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Well, Freedom Troopers (my honorary cavalrymen) admittedly I have a unique view and approach to things. My time working as a Federal Officer and Intelligence Analyst has influenced me in that when I look at history or news I do so from an investigative standpoint. In other words, I not only analyze what they say but what they are NOT saying or are purposely leaving out.

I have been thinking of writing this page for a while. Someone early on told me that I need to tell people who I am and about my training, so I have mentioned my training and experience as we go along. However, I have encountered some who seem to think I am bragging. I don’t see why. I just have had different jobs and experiences than most others but anyone who qualified could have got the same – most of which were highly stressful, and some were dangerous. I literally know hundreds of people who have had similar experiences so in my mind it’s not that special. In fact, I would suggest that those who have issues with it should look at their own life and see what they perhaps didn’t do that they feel they should have done, rather than look at what I have done and ask why?

I have been asked to say more about myself, I am posting as an article but it will ultimately be a page that can always be accessed. But I don’t like to talk about myself, and I hope that this page will keep me from repeating myself in articles. About SabersEdge, I couldn’t have started this alone. A friend of mine who served with me in the 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry in Germany (TerryinTx) helped me get started. He does tech. Don’t blame him for my views. I stood with him at his first wedding. When we were stationed in Germany in the Cav, he used to come over with other friends to my apartment in Germany to get out of the barracks on weekends and holidays where we ate, played D&D, Star Trek, and other rpgs. You will notice a lot of Cav on this site. I liked the Cavalry and their mission (which is essentially the same mission as the Cav had in the War Between the States.)

“Let each Cavalier who loves honor and right, follow the feather of Stuart tonight.” that quote comes from the song “Ridin’ a Raid” which was a Civil War song. I also keep an ostrich feather in my cavalry hat that Iwear each day with crossed sabers bearing an “8” above the sabers because I served in the 8th Cav, and I really cannot broadcast my career as a CI agent.

Another quote, “Ride to the Sound of the Guns” comes from one of Napoleon’s famed cavalry commander who was nicknamed “the Lightning” by his fellow generals. It was his summary of how he was always where he needed to be at the moment he was needed. He didn’t wait for someone to give him orders; as soon as he heard the sounds of battle he set off for that point. For us it urges Freedom Troopers (cavalry troopers in spirit if not in fact) to address anything they feel is wrong when they encounter it and not to wait for someone’s OK to do it:

The phrase “Ride to the sounds of the guns” has a storied history, both glorious and practical. ” It is an old catchphrase used by militaries around the world, appealing to aggressive action at the point of battle and serving as a central idea in great leadership.” But where did this evocative expression originate?

Joachim-Napoléon Murat, who served under the great Napoléon Bonaparte, is often credited with this appeal during the Battle of Waterloo. “As cannons roared and the chaos of battle unfolded, Murat’s call urged leaders to be where the action was – physically present, making crucial decisions based on what they could see and hear.”

In essence, “ride to the sounds of the guns” emphasizes that true leaders must be at the forefront, actively engaged, and willing to face danger head-on. Whether on the battlefield or in other contexts, this timeless maxim underscores the importance of being where the action unfolds, ready to lead with courage, loyalty, and a sense of duty.

AI Summary with quotes from two leadership sites

The only thing we fully agree on is that we are being lied to (Terry and I). Eventually he got busy with health issues and other things and had to step back but if you are confused between me sometimes saying “we” and sometimes “I” it probably depends on if I am talking about the website (which was a “we” thing,) or the content (which is a “me” thing.)

I am unique and have a unique take on things though and I feel that SabersEdge is not so much “my opinion” as “my analysis.” You are getting my intelligence analysis of real time events as I do it…for free.

I have served in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout where I served both in the S-2 Intelligence Shop of the Squadron and in the Squadron Recon Platoon. I graduated from the Drill Sergeant Academy at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and the Instructor Training Course at Fort Knox, KY. In the cavalry I served during the Cold War and my squadron would relieve the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment on the East German Border so they would go to Tank Gunnery and annual training. Today, many people don’t even know that the Communists guarded their border with barbed wire, mines, and machinegun nests as well as watch towers. The interesting thing is that unlike the US Border where we have too many people who want to get in the Iron Curtain (as it was called,) was raised by the Soviets and Warsaw Pact forces to keep their people from getting out. The US Cavalry patrolled the East German Border with live ammunition to prevent the Soviets from invading. If WWIII had broken out our 1500 man Cavalry Squadron was assigned to hold a valley for 2 days against a 25,000 man Soviet Tank Army while the German Bundeswehr and 8th Infantry Division used those 2 days to deploy and prepare for war. They did not expect us to survive. That wasn’t part of the plan.

It was a similar mission to Buford’s Cavalry Division at Gettysburg where he had to hold off the entire Confederate Army so the Union Army of the Potomac could get on the field and in position.

Cavalry nearly always fights outnumbered and is expected to win, or at least to accomplish the mission. That is why we are authorized to still wear our Cavalry Stetsons as they did in the last half of the 1800s even though they are a mite out of style.

That’s the crest of the 8th Cavalry.

After the Cavalry I switched to Military Intelligence Counterintelligence. Counterintelligence is what lay people refer to as counterspies. Our job is to find foreign spies who are stealing the nations secrets. During my time waiting for my school slot at Ft. Huachuca, AZ I benefited greatly from a Staff Sergeant “S” (I don’t want to blast his name across the internet.) Who worked really hard to teach me intelligence analysis because he wanted me to switch to being an analyst. I worked to help him redo the Brigade Battle Book after our war plans for WWIII had been compromised and had to be redone. This was very enlightening because I had done Recon in the Recon Platoon and then also worked with Sergeant S on preparing the battle plans so I not only saw the analyst end of it I could “picture” the ground we were talking about in my memory.

I attended the Counterintelligence Course, and later attended Group Counterespionage Training and received training from the Labratory of Scientific Interrogation, Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel in the Productive Interrogation and Investigation Course by former Mossad officers. During the course of my assignment in Counterintelligence I conducted over 3500 interviews/interrogations in the course of my duties. Many of these were basic background investigations for people who were to get TOP SECRET SCI access.

I had TOP SECRET SCI access. This is what laymen often call “levels above Top Secret.” However, technically, there are no “levels above Top Secret.” There are two types of Top Secret Background Investigations there is the basic Top Secret Background Investigation that grants you general access to Top Secret information and then there is a Special Background Investigation which clears you for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Technically it is TOP SECRET but only certain people with TOP SECRET are allowed to see it. They must have successfully completed a Special Background Investigation and need to know the information. This is what people call levels above top secret and are generally called “black projects” that are often not even named to people without clearance. This information is generally viewed in a special building called a SCIF that has a great deal of security to prevent anyone from stealing the information. If you qualify for SCI access you can be granted special access to different types of information including what are called Black Projects. I had access to SI and TK and some Black Projects. I can tell you I had access to SI and TK but I cannot tell you what kind of information SI and TK was or it would be a security violation and I would go to jail for the rest of my life because my last name is NOT Clinton. I cannot even tell you the names of the Black Projects I worked on or that would put me in jail from compromising security.

As a Counterintelligence agent besides doing background investigations, I conducted liaison and joint operations with the Philadelphia PD Special Operations Division, Naval Investigative Service, Army CID, Air Force OSI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Customs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI and other agencies.

The US Army investigated Subversion and Espionage Directed against the US Army and sabotage, and destruction of Army Property for political reasons, terrorism, and international narcotics trafficking as it affected the US Army. I also worked with above agencies regarding destruction of army property and suspected theft and use of military explosives by terrorists.

I attended ROTC on a US Army Scholarship to get my commission and degree in Political Science and English. I received a master’s degree and spent a few years as a pastor after President Clinton cut back on commissions the year I was supposed to be commissioned as a Lieutenant so I didn’t get one. I am in good company and know a lot of officers who got rifted at the same time. I had 35 hours in Criminal Justice classes toward a degree major in that but when I couldn’t return to my old job I turned back to Political Science and English toward perhaps teaching in teacher’s college. And, after graduation I was redirected to seminary by a call to ministry.

After September 11th, 2001, I left the ministry and returned to work in what was to become the Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services, in the meantime I served as a Security Director for Pfizer Global Manufacturing facility in Lincoln, NE while applying for DHS. I was going to use that to step back into Intelligence work but ended up staying in and retiring from Immigration. It was nice helping good people become citizens, although I did catch some fraud and MS-13 applications in my screening.

Drill Sergeant Badge received from Ft. Leonard Wood Drill Sgt Academy Dec. 1979

I am a disabled veteran due to a service connected back injury I received in Germany working on Armored Vehicles.

I was hospitalized for COVID in February 2020 and then COVID seemed to kill off my liver because it failed within a month, and I was hospitalized more than 25 times that year (that isn’t even counting times rushed to the emergency room where they sent me home after stabilizing me.) I was an invalid waiting for a transplant. And had nothing to do but watch Marvel Movies, Battlestar Galactica, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, and other movies in between doom-scrolling the news and YouTube. While doom scrolling I noticed that everyone official seemed to be lying about things…like COVID.

Having nothing else to do I started analyzing the news to see what they were NOT telling us, I used my training in both statement analysis and body language to watch people making public statements on behalf of governments to see where they were not wholly honest with us (if not lying at least fudging the truth.)

Among other things I published an analysis of Russia’s intentions on invading Ukraine and their performance and also an analysis of COVID and where it came from and how it developed as what, appeared to me to be, a man-made malady. Facebook deleted all of my work and, unfortunately, I hadn’t backed it up. Finally, realizing that they were going to delete anything I posted that was relevant and interesting, and after I finally recovered enough from a transplant that I could commit to a task, I started SabersEdge to Cut Through the Lies to Get To The Truth.

Generally, intelligence reports are filled out and they disappear into the black hole of the intelligence community. You rarely get feedback. That is why I was surprised when I happened to be at our Headquarters (several hours from my office,) and happened to run into the Case Control Officer in the hallway. “Hey, Dan,” he said, “haven’t seen you for awhile. [I was attached to them after schooling at Fort Huachuca while they were looking from where to assign me after the Pentagon Counterintelligence Team – my first assignment – was drastically reduced in size (not that the Pentagon didn’t need them but there were shortages worldwide in trained agents.] “You might find it interesting that that report you wrote about ……. went directly to the ACSI and was used to brief the President.” (ACSI is the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence.) Indeed, I was interested.

So, my work was good enough to brief the President but not good enough for Zuckerburg and his people at Facebook and somehow, I was lying and they weren’t? I was a bit miffed that in a free society I wasn’t allowed to share a more true version of the news than what they were pushing. So, allow me to share with the world…Got it! Facebook is an enemy of truth.

I decided that anyone who cared, should be allowed to see my analysis. I haven’t had access to TOP SECRET SCI material for more than a decade so the best I can do is analyze open-source material and compare it with my historical and Intelligence knowledge to make an article for you to consider that is my best analysis with unclassified information.

I know others have neither the time nor inclination to do so, but I regularly review material from Epoch Times, Independent sources, France 24, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeerah, WION, Israel 7, updates from Japan and Taiwan, Bundeswehr, Homeland Security, Caspian Report, Hillsdale College and MANY other sources from around the world.

I read 2-5 books a month from authors like Diana West, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, and other scholars as well as historically significant works such as Common Sense by Thomas Paine and try to make their research and material available to you along with my perceptions, questions, and investigative analysis.

That is why we are here. To cut through the lies to get through the truth so you can have access to things that seem to me to be obvious but which I have found that others (without my experience and training,) do not seem to see. I would like to make these things visible to all who care about this country and the legacy of Western Civilization.

We do have some rough times because unlike those who “toe the line” and produce “narrative approved” material I cannot get Google Adsense support. They actually wrote me and said that my “material does not match accepted consensus” so they would not support my site unless I changed it.

Well, if what I had to say matched what everyone else was saying then I wouldn’t need to spend my families budget money to maintain SabersEdge would I?

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