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We live in a time where many people feel their voice is not heard politically. Yet most do not exercise their full options to make their voice heard – some are as easy as sending an email while drinking your morning coffee. Let me help you learn how and give you handy links you may need.

Today, Freedom Trooper, let me help you make your voice heard. After today I will trim this down to its bare bones and post it with the “Pages” above so you can refer to it easily when you need to be reminded on how to make your voice heard by our government. It should be obvious that it doesn’t matter what we see that may be wrong with government if we don’t take action to change it. You, Freedom Troopers, are not frightened away by what I have to say so I know that you have what it takes to make your voice heard.

It is, however, almost like the “powers that be” are perfectly happy with you not knowing how to speak up. First, they stopped teaching Civics so that most youth today don’t even know how our government is supposed to work, then they dilute voting until the majority don’t seem to trust it anymore. Neil Oliver addressed this in the video below, has said that throughout the Western Republics anger at the obvious manipulation by the elite is rising as it becomes more and more obvious the contempt that they hold us in.

Don’t give up, Freedom Troopers, Cavalry doesn’t give up no matter the odds. In nearly every fight cavalry engages in they are outnumbered. Still, we are expected to fight and win. There is nowhere that this fight is more important than in the Game of Life that we all play and with it, the Game of Thrones that determines how we are going to live. As our heading says, quoting Napoleon’s great Cavalry commander who, when asked, “How do you always make it to the point when and where you are needed.” He responded, “I ride to the sound of the Guns.” He didn’t wait for orders he used his initiative and moved to address the problem as soon as he heard it developing. We need to do the same if we are going to turn this around.

By living in our Republic, we actually do have access to our leaders. Not every country in the world has this option. In fact, most of them do not. In America our leaders, the good ones, listen to what we have to say. Actually, if people are loud enough even the bad leaders will pay attention if they think it will damage their re-election campaign if they don’t. The key is to make ourselves heard.

I have been told separately by three US Representatives and one US Senator that whenever they get a letter or email (unless it is some form-letter put out by an organization,) they assume that there are thousands of others who feel the same way but do not take the time to write their concerns out. So, right there, we are told that we can magnify our voice a thousand times by simply writing a letter and, in my experience, I have always gotten a response – even though sometimes it is clear that the response is a general response other times it specifically mentions points I made in my letter, and I know that I have been heard. (As to form letters, they still note those, but they don’t give them the weight of a letter that was actually composed and written by an individual.)

A Government “of, by, and for the people” assumes that it is the people that will engage in the responsibilities of citizenship and actually make their voice heard. We have had enough, and it is time to stop the shameless grabs for power and money by some in our government. Enough is enough! I described myself as a “vitalist” the other day that is because I believe that we all need to engage our vital/life energy in making this world one we want to hand over to our children. The vital energy of life is seen in action, and we need to take action to stop them from going any further on this path toward tyranny. I believe taking responsibility and action for our own life is the key to life. The key to life is to live it and engage in the battle of good verses evil wherever it crosses our life path.

In today’s world it seems to me that the Democratic Machine fully understands all the tricks and nuances of “the Game of Thrones” while the Republicans either don’t care to stop them or are still using training wheels. Sometimes Republicans seem to be completely oblivious to the maneuvering of their opponents. Perhaps it is just obvious to me because of my intelligence training but I think ya’ll should be aware of it. At worst, if the Republican leaders are not naive then they must be, as some say, complicit because very few seem to challenge them in their own game. Now I am not advocating illegal actions, although some of the Democratic shenanigans do cross the line, those we need to stop and punish not emulate.

In my lifetime, which is probably longer than yours Freedom Trooper, I have almost never seen Republicans mobilize their strengths as effectively as the Democrats seem to be able to mobilize their weaknesses. Their ability to mobilize and employ “low information voters” who fall for demagoguery, platitudes, and empty promises is staggering. For some, their contempt for laws and legality is disturbing. Sorry if this hurts anyone’s feelings it is just fact, and worse, too many of these leaders don’t get prosecuted for the same things that I watch others be put away for ten or twenty years! I haven’t examined it but the recent fine of Donald Trump for 350 some million for a crime that didn’t exist and had no victims is the epitome of their using our injustice system illegally. (I will bring out these points later.)

We cannot afford to waste any chance we have to make our voice heard while we still have leaders who will listen. And we do have some good leaders in our House and Senate as well as state and local governments.

Another thing I have noticed is that whenever the Democrats are in power, even when they controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House, they still blame Republicans for preventing them from “helping the poor.” Anyone who understands our system sees through these lies but if you don’t know how government works you can fall for it. They never do anything to fix the complaints that brought them into office. It’s almost like they are thinking “but if we fix race and poverty how are we going to be elected?” In the past few years, I noted a black leader of the Democratic party retire as they praised him for all he had done for the poor – when I knew for a fact that he was a NY slum lord with many substandard tenements. The hypocrisy reminded me of when their leaders praised the “humanitarianism” of one of their senators who was also a Grand Dragon of the KKK. Yet people still vote for them. Clearly, they play the game well. Republicans who, conversely, are exposed for even non-racist actions (like adultery,) are crucified by other Republicans and Democrats and kicked out of power.

The easiest way we can affect our government is by writing our representatives, senators, city council, commissioners, Governors, or President and, after we have written, to hold them accountable for their actions.


I have been told by 3 Congressional Representatives and One Senator that any time they receive a letter they assume that there are thousands of others who believe the same way only didn’t bother to write them. They put more emphasis on snail mail than on phone calls or emails because actually sending a letter takes a LOT more effort. However, ANY contact is recorded by their aids and passed on to them.

Now be patient with me. I know that Civics has not been a big issue in our High Schools, nor has letter writing, so if you already know all of this I want you to know that I am not talking down to you but there are some out there who have never been taught this or where to find guidance.

You can find information on letter writing and proper titles and forms of address in that back of a Webster’s Dictionary. You can find the identity and emails of your Representatives, Senators (both state and federal,) by a simple search as well as local city council or commissioners. Virtually, anyone who is elected or appointed in our government you can write.

When you write, you have a better chance of being heard if you follow the proper protocols in our society for people in power. In the past no one would go up to a king or lord and expect to be able to high five them like someone in the bar. Our elite also have protocols.

If addressing a Federal Attorney General, Commissioner, Director of an Agency, Judge, US Representative, or US Senator, the proper address is “The Honorable (Full Name of Person) and then on the second line their title. For instance:

The Honorable, Rand Paul and then on the second line put his title: Representative in Congress


The Honorable John J. Smith and then on the second line put his title: Senator

If you are writing to the President the heading would be:

The President and then on the second line put: The White House

Foreign heads of state may be, Your Excellency or other address. You can usually find them on the internet but also (as mentioned,) in Websters Dictionary which has detailed instructions on how to address and open letters for various positions of all sorts in government and business. This is part of why I tell everyone to own a dictionary and keep it on your desk. Meanings cannot be changed as fast if you have a book on your desk as they can be online.

Remember, you can write to your own Congressional Representative and Senator and you can also write to the head of committees for matters of concern to you:

The Honorable John J. Smith and then on the second line: Chairman, Committee on _____ (with name of commitee); then on the third line put: United States Senate (or United States House of Representatives as is appropriate.)

The Addresses for your Senator in the US Senate are found here: U.S. Senate: Senators

The addresses for your Representive in the US House of Representatives is: Representatives |

You will also note that it has their phone numbers as well as links to their sites, just find and click on your Senator or Representative. Some have said that it is more effective to leave it on their personal website but, personally, I would write them at both places, and if you really feel motivated call them as well. Of the various modes of contact, actually writing a letter can have the most impact, although sending an email or a phone call is faster. No matter what be polite! As the saying goes, You get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Being rude just leaves a bad taste in their mouths and could hurt your cause more than help.

You can write to the White House here: Contact Us | The White House or access their website here: The White House

You can also get access to certain speeches and actions here which can be important if there is a question as to what the White House is actually doing or saying…as their usually is in media with different stations at odds with each other.

And you can find out commissioners of specific committees and leadership here:

US SENATE COMMITTEES: U.S. Senate: Committees


US SENATE LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: U.S. Senate: Leadership & Officers


If you feel strongly about an issue don’t just complain about it with your friends. Write someone who can do something about it.

BILLS BECOME LAWS or at least some do

Before a law is passed it is called a Bill. Bills are supposed to be posted ahead of time, prior to vote, so citizens can read and comment but ever since Obama was President Democrats (at least,) have been ignoring that requirement. The purpose of posting the bill ahead of time for citizens to read is so we can comment with our Senator or Representative. Because this is supposed to be Government of, by and for the people. We seem to be slipping in that regard over the last 20 years.

OK, now that you have an idea how to get ahold of them let’s look at why you might want to. First let’s talk about issues that are actually put to the people for an up or down vote. This may seem fair but there are ways to skew results in Democratic or Republican favor. If Republicans want something to pass they have it voted on during a Presidential election year, if Democrats want it passed they do it on an off Presidential election year. Why is that? Similarly, if the White House, Government, or News has something unpleasant to say they tend to do it on a Friday or Weekend when no one is paying attention.


Let’s look at the game of timing election issues. Whenever the Democrats have an issue that they know local Republicans won’t like they schedule that issue for a vote on an off year. They know that most Republicans want small government and just want to be left alone. For that reason, they may vote in Presidential election years but skip the in between elections.

This is a mistake because their local elections will have more influence on how much tax they pay (property taxes, fuel taxes, registration and licensing fees, et cetera) than the Presidential election will). You can find information on State and local representatives by doing a search for city government or state or county government and it will have the links therein.

Democrats, very cleverly, get their controversial stuff done on non-presidential voting years. They will continue to do this because it has worked in the past. I have watched it work repeatedly for over 50 years. Yeah, I sat with my Dad as a kid and watched the news. Even if I didn’t fully understand everything, I knew Paul Harvey would make it clear to me with The Rest of the Story.

Republicans and independents need to realize their skipping of local elections is being used against them and that is probably why Republicans are so often unhappy with local policy and taxes. These things were pushed through on elections where you weren’t paying attention. Now, there are Republicans who vote on these and every election but the Democrats are playing with averages and statistics and experience have both proved to them that far too many Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians don’t show up in strength on off presidential elections. This has to stop if you want your country back.

How you live your life depends upon the outcome of this 21st Century Game of Thrones. It has always been dangerous to play in power politics even before Caesar was knifed to death on the floor of the Senate, inaugurating a Roman Civil War that ended the Republic forever. Our own Senate has not been immune when in 1860 South Carolina representative beat Charles Sumner severely with his cane for impugning his and the South’s honor. But since the 60s (and especially in the last ten years,) it has proven just as deadly to some of the players as it was in the Middle Ages. At least your whole family doesn’t die nowadays…well..unless you took them with you in a small single-engine plane on election year.

After watching power politics throughout my life I cannot for the life of me see why any controversial public political figure would EVER fly in a small private jet on an election year or before an important vote. I’m not saying these crashes are all due to conspiracy, but I would like you to watch, next time you hear of a political figure dying in a plane crash and ask yourself “Is this an election year where s/he was running or is there an important vote coming up about regulating a major industry that they were involved in?” Perhaps you, like me, will not like the coincidences that you find.

I watched a few years ago as over 100 key persons and doctors who advocated herbal and home remedies (as opposed to big Pharma drug solutions,) died. I’m not saying they were killed by any particular company or interest but the odds of over 100 leaders in this area “having accidents,” “shooting themselves when no one knew they even owned a gun,” or otherwise dying in a single year is something I have never seen before just as I have never in my life seen so many healthy young men die on the sports field. How people can pass on the lie, dis-proven by any responsible search of the news, that it “was always like this” disgusts me. These deaths, as always don’t really become major “news” items so if I wasn’t already curious about such news I might never notice. I remember one doctor who was bringing home a box of chocolates, flowers, and a present for his wife on their anniversary and (as reported,) just decided to pull over at a park and blow his brains out. I have seen suicides before. They usually don’t have a celebration planned in their immediate future….now there are some that happen afterwards but rarely do they fully participate in the celebration with wine that they will never drink and presents they will never see opened. These are not normal deaths or reports.

Similarly, I remember there was a suicide of a witness in a political trial who committed “suicide” shooting himself twice in the back of the head. We can actually go back to the death of Meriwether Lewis and his suspicious death in 1809 where he supposedly shot himself with a black powder pistol, then reloaded and fired again. It seems there are many “coincidences” of untimely deaths of political figures involved in politics or investigations where the death was to someone’s advantage. This is what you find in the periphery of politics and power. It’s reality is probably why George R.R. Martin took that phrase for the title of his fantasy series.

Jordan Peterson noted that there is an uncomfortable percentage of psycopaths and sociopaths in positions of power. These people don’t think like we do. For them their power and position is more important than someone’s life. I know this is hard for “normal” people to contemplate but it is true. Fortunately, most of us will never “play” at that level.


Another issue that people run afoul of is how bills are titled.

Titles…there is an issue. The Titles of Bills every since President Wilson and World War I they have all too often been given names that would make you think the bill is going to do something positive when it does not. Don’t be fooled by a nice title as so many are. Read the bill or read a summary from someone you trust. Remember that the national media is not to be trusted. Over 85% is owned by 4 companies or their subsidiaries and they are all influenced by Blackrock and Vanguard and the companies of the World Economic Forum. In other words, nearly all of the national news you get from networks have a hidden agenda.

The Titles of Bills are named to get people on board and approve them. And at least 40% of the populace will never even look at the actual bill or ask what is in it. They will just go by the title. You need to be especially suspicious about any bill that is “rushed to the floor” when no one has time to read it or any bill that is thousands of pages. If you get bills that long there is stuff “hidden” in it. ALWAYS and we won’t know about it for years usually. Anyway, you need to realize that the titles of bills ar like the “click-bait” titles on YouTube. They have nothing to do with what the content is about they are just there so you will be interested in it.

Summaries…as I said above find a summary you can trust. I read a study on the CDC website during COVID and I read the summary. Then I read the actual study so that I could find out how bad it really was so I could tell my readers. I was shocked to find out that the summary they gave was completely contradicted by the actual facts of the study. Now, either whoever wrote the summary for the CDC didn’t understand the study or they were lying and counting on most people not having the time to actually read the study. I must say that before COVID I trusted the CDC and Vaccines. Now I trust neither, but you do you.

The election of George Bush against Al Gore is the first time I remember anyone raising a stink about an election not being fair. At that time over 40 lawyers linked to the Democratic National Convention made a stink about if Bush was fairly elected in Florida. Anyone alive then remembers the debates about “hanging chads” and such ad nauseum. (“chads” were divots inn the voting card where their voting machine didn’t clearly mark the vote. Each vote was looked at again by 3 judges. One a Republican, one a Democrat, and one Independent, and the votes were painstakingly recounted. After the Democrats started bemoaning the election results (at least if they lost,) there have been questions raised ever since. However, there has been no serious reform until some states after 2020 began to look at their election results. And they should. In key voting districts were Biden supposedly won all records of the votes (which were supposed to be secured and locked up,) were found missing. Each time that I saw it was a Democrat who had the keys and access to where the votes were kept. They aren’t even pretending to be shocked anymore.

This is a dark time because a Republic cannot survive unless there is confidence in the election process. Yet is seems that it is primarily the Democrats oppose cleaning up the system. I would think restoring confidence in our elections would be in everyone’s interest. As a Republican asked Nancy Pelosi after the 2020 election “If you are sure that Biden won then why wouldn’t you order an investigation of the election so that people’s confidence in our system could be restored?” She did nothing to help our confidence and since then more and more accounts of organized fraud have appeared and, while it is not all Democratic based, it is primarily on the Leftist side of the ledger. This should not be surprising with the Leftists increasingly having control because Marxists, and Neo-Marxists reject all morality. They say there is no right or wrong only winning or losing. They won’t debate because they don’t believe in free will or free thought. They believe we are conditioned by the power structures we live in and we simply become mouth pieces for them.

It is interesting how, if this is the case, they never explain how anyone could have thought of a dissenting idea like Marxism unless they had free will and their own mind free of the conditioning of the power structures they lived under…just one of many fallacies of communism.

Now lets wrap this up by talking about voting. The most secure way to vote is on the day of the election, in person, at the voting site. For each of the past three elections I have watched news reports of mail-in-votes dumped in ditches, dumpsters, or lost in a mailbag in the back of a closet at the voting commissioners headquarters. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my vote to be sitting in a ditch getting rained on and never counted.

Further, we need voter ID to help reduce voting fraud – every post election year we get more and more cases of voter fraud. In my opinion if you vote more than once or otherwise try to tamper with our elections it should be a felony and you lose all future rights to vote. Unfortunately, it is usually a slap on the wrist and insufficient as a deterrent. There are exceptions but usually it is not taken seriously. There are some arrogant white liberals who feel that they need to defend the “poor, ignorant, black community” who don’t know how to use computers of get ID. They are stupid. You need ID to get a bank account, get paid by your job, or to do anything in today’s society. Ami Horowitz did an excellent video where he interviewed arrogant liberals who believed they were “protecting” these “poor” blacks who couldn’t use a computer or get ID on their own. Then he interviewed blacks who scoffed at those who were arguing against voter ID. See below:

In the 1800s (the Victorian Age) whites had this idea that they needed to look after the poor black and brown races who were not as enlightened or educated as Europeans. This was called “the white man’s burden” because we had the “burden” of teaching the rest of the world…whether they wanted it or not. This idea still is alive and well among Democrats who reveal their own racism by judging the minorities to be too ignorant to navigate through voter verification proceedings. Their arguments may have been valid in the 1870s when blacks actually couldn’t read and right but not today. Too many liberals still seem to have the arrogance that they must be offended on behalf of others…even though the others are fully functioning adults and should be given their own voice. Paternalism by whites over the “lesser” races is something that should have died out with the Victorian Age but it is alive and well in today’s Democratic Party like when President Biden said that “Poor people need to be given a chance at education because they are just as smart as white kids.” Other democratic statements assume that if you are talking about criminals you are talking about minorities. Personally, I find such arrogance disgusting and I have to wonder if these liberal whites even have an black friends. I do and have and I don’t feel I have to “take care of them” because they are “less-than.”

Anytime anyone commits voter fraud they are taking an honest person’s vote away from them. I think we need to take this far more seriously than we do.

Here is Neil Oliver – who I mentioned at the start. As always, I don’t agree with him on everything but we seem to see a lot of the same problems:

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