MISSION: Repair of the World

TIKKUN OLAM – The Repair of the World

This concept calls us to repair the world. The environment, politics, bureaucracy, and corrupt structures that all need healing. I was trying to think of a good way to explain the goals of the SabersEdge Association simply and concisely. As I often do, I meditated on it and came up with a phrase I hadn’t thought of for a long time. That phrase was Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world. It is an ancient Hebrew idea that God created a perfect and beautiful world and then he made people and we screwed it up. Things are, as Cornelius Plantinga said in his book: Not the Way It Is Supposed To Be, A Breviary of Sin. This idea that the world is not quite right, and things are not the way they are supposed to be is a very old idea. In fact, it dates back thousands of years. The repair of the world is an idea that the Divine Creative Force invites us to join with It to amend, fix, and repair the world and that is the mission of SabersEdge Association. To ride to the rescue of the world and our communities and turn back the darkness.

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What do we do? Things are not the way they should be. That is obvious. Things need to change. Some would tell us to throw out everything from the past. There is an old saying “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” It refers to washing the baby in a wash tub then having dirty soapy water to get rid of. No one wants to keep dirty water. But throwing the baby out the window when you throw out the bath water is stupid in the extreme. Instead, you remove what is good and valuable (the baby,) and you keep it as you throw out what is no longer useful. The solution to this whole problem may be in the concept of the repair of the world, the repair of power structures, the repair of the environment, the repair of personal and other relationships. 

We don’t have to start from scratch. We have thousands of years of mistakes we can learn from, if we look. Let’s not repeat mistakes that obviously were mistakes and let us not throw the good ideas out “with the bathwater.” Let’s use the wisdom we already have to build a foundation that removes the old crumbling bricks and replaces them with new bricks and tuck-pointing so we can use the creative genius of people today to build the future. To scrap everything removes the foundation upon which the future must be built upon. It forces us to use resources and power to find new solutions that may look a lot like old solutions we could have kept in place but now, because we didn’t look, we need to rebuild them before building something new. 

“There is nothing new under the sun” and “The more things change the more they stay the same” are other proverbs we have learned. No one means that there is nothing different but there are certain constants and those are people. I have studied history and you can easily predict how people will react from history. It won’t be identical. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. It rhymes because of the one constant in this equation. And that is people.  It is impossible to ignore the past, even if you are ignorant of it, you can ignore its lessons but that just dooms you to having to learn them over again.

If that’s the case we cannot repair anything. We’ll just going to cycle through the same old cycle for destruction and rebuilding.

There were a lot of songs like this in the 80’s. The group Styx had a song where they sang: “the parking on the left, is now parking on the right” nothing changed and the new was just changing people in charge. We cannot do that! We need to have real change and I believe it lies in the principles on which this country was founded. The story of America is the story of trying to make the ideals of the Declaration of Independence a reality. Sometimes we did well, like ending slavery, other times we fell on our faces. But the ideals are real and they have value and they will guide us into the future if we know what they are. The songs in the 80s would end with everything looking the same and a warning that “we won’t be fooled again” next time.

Well, it is next time. How many times are we going to just cycle through the same mistakes as people suffer and futures are destroyed? People who know history see us moving into Civil War and Civil War is bad. It is only because of their insulation from reality, their relative comfort, and their ignorance of history that the majority of people’s survival instincts haven’t completely kicked in. For we have entered the “Bleeding Kansas” stage of the American Civil War. You are different. Or you wouldn’t be here reading this. You know there is something wrong. But there is hope and, as always, change for the good comes from the people against the elite few who grasp for the reins of power.

It is time for us to consider this ancient idea of Tikkun Olam. The repair of creation, the repair of our institutions, the repair of the very system that harbors corruption. Look around. The Earth needs time to repair and we need to learn to live with it. Our political structures and bureaucracies are sick and need work. Our communities are isolated and operating on ancient ideas with only half-baked reworks of the 100-year-old Marxist ideas offered as a solution. With the internet, we are more connected than ever but we are more isolated and alone than ever. Why?

Because we are primates. We have evolved over millions of years and the technology is changing so fast our evolution cannot keep up. The solution isn’t to stop advancement. The solution is to reconnect with the Earth and each other. We are tactile creatures. We need to connect physically. A hand on the shoulder. A smile or hug. These are things that create real chemical reactions in our bodies and they are necessary to prevent depression and preserve physical and mental health. We cannot lose track of who we are and who we were in our race to “become.” Together we can regain our balance and move ahead responsibly to repair all the things that are broken and build a new and brighter future.  Do something real with your life and let’s make real change for a real future.

At SabersEdge Association we can work together to be ready for any struggle the future may bring to us. We are finding a new way that is based upon the strong foundations of the past, (not because we want to go back,) to prepare us for the mysteries of the future. Together we can work to repair the world, our country, our communities, and our relationships and be ready for whatever the future holds. All is not lost, it is dark, but the Cavalry is coming over the hill with bugles blaring and sabers drawn at SabersEdge.Online and SabersEdge at Subscribestar which will be active soon. We will not give up our future without a fight. At Saber’s Edge we will cut through the lies to get to the truth of the matter as we learn to think in a way that has a future.

Scouts Out! As we used to say in the Cav. Join the Freedom Troopers of the SabersEdge Association at any level you can afford. Together we ride! And fear no darkness! Let’s get started and work together against the darkness; against the chaos…together we shall prevail.