Died Suddenly – No Explanation – No One Cares?

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Hello, Freedom Troopers and friends of SabersEdge Association! Well, today’s blog is just one more illustration of why Google Ads hates me and the search engine marginalizes my work. (This is not paranoia. They sent me a letter saying why they were doing this. If I came around and presented “accepted consensus” on my website they would support me with ads and money.) But SabersEdge cannot be bought. We will print the truth even as they try to strangle us. I write for you, those thinking few who don’t swallow the “accepted consensus” of lies that most of the world seems content to swallow. Investigators and intelligence personnel with millions of dollars worth of international training are not as good as graduating from a four-year journalist college (which qualifies you to be an independent fact checker I know this because the independent fact-checkers always tell me my analysis is wrong…never why that is so…just wrong. I think unwanted might be a more accurate label.) The video below is well worth watching and anyone who is not an NPC and capable of thinking for themselves needs to watch it because we have all been lied to by people we trust, or whom we should be able to trust.

The whole thing disgusts me.

But, full disclosure. I am not neutral on this issue. You see, my wife became permanently disabled within 48 hours of getting her “safe and effective” vaccine and has 3rd stage progressive diseases when she never had symptoms for the first two stages! Also, my dear wife, a trained physicist and astronomer who, like me, has a Master’s Degree and has always been a delight to talk to now, when she is having a flare-up, has trouble completing sentences. Had we not been lied to; had we known there was a significant risk in taking the vaccine we could have weighed the risk against the threat of Covid (which for us was negligible because we both had natural immunity – no one told us Pfizer’s goal was to produce a vaccine which “approached” the effectiveness of Natural Immunity. We didn’t know that until Pfizer had to release its research data by court ruling.) No, my wife didn’t get the vax because she was afraid of Covid but because her family was so terrified they wouldn’t even see her. Once when someone came by to drop of some stuff he left it that the door and stood more than a car length away with a mask on and called to us from a distance. Another, came to visit my wife in the hospital wearing 3 masks (and my wife wasn’t even in because of Covid). This is not their fault, except that they chose to trust untrustworthy sources of information. The information was out there, I had even posted it on Fakebook but the social media took it down and threatened to close my account. That is, as I have said, why I started SabersEdge Association. Because my trained and reasoned analysis is not welcome on Social Media so I started SabersEdge, not as a political organization, but as an educational organization where I could use my training and experience in analysis and investigation to uncover the truth for those who cared and dared to read it. People like you Freedom Troopers and Friends. Anyone who puts their faith in either political party today is in for a disappointment. How big of a disappointment depends on which party you choose to trust. Once again, to Google and Fakebook’s chagrin, I am not presenting the “accepted concensus” which they insist upon. I am not presenting the fascist totalitarian propaganda that they require in order to be “legitimate media.”

“It is not necessary to bury the truth. It is sufficient merely to delay it until nobody cares.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Here is a question for you: What Happens When You Tell a Psychopath Everyone is Going to Die If We Don’t Lower the Population? Will they stay within accepted morality in dealing with the problem or will they lower the population in any way they can imagine – without worrying about our consent or rights? Obviously, a psychopath will do the latter.

We know that psychopaths often gain positions of power in politics, bureaucracy, and business. Their ruthlessness and obsession for power over others mandate this path for them unless they simply become serial killers.

So you have people in power, who feel they are without error, who have no compassion or empathy for anyone they don’t know, and precious few (if any) people they DO know. I have long been concerned that their solution to the problem would be akin to Hitler’s final solution for the Jews – only it would include EVERYONE (but themselves) in that solution.

George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, King Charles, and many others are all advocates of these philosophies and radical solutions. But what they all have in common is none of the people who advocate these radical solutions volunteer to remove themselves from the population base. Instead, they advocate removing “useless eaters” for they themselves, they insist, are too important to lose.

Also, you need to be aware that the collapse of the population can occur from death and famine or a lack of a replacement population. Both will bring about the complete collapse of society. At present, the fear, suppression of fertility, and disruption of sex roles, and dating roles have all led to a collapse of the first world’s replacement birthrate and will bring about a collapse these “self-styled omniscient” oligarchs did not see coming. These psychopaths think it is a good thing. But their models are flawed. They project population growth but ignore the growth and change in technology. Malthus predicted doom centuries ago. But he assumed the population would increase and compared it to the current technology and food output. Also, the WEF, oligarchs, and their lackeys continue to promote us to be materialistic conspicuous consumers of their junk that has planned obsolescence. They are filling our landfills with junk and wasting the resources of our planet while telling us that only material matters and that we need to buy their stuff. Or worse, rent our stuff from them and own nothing ourselves. And be happy?

This is Evil. And that is what we are in a war of good vs. evil.

“The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

We are destracted as if we are in a war between political ideas and parties but this is a lie. It is literally a war of good vs. evil.

Today we have a 500% increase in miscarriages.

We have a 40% increase in NON-COVID related unexplained deaths. Weak people will throw up ideas like suicides, etc. but such deaths would not be unexplained would they? Such people are just trying to avoid reality and they will go to great lengths to lie to themselves to keep from having to see it. We will find no allies among these sheeple.

“The fool has one great advantage over a man of sense; he is always satisfied with himself.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

All this radical spike in unexplained deaths and miscarriages has occurred in the last 18-24 months in the parts of the world where Covid vaccines were widely spread. But not only those. Bill Gates said that the vaccine program he supports is the best way to limit population growth. This is an admission that there is something in the vaccines that are not healthful because vaccines are NOT supposed to limit population but to increase health. Or so we have been told. But they are not vaccines anyway. Because vaccines prevent you from catching and spreading disease and this one does neither.

You do you. I have always got my vaccines through the VA and kept up on them. But I will not be getting ANY vaccines recommended by the government or the big-pharma companies ever again. I will be using traditional remedies and other methods, taking my Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Zinc, and other vitamins and minerals to maintain my health. This is not medical advice. It is what I do you need to make your own reasoned decisions. I am not trained in medical matters. I can see trends but don’t have the knowledge to say for sure what the cause is. And it seems that those who do have that training have been marginalized and silenced. But I do know that I have significantly fewer medications than my friends who are my age. When I go to the doctor they ask what medicines I am on. I tell them. “That’s it?” Yeah, that’s it. My kids used to tease me about taking a handful of vitamins every day. No more. I believe that has made a difference.

Again, this is what I do you make your own decisions. But SOMETHING is wrong. WEF and the oligarchs are destroying the world and humanity and it will make Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, look like rank amateurs in the mass murder department. Again this is short because I don’t have the resources to fund factual research and the research is all stifled by social media and ignored by other media and the government. Watch this video, consider, and ask yourself what you think is going on. Then do something to protect your family.

Vaccine Amnesty? No. I’m more thinking that all of these advocates who pushed the vaccine officially and used their influence to get people to trust them when even the trials showed it was not trustworthy, should be charged with “Conspiracy to Commit Murder.” Which is a long way from amnesty!

That is what all of these officials, who either knew better or should have known better, deserve. How many millions have they killed and are they killing? We don’t know because these same officials are ignoring the data and keeping silent. They have all outstripped the Nazis in the number of deaths they have directly caused and our government does nothing because our government was the chief instigator of this “final solution” to overpopulation that they envisioned.

And, apparently, abortion wasn’t working well enough so they had to reduce fertility across the board and increase fetal deaths. And there is no prior warning or normal warning signs for most of these deaths. Another fact from the video, pharma’s own analysis indicated up to 80% of those pregnant women who received a vaccine (in this study of 274) experienced miscarriage. A 500% increase in fetal deaths as the doctor said, “I know what’s going on and it is death and destruction on a level I have never seen before.” (from the video.) I don’t know about you but there were no warnings for pregnant women given the vaccine when it first came out. Although the released data proves that Pfizer HAD that knowledge from the beginning.

And for those who don’t understand statistics, it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE that all of this is happening naturally. But the media and government have no interest in finding what is going on and they are using their substantial resources to silence people who are asking questions.

“The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

If I were conspiracy-minded I might think, looking at the evidence, that our government and international corporations were waging biological warfare on its own citizens and customers…but that’s crazy talk. Only psychopaths would do that. I think I am beginning to understand why the people of the French Revolution were upset enough to use the guillotine when they toppled the leaders who had abused them.

One last note. I had trouble watching this. Twice, sorry, three times my computer lost my place and I had to restart this. I don’t have trouble watching anime or mainstream news. Just sayin’…

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