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Hi I am Daniel Saber and this is SabersEdge.

We live in one world, we are one human race, and we have one interrelated future. In a world that turns everything into a commodity, including people, strives for mediocrity and conformity, and pushes everyone into Left or Right positions; SabersEdge Association offers a new way that is similar to an old way. We need to recognize that the world is an organic whole, controlled by natural laws (or Life-Truths as referred to in Vedic texts and the wisdom in the Bible,) and that we must reconnect our technological exploration, societal and economic endeavors, and our personal life to these eternal truths that have been proven by science and observation over thousands of years.

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The founding fathers knew that only if the people remained engaged in their government could they keep their republic free and vibrant. When Ben Franklin came out of Liberty Hall in July 1776 a woman called from the crowd and said, “What kind of government do we have Dr. Franklin?” “A Republic madame,” was the answer. “If you can keep it.” SabersEdge is about how we learn how to keep it. Since the Universities no longer seem to be about answering questions and exploring answers we will do it here.

We have come far in the Industrialized world and have many wonderful technologies un-imagined by previous generations. But are we happier? Healthier?

We live in a world that was totally reshaped by industrialization and, while it provided many benefits we are beginning to realize the costs to the environment, society, relationships, and even to our own bodies and health. All these things that 100 years ago were not problems but now they are problems. But our society’s response is just to throw more regulations or drugs at the problem and call it good. Too often our superficial society treats the symptoms but ignores the root causes. In fact, it doesn’t even look for the causes. Maybe society doesn’t want us looking because the “powers that be” already know what is wrong and they are responsible for it. [See: ]

Food does not have the nutritional value it used to and our lack of care for the soil, relying on nitrates and fertilizer instead of rotation and renewal has created more and more land that is only productive because we pour tons of fertilizer on it. Animals in our food chain are likewise more subject to disease, and genetic frailty, and are weaker and more problematic. Recently, I have noticed a major difference just in eggs, as an example. The eggs we get at the supermarket are frail and crack easily while the eggs we get directly from a farmer that has free-range chickens have eggs that are thicker and stronger. The strength of the shell is an indication of the health of the chicken. But it’s not just eggs, meat and vegetables received directly from the garden or local farmers has more freshness and better flavor than the processed, life-less, almost plastic food obtained in large department stores and supermarkets. More and more we find that we truly are what we eat and eating artificial over-processed food with a multitude of artificial ingredients is the norm today. [ See also: ]

Today we face epidemics of psychological and emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, and alienation that, while not unknown in the past, were not as widespread. Why, in an age where we are so “connected” electronically do we feel so alone? Why are our contacts more superficial? Why are more and more people being treated with medications for emotional or learning deficiencies? Are you really that screwed up or is it endemic in the system that governments and mega-corporations have built in the past hundred years?

Please be clear. I am not saying there is anything wrong with progress. As Duke Leto said in Frank Herbert’s Dune: “Without change, something sleeps inside us and never awakens.” The sleeper must awaken! But change must be embarked upon wisely and today it is not. The founders of America said that if our leaders lost connection with virtue and what the Romans called Pietas that our Republic would fail and, indeed, it seems to be doing so. [ See: ]

The human race is about 300,000 years old and, biologically, we are pretty much the same as we were then. We evolve slowly, which means that biologically, and therefore mentally and emotionally, we are essentially the same creatures as built the pyramids, the cities in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and on the Huang He thousands of years ago. Indeed, the lessons and writings of the Roman Republic were closely examined by the founders of the American Republic when it was originally designed. It held for four score and seven years until radical changes to its organization, constitution, and operation were embarked upon that began centralizing and consolidating power in the Federal Government. At that time our Republic radically changed from the Jeffersonian Republic, envisioned originally to a government that was more friendly towards the great moneyed institutions of the Northeastern United States including the bankers and railroads of the day. The Nation shifted from a country of, by, and for the people to one that was organized and educated to support the rapid industrialization of the nation.

Now, this is not necessarily bad. However, in the way we did it we lost something. Among the things we lost were our connection to the past, nature, and natural laws. We are not above nature we are part of it and the human race is subject to the same natural laws that govern the rest of the universe.

The heritage, understanding of our place in nature, and the natural laws, collectively called the wisdom of the past are still relevant to us today because we are biologically the same creatures that have built civilization from Rome and before. We react, emotionally and biologically, very similar to the way humans have always reacted. A few hundred years of Enlightenment is not going to erase millions of years of evolution. Therefore the wisdom developed over thousands of years is relevant to us today because we, like them, are human. They collected and passed down in writings and proverbs for future generations what they learned through trial and deadly error so we could avoid their mistakes. [See: ]

Yet our society rejects past knowledge saying they were misogynists, racists, colonizers, and other bad words ignoring that their paternalistic arrogance, believing they have the answer for all these uneducated barbarians is the same attitude that the Victorian Age colonizers had when they believed they had “the white man’s burden.” In other words it was their job to bring their enlightened attitudes to the poor uneducated masses of the world. [See: ]

Today our superficial education system reorganized on a mass production model of today has created generations that lack of self-awareness and a disconnect from reality and the past that did not occur before. Education must return to the master/pupil type relationship where every teacher endeavored to bring out the creative potential of each of his or her students. This factory-based education is part of the problem.

It is said that a proverb is a short sentence, based on long experience, containing a truth. Today those educated in an ignorant, superficial way have been taught to reject the hard-won truths of the past that built the very world they take for granted. Instead of saying, “These people were imperfect, just as I am imperfect, but look what they accomplished!” That should be an encouraging lesson for all of us, ignoring them may well condemn us to suffer through and re-learning the mistakes of the past because they are ignoring the lessons won through much suffering and death and passed down to us so we could avoid the same.

The Native Americans thought that we had a spiritual disease they called Wekkio that caused us to destroy ourselves, nature, and the Earth itself in our quest for power and money. It cut us off from nature, the land, and who we were as a people, poisoning our spirit. In too many ways Western Society, despite its advances, cut itself off from the Natural Order and a knowledge of who we are.

That is not a reason to burn it all down. Western Civilization has gone farther than any other on Earth and our technology is a marvel to behold. But we must reconnect our things and our activity to the living truths of the natural laws and understanding. We need to recover meaning and purpose and that is the Quest of the SabersEdge Association.

I am not advocating returning to a more “perfect” past. There was no such thing. All things change. Life is organic and grows. But modern and post-modern society has rejected all of the truths that humans have discovered and they are leading us to ruin. We need to reconnect our technology with the life truths embedded in the world. The natural laws that govern the universe govern us too no matter how many times someone insists they are immune. Anyone who thinks we have evolved beyond earlier civilizations knows nothing about evolution.

The Universe is a universe in the deepest sense of the word. Science has discovered a pattern that runs from the Micro-verse to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Such a pattern is not random. It speaks of intelligent design. A pattern that speaks to an order of some sort that can be discovered in science and that Wisdom has been recognized for thousands of years. There is a reason that the proverbs and wisdom of Ancient Mesopotamia read almost verbatim to the Wisdom of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Vedic writings, Confucius, and even the Viking Havamal. That is because they were all observing the same world and the same human race and recording the life truths they discovered so that future generations didn’t have to rediscover them. In my life, I have watched with amusement as science “re-discovered” things which were recorded in Vedic and other ancient texts thousands of years ago. Likewise, New-Age ideas that are cutting edge were already voiced by the yogis of India, the masters of Asia, and Solomon, and others in the Bible or scholars of Rome or the Middle Ages.

This should awaken us to reconnect with these Life-Truths. Because we ignore them at our peril.

Through SabersEdge we can pull together and don’t have to face this future alone. Join me and support the SabersEdge association through Patreon as together we learn to think in a way that has a future and we don’t have to face this future alone. Join me and support SabersEdge by your presence and sharing or, if you are able, through Patreon and together we will learn to re-think our society in a way that has a future.

The founding fathers knew that only if the people remained engaged in their government, and embraced virtue, education, and pietas could they keep their republic free and vibrant. SabersEdge is about how we learn to preserve the solid foundations of the life-truths humanity has already discovered to build a future upon them where we can “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

So, mount up, draw sabers and ride with us! Join SabersEdge, fight as a Trooper for truth and liberty against the forces of darkness. Ride with us and fear no darkness! For no trooper fights alone!

Whether your history goes back to the US Constitution and Revolution, the Magna Carta, or Jan Sobieski you are welcome with us.

Our fight is for the light of truth and liberty and it must be fought and won in the courts, in the halls of justice and government, and in the hearts of the free men and women of the Western Republics.

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