after all the facts I have named, your President Roosevelt and your Congress decided that this system was worthy of diplomatic recognition, of friendship, and of assistance.

“Let me remind you that the great Washington did not agree to recognize the French Convention because of its savagery [referring to the French Revolution and its campaign of beheading those who disagreed with beheadings by the guillotine.] Let me remind you that in 1933 voices were raised in your country objecting to recognition of the Soviet Union. However, this recognition took place and it was the beginning of friendship and ultimately a military alliance.”

Lies are the currency of Marxism, but they are death to a Republic. Indeed, Neo-Marxists and Leftists in the West refuse today to even admit that there even is such a thing as “Truth.

But, Freedom Troopers let us be clear. It doesn’t matter what some Leftist claims that their “truth” is. If I someone is shot in the head with a pistol they will die, whether it agrees with “their truth” or not.

It is a Vitalist tenet that your survival depends on the extent that “your truth” resembles “the truth.” While it is a Marxist tenet that there is no truth, no virtue, no individuality at all – but all is a reflection of the power of your party or group.

Let us return to the writings of Diana West so that we can see and fully understand the extent to which these voluminous and continuous lies form the very crux of the deception of Marxists in the campaign of destruction against Western Civilization and freedom.

“This instance, then, was a seminal moment in the history of the world. The seminal moment, perhaps, of the twentieth century, a moment in which history itself, always subject to lies and colorations, became susceptible to something truly new under the sun: totalitarianism; more specifically, the totalitarian innovation of disinformation, later expanded, bureaucratized and, in effect, weaponized, by KGB-directed armies of DEZINFORMATSIA agents.

“What do I mean by “armies”? Ion Mihai Pacepa, former chief of intelligence in Communist Romania, told me, “During the Cold War, more people, in the Soviet bloc worked for the dexinformatsiya machine than for the Soviet army and defense industry put together. The bloc’s intelligence community alone had over one million officers (the KGB had over 700,000) and several million informants around the world. All were involved in deceiving the West – and their own country – or in supporting the effort.” “

She continues when she notes:

“George Orwell [the author of 1984] could sense a sea change in the writing of history, of news, of information, of the handling of what he called “neutral fact,” which heretofore all sides had accepted. “What is peculiar to our age,” he wrote, “is the abandonment of the idea that history COULD be truthfully written…As Orwell personally witnessed in Spain, this notion that there existed “a considerable body of fact that would have been agreed to by almost everyone” had disappeared. “I remember saying once to Arthur Koestler, ‘History ended in 1936.” at which he nodded in immediate understaning.” p.101, American Betrayal, the Secret Assault on Our Nations Character.

[For more on Communist campaigns of Subversion an their actions in the West see: Active Measures – The Subversion of the Good – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

For this reason, today, when I write something for you Freedom Troopers, I compare many sources to come as close to the truth behind the words and propaganda of our age as I can. Truth and fact are the very foundation of the West, the Enlightenment, and of science and upon that foundation has risen the greatest society history has ever seen. This is not to say the West is perfect. For there is no perfect society. In fact, the Marxists would do well to remember that the word Utopia comes from the Greek word meaning “no place.”

I do not believe that these lies would have the power they do today in Western Society, but all of our Republics have drifted far from the principles and ideas upon which they were founded. We have deviated far from our own principles today. But in its thought still rests the foundations upon which we have built all the comforts and riches that we take for granted every day.

It appeared to me, as to many others, in 1993 that we had won the cold war thanks to the provocation of the Reagan Era which confronted the lies of what he called “the Evil Empire” directly. He knew that truth cannot co-exist with lies and lies are all the Democratic Party today seems to have. I detest the lies of the Republican Neo-cons equally because lies are not only an anathema to God but to truth. I believe that there is a truth but Communism and Neo-Marxist lies are so prevalent today that people no longer even recognize the truth of basic biology.

3rd presentation in Sabersedge.Online playlist

Male and Female are not constructs of society as the Neo-Marxist simps and useful idiots are teaching they are a biological fact.

Fact is not a construct of imagination they are discernable and solid once found.

Our society is rocked by an endless assault of ideas that are tearing apart the very fabric of our society. All around I see people wondering out loud why this is happening. Why are so many things coming up so quickly? I myself have said that sometimes this website itself feels like we are dealing with the lies we face and it feels like playing an endless game of Whackamole. By the time you hit one lie on the head, and before you can dismantle it another lie appears. That is because Marxists, who have gained control of our media, and the Democratic Party are the People of the Lie (see M. Scott Peck’s book: The People of the Lie.) Communism and Neo-Marxism cannot live in the light of truth. As these authors I have quoted above revealed, lies are what give Marxists their strength to mobilize an army of useful idiots. Idiots are what the Marxist call them. In actuality they are generally well-meaning persons whose emotions have been so manipulated that they no longer know right from wrong. [See: Who is the Enemy? Who Are the Oppressors? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

This is the state of the West today. We lost the Cold War because we didn’t realize that the primary assualt on our freedoms, our Republic, and our very civilization was not centered in the armies of these Evil Empires but in their lies. As General Pacepa said, there were more communists engaged in lies than there were in the defense industry and the army.

It is the lie that is our enemy. It is the lies of society that are tearing our nation and the West apart. But we cannot win by fighting the endless array of lies.

Instead we must cling to the truth and make it real to others. The truth lies in the experiences of people. People who have been cancelled, people who have been lied about, people who have been killed. I started this talking about a nurse I had whose family escaped from Communist Viet Nam after her father had been released from a concentration camp (even as Solzhenitsyn was released and exiled.) Let me end with another story of a nurse I met.

She fled Pol Pots murderous Communist regime in Cambodia. She told me that her father and her uncles were taken away by police and sent to a ”re-education” camp when Pol Pot’s regime was murdering millions of Cambodians, millions in this tiny country (it is estimated that nearly half of the population had been killed.) She lost both her parents and all but one of her siblings (who had fled to America already,) to the Communist regime. They came in the night, and sometimes in the day to take her family members one by one and interrogate and torture them in the camps. They never came out again. When she got word they were coming for her she fled. She told me she crawled on her hands and knees over rocks, through thorny bushes, and minefields to escape from the Communist regime in Cambodia and she did not understand why Americans were holding up communist fists and signs and demonstrating so. Did they not know what communnists did? I have heard this from so many legal immigrants ( I am a retired immigration officer, among my many hats.) That Americans today seem to be wholly ignorant of the very promises that the world sees when they see our flag and symbols. Dinesh Desuza is only one naturalized American citizen with this view but nearly all seem to have it. They see the United States morphing into a communist country even as, some of them, had seen their country do so in the past. In their country too many stood by and did nothing and the communists seized power and began arresting and killing all opposition to their rule. [See also: Do We Live In A Police State? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

I find it interesting that these were two of the kindest nurses (this one who escaped from Communist Cambodia and the one from Communist Viet Nam in Part One.) I had when I was suffering with organ failure. Perhaps it was because, growing up in a Communist country, they understood suffering like we never will.

Well, that is assuming we can defeat the Communist lies that are tearing our society apart. If we do not speak up and assert the truth against the Big Lie then we may well come to understand what these two nurses and their families, and Alsexander Solzhenitsyn all went through.

The danger is nearer than we may think. One of the Communists disinformation campaigns came to my attention when I was an agent. I cannot tell you about it because I don’t know if it has been declassified. But I know for a fact it was entirely made up by Czech DEZINFORMATSIA. I have read this made up story referred to in newspapers, histories, and even Wikipedia as if it was fact. Indeed, it is convincing provided with pictures and “expert testimony” about the Nazi SS and something they found after the war. Their lie has become “fact.” Napoleon would not be surprised but I still feel that we must strive for truth no matter how illusive it is.

Another, fact that brings Communist terrorism closer to us than our media admits is that Barack Obama announced he was running for President in the house of a university professor. That professor had been one of the Weathermen. The Weathermen were a Communist Terrorist organization that did bombings across the US when I was a child. He was imprisoned and when let out he was granted a professorship by our own Marxist/communist acacemics in our universities. The man in whose home Obama chose to announce his run for presidency had previously said, after he was caught and interviewed as a Weatherman, that they estimated that twenty or thirty million Americans would never accept communnism and they would have to be killed but that others would learn to adapt to a Communist system. Today we have twice the population when he made his estimate as to how many would have to be killed. It might seem astounding that an American President would have such a start – however we also have pictures of a young Barack Obama in the midst of activities of members of the SDS.

Communism is not just a different economic choice. I will soon reveal the extent to which it was America that built the Soviet Union with our mistaken policy that believed if we showered things on the Soviets they would learn to love us…a philosophy that sounds disturbingly like what our misguided experts and elitists have said about how we should treat China. It is not just a saying but a truth that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. That is not some mystical formula. It is the truth that humans in the same situation will probably behave in the same way as humans who came before them UNLESS they know that such actions will lead to their doom because they studied history and know it to be so.

We are in a dangerous time. A time when we can lose all of the bright future that should be ahead of us. Jefferson said that from time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Perhaps this is so. Perhaps it is our time. Our only chance, I believe, of regaining the freedom promised to us as well as that bright future where we can go where no one has gone before is if we can remember who we are and the principles on which we were founded.

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