Why Are We Being Gaslighted by Government, Healthcare, and Media?

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Why are we being gaslighted by the media, the government, and the healthcare industry? It is becoming increasingly clear that is what is happening and I would like to know why. Wouldn’t you? (Maybe we can find out if you send this to as many people as possible.)

We have a situation where people are dying on national television in a manner and intensity that is unknown in recorded history. It is a documentable increase in “unexplained deaths” that is so severe it statistically is like a one-in-a-million-year event. Beyond these statistics, we are seeing thousands of deaths of high-profile, apparently healthy, athletes who are dying literally before our very eyes. (And, unlike so many in media and TV I actually know what “literally” means and am using it correctly.) What gets me, is that if we have over a thousand news reports (see below Timcast video,) that reach our eyes through the media how many more exist that are just unexplained but not newsworthy?

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In my day, (don’t you hate when old folks say that?) people would have been asking questions and real journalists would have been “on the case.” Yet it appears that no one in mainstream media companies, government, law enforcement, or the healthcare industry has any interest in the why’s or wherefores of the unexplained deaths of so many people. Do you suppose that is because they already know the answer and want to ensure that we don’t learn the truth?

Let’s set aside the brainwashed cult that has already yelled at their computer screen to insist that it “is” or “it isn’t” the vaccine. (Evidence does seem to indicate that it may be due to the spike protein – and you get that from both the disease and some cases you get it throughout your physical system from the vaccines – particularly if the vaccine was not aspirated properly and went into your bloodstream.) [See: https://sabersedge.online/died-suddenly-no-explanation-no-one-cares ]

When I was conducting investigations and encountered someone who discouraged me from looking into things or actively impeded my investigation, they immediately moved to my “possible suspect” or “possible accomplice” list. So, it catches my attention when I see doctors lie about the significance of previously healthy athletes dropping dead in a manner that we have never seen in any of recorded history but have more than a thousand cases notable enough to be in the news media in a little over a year. I am reminded of those doctors, paid by the tobacco industry, who recorded commercials of them smoking and advocating a “good smoke” as a way to relieve stress and wind down. We now know that they were paid off to lie to the public in a campaign funded by the tobacco industry to throw off the accusations that the tobacco industry was knowingly selling dangerous products. [see my https://sabersedge.online/propaganda-lies-corruption-and-psychopaths to understand the history and malfeasance around that situation and note the similarity to what we are seeing in the healthcare industry today.]

The question is who is benefiting from us NOT investigating this situation? There are quite possibly monied interests and people in power who benefit by suppressing this information. The question is who and why?

Not investigating is either the corruption or incompetence of the current Biden administration. However, the fact that we presented an experimental vaccine to an entire nation and set it up so that we do not collect ANY health information regarding the distribution, results, and complications (as required by law) is due to either incompetence or corruption on the part of the Trump administration. Who decided that this experimental drug, rushed into service, would work out so perfectly that we wouldn’t need to gather any information about its use, efficacy, or side effects?

Who was it in these administrations that allowed the pharmaceutical industry to get a “get out of jail free” card and THEN decided to not even gather information as to if it was working? Presidents do not make decisions on their own but with the consult of advisors. Who were they and did they get the money that was out of the ordinary? The promise of employment later? Why not gather the information? Big pharma was already protected why did we not take action to protect the people who would be getting the treatment? Perhaps because the truth could adversely affect future sales? Again, I am not saying it is the vaccine nor it is Covid. WE DON’T KNOW! If they had COLLECTED DATA ON THE VACCINE AS LAW REQUIRED FOR ANY EXPERIMENTAL DRUG PERHAPS WE COULD PROVE THAT IT IS NOT THE VACCINE BUT WE CANNOT SAY THAT BECAUSE NO DATA WAS COLLECTED. This may be criminal. We should find that out too.

Perhaps we could answer these questions if someone was investigating but no one is. Without an investigation, we will never know.

And, seriously, anyone who buys that “there is nothing to see here” is probably too far gone to have an intelligent conversation with. They have been utterly brainwashed or have become submissive slaves to the media and no longer think for themselves. A child could see something was wrong…perhaps it would have to be a child who had not already been educated into ignorance by our public school system but certainly, home-schooled children could identify a problem. If the media would investigate it.

Now that I have made nearly everyone mad at me let me talk to those who are left. You know, those who aren’t willing to let Americans die in order to protect their own political machine, industry, or paycheck.

This data is a blaring trumpet alerting us to the danger of corruption and evil that permeates our current government, media, social, and healthcare institutions that this is NOT being investigated. Finally, enough people will raise the alarm and care enough for their loved ones and family members who may be at risk that they will demand an investigation.

At that point our “heroes” in politics will step in and appoint a “special prosecutor” who will spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money (to pay himself and a myriad of lawyers and investigators,) and fill the media with all sorts of pontification that sounds impressive but only drags out an investigation until the furor seems to die down. Or, if it intensifies, it will offer up inconsequential “bad guys” who were far down the food chain and had little of no decision-making power they will be charged, severely sentenced, and put away (only to be released for “time served” as soon as the public is no longer looking.) I am not saying this because of the corruption of the Biden Administration. That is not the problem. I am saying this because it has been the pattern of nearly every administration for at least the last twenty years. Napoleon recognized this strategy over 200 years ago.

We have discussed “Died Suddenly,” and doctor Chris Mastersons evidence regarding this issue but there are literally dozens of conscientious medical professionals who are raising the alarm for this issue and raising concerns. And why isn’t this happening in Uganda? Uganda got Covid-19…but they couldn’t get large amounts of the vaccine because the first world was insisting on getting 4 or 5 doses of the vaccine before everyone in the Third World had even had the opportunity to get one. I guess the humanitarians who filled our streets with Black Lives Matter protests didn’t think Ugandan lives mattered if their own might be at risk. Isn’t there a word for that? Ah yes, hypocrisy.

Its an interesting thing about hypocrisy. It reveals that people don’t actually believe what they say.

But now we are not in a situation where we can assign blame. Because we don’t know. There is no clear evidence as to cause. Why? Not because there is not a problem.

We have no evidence because there is no transparency in our corrupt government, financial systems, or our socio-economic or educational/medical institutions. And even should we get an investigation we cannot trust the results because we have had it amply demonstrated that our Federal law enforcement agencies, government officials, bureaucrats, and elite experts no longer have the integrity to stand for justice.

What do you stand for? I stand for the truth and you can do by forwarding this to as many people as possible. We need someone to find out why our family, friends, children, and neighbors, may be in danger of dying. If this can happen to healthy athletes who else is in danger?

As this situation unfolds it is a citizens duty to do what they can to ensure justice. The minimum we can do is NOT post on facebook our opinion. That truly accomplishes nothing (except maybe by making us feel better,) What we need to do is contact our Senator ( https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm ) and our congressperson ( https://www.congress.gov/members/find-your-member ) and the White House ( https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ ) It is LITERALLY as easy as posting on Fakebook except this might actually do something. At the very least we owe it to our families and friends to try to get justice for them – lets not wait until someone close to us dies. Lets find out why this is happening and what we can do to protect each other.

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