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Bud Light is in the news and its stock is slipping slightly. However, its sales in the Heartland, where its key demographic lives, have collapsed. This is the latest battle in the so-called “Culture War” and is actually extremely important to determine the path of the future. Stay with us as we use this event to illustrate the principles of Bernays Propaganda in real time examples.

Greetings Freedom Troopers. As you know, I was going to give a review of Propaganda by Edward Bernays today and explain how his ideas regarding Propaganda and “Public Relations” affects us all today. However, fate has blessed us with an opportunity to clearly illuminate the teaching and warnings of Bernays by means of a current event that is growing in public attention. The recent attack by Bud Light’s public relations officer on the “fratty,” “manliness,” and “red neck” ideas of the working class that have surrounded the Anheuser-Busch advertising efforts of the past. This is not speculation on my part. It was admitted, albeit ignored by general media, prior to this explosion of public opinion against them. The only effective response to this attack on our values is for traditional working class families to use their economic and moral power to stand for what is right against the forces of chaos trying to tear apart every value our society has.

In today’s battle we find the VP of Anheuser Busch – Bud Light brand is a self-proclaimed warrior of the Culture War against Traditional American and Western Values. In an interview she said that they needed to move away from the “fratty” masculine advertising and appeal to a new audience and how proud she was of her new marketing strategy to get away from the “male” focus of past marketing. [See the VP highlighted on the Megyn Kelly show here:

Less than two weeks later it was revealed that they had contracted with Dylan Mulvaney; Kid Rock and others said “No.” There was a proliferation of short videos showing people attacking, replacing, and pouring out Bud Light. Nike, who also has glaringly misogynistic Mulvaney videos (which in my opinion are a mockery of what real women are and what they act like – Mulvaney’s performance is a caricature of womanhood,) and has not received the same backlash – but it should. Nike canceled the Betsy Ross flag tennis shoe, has supported what’s-his-name (looked it up Colin Kaepernick,) and now uses Dylan Mulvaney (see video:

Nike has fought against American values for years and this disgusting ad (reposted by a non-fan) illustrates what I mean. See female Olympian (a genuinely athletic woman,) who is leading a boycott of Nike because of that ad here: https://youtu.be/ZQkMeyQUKxU ].

But we now are looking at Bud Light – which used to support the military, sports, cowboys, hard work, and the American working man and woman who not only labored hard but they played hard. My father worked in a construction company and I remember passionate feelings between Bud drinkers and PBR drinkers. For myself, after I was stationed in Germany I realized I preferred Pils or Ale more than Anheuser Busch which has now turned against America and American Values. We need to pour out their lousy beer and give them a red pill and the only way they will listen to is one that costs them money. One bar said they go through 4 kegs of Bud Light in a single night during their “dart throwing tournament” and this week they have only sold 4 12 oz. Bottles of Bud Light all week! THAT, multiplied thousands of times across the United States WILL get their attention and is an appropriate response to their premeditated and remorseless assault on their traditional customer base. (While Tim Pool is completely ignorant of the passionate loyalty of some beer drinkers you can see his informational video below – worth watching he sums up too many add campaigns when he says “They make these subtle immasculating gestures…These people have a chip on their shoulders…it’s about getting revenge [on men]…they have to make the man look stupid.”)

They are not overly concerned about what “the little people” might do. They are, after all, the elite and THEY tell YOU what to think. They are the elite “invisible governors” that Bernays spoke of in his book Propaganda who mold our thoughts, our preferences, and what we consider to be good or bad. Their goal is to remake America in their own neo-Marxist image and too often we are letting them do it. We use their language and we accept the terms of their abuse as if we have to but we don’t.

In the characteristic arrogance of most Public Relations experts (who follow the teachings of LeBron and others who speak of the short attention span and emotion-driven responses of the “crowd,”) have said that people will lose interest and this will all blow over. They have also dismissed the emotional response saying that people are “confused.” Which is public relations for saying that you, my fellow Americans, are too stupid to understand what the self-proclaimed “elite” are trying to do. If you, like they feel they do, could rise above your “petty prejudices” and “uneducated ignorance” you would understand that they are simply taking Anheuser Busch in the direction it must “inevitivably” go. If you only knew as much as they do. But no matter. If they ignore you then you will eventually go away and so will your boycott. Of course they won’t generally come out and say it as bluntly as I just did (although that IS what they think,) they will simply say your “confused” and “don’t understand.”

Their response, as most of these “elites,” will probably be to ignore you until you go away – the same way they treat annoying children. Thus VP has deleted all of her social media accounts and Bud Light has not responded confident that your “low IQ” will ensure that you will become distracted and lose interest before it becomes a problem for them. “They will just ride the wave,” feeling you are too stupid and spineless and will come crawling back because you “need” them and their product. Personally, its not a beer that is high on my list and it will NEVER be a beer that appeals to the woke self-proclaimed elite sipping their “high class” cocktails. But they have lost $4 million in the last couple days.

This is the way they think and it is dripping with the contempt of the elite for the “masses.” They dismiss the work of the working class as irrelevant yet if their “elite” jobs ceased to exist the world would grind on for months without notice. If the truckers, laborers, builders, and plumbers/electricians etc. stopped working the world would grind to a halt and begin going hungry in less than a week! But they consider themselves to be necessary and you, the working class to be replaceable and tolerated, but not worth listening to!

The subtle war against Freedom and American Ideals continues. As always, your awareness of this fight places you above the general populace who are “subjects” of society and propaganda rather than people who “act” upon it. We are the actors who will define what will come after the fall of the current ideology. The general populace still has not awakened to their danger and the time is late. Still, I do not believe in the “end.” Rather, when all societies fall there is a birth of new leaders with a vision for the future. This is not the backward, elitist, and tyrannical advocates of materilistic consumerism but those who can combine the spiritual, scientific, and physical realities into a new synthesis that can build on the firm foundations of thousands of years of civilization. The fragile and superficial advocates who ignore history and our cultural foundations are doomed to fail. Although it appears they will take the current society down with them. You are my “customers” I get now financial support from any other source and serve no political agenda of either political party. My goal is to expose their manipulations so that the leaders of our future can make clear and life-changing decisions. But, because they can’t control me they will attack my site and try to silence me. Again, today, my post was delayed for such technical problems.

Tomorrow, we will see how Bud Light – who believes they can mold and define your opinions – failed to heed Bernays warnings to propagandists/public relations officers as we look at his book Propaganda to see what the “father of propaganda” and the “father of public relations/advertising” had to say about our world and how we are manipulated.

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