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Hey, instead of seeing what I think and hearing my analysis I would like to hear yours.

Hopefully, you will talk back to me. Although we don’t allow anyone’s data to be sold we get very few comments because people are required to register to reduce the spam posting. If you don’t want to post here then write me at: SabersEdge.Online@gmail.com

I want to establish a newsletter but I won’t do anything with your address unless you tell me to…I will answer it but that’s expected. I will never sell my Troopers information. You are not the product here. Like any good commander my job is to protect my troopers so they can all accomplish their mission.

I have been told I shouldn’t expect people to read every day and that posting daily will “burn people out.” Originally, I had a system. I would put out a deep idea, and while people were digesting that I would put out a quote or saying of Western Philosophy or “cultural sayings” and explain what they meant for people who didn’t know, in between. One of the “in-between ideas” or a “Friday” idea was to put out a story of heroism or leadership from the History and Leaders of the Cavalry or other branches.

However, I quickly came up with the idea of “don’t wear your readers out by posting every day.” Granted, what I say often builds on ideas I talked about previously. But there is so much happening in the world and so much that has happened in the past that is relevant to what is happening today I am constantly falling behind posting three times a week. It is difficult that the government has reduced my disability check to 500$ a month (as if I am supposed to live on that anywhere but the “old soldiers home.” So I am back to working full-time in security rather than studying, analyzing, and writing full-time like I was when I started. I am not sure I CAN produce something 5 days a week. But I will either produce good work or I will post nothing that day. Just as I was getting ready to do videos I had to go back to work and it has taken me a couple of months to get into the work AND writing routine but now it seems to be working. Of course, since nobody wants to work these days I am working 16+ hours of overtime each week. We may have just hired help that may stay for more than a week. We will see. I want to reach a young audience and I think that will best be done by video so it would also help me if you gave me a ballpark figure of your age so I know who my readers are. My initial thought was different ages would seek out the blog and other ages would seek out the videos.

I was hoping to develop a community through Patreon that I could communicate regularly with supporters and use their feedback to guide me in my writing but either I have not gotten Patrons or they haven’t notified me. Let me know if you signed up and I wasn’t notified too….I am now hoping to teach people how to be active through SabersEdge.Org so people can create cells to spread the truths to counter the narrative and to be more effective politically.

My audience figures are not acting normally for a blog. People are reading multiple pages when they find my site and my “materials” told me blogs should not expect to even have an average of one page read because a lot of people who come to your site will click off right away. (This is the bounce rate.) Yet people read multiple pages, even more than the number would indicate because if someone reads only the blog post for the day it is recorded as “0” pages read. On average I have over “2”. I have only been around since July but if I can do better I want to know now before I get into bad habits. But I need feedback.

IS Friday a wasted day and does no one read on weekends? I would like to know. Supposedly, you don’t.

How often do you read SabersEdge.Online?

How often would you like to read SabersEdge.Online?

What are some key interests (or worries,) that you would like me to cover?

I have considered doing videos – would you watch a ten to 20 minute video on similar topics?

What have you learned the most from here?

What was your favorite blog post?

What interests you, or concerns you most about our present and future?

Let me know of anything else that is on your mind.

I don’t want to write so much that I cannot produce videos because I keep hearing that youth don’t read. But I need feedback. Is this true? We’ll see. Never let it be said that you never had the chance to effect the world. I just gave you one.

So share your ideas with me at SabersEdge.Online@gmail.com

One more thing. I do not consider myself to be a conservative. I am not interested in going “back” to anything. Where we were got us to where we are. Going back would just find us back here eventually. Instead, I post thinks about Western Civilization because we need to keep the proven things from the past that lead to us building the most successful civilization the world has yet seen. To move into the future, and boldly go where no one has gone before. We need to build on a firm foundation of what is known about history, politics, psychology, and human nature and not build our future on the propaganda of the present. The world will never be the way the current media oligarchs want it because their ideas are contradicted by biology, history, science, and a myriad of other factors – like human nature. Denying things simply because they don’t like them is akin to lying. Lies are not a good basis upon which to build the future.

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