Awaken the Lions! Have We Been Domesticated?

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Public education is about making us good factory workers. Sheep to be sheared by the system. But we need to awaken the lions within us if we are to weather the imminent crises that we are facing. Yet people look at the younger generations, who feel something is deeply wrong and have “checked out” of society as if something is wrong with them not that anything could be wrong with the society that produced these results.

How did we get here? Domestication.

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Most of us know are familiar with dogs. If we don’t have one we have a friend who does. They have individual personalities and are usually related to as individuals and sometimes even referred to as the families’ “furr-babies.”

Biologically every single dog is a grey wolf. They are not related to grey wolves they are grey wolves. Some of the breeds that is easy to see, Alaskan Sled Dogs or German Shepherds you can say ‘I see the wolf in that.” But you get down to like Shitzu, pit bull, or little terrier, you don’t see the grey wolf anymore. You see that domestication has changed them. The Grey Wolf is Canis Lupis and the dog is Canis Lupis familiarius. You see that as things move away from their wild nature, their diet is changed, and environmental conditions are changed, and most importantly probably sexual selection becomes a factor. We think a lot about natural selection and how the environment shapes us what we forget is the incredible power of the female of the species to select mates and that will drive radical changes in phenotypes. With domestication, we get into artificial selection, so we change the environment, so its no longer natural selection and environmental pressure, and we become the sexual selectors and who we want to breed, and over a fairly short period of biological time we can take a Grey Wolf and turn it into a Chihuahua. When we talk about a purebred dog, the dog that comes with papers and can get in the kennel club, that actually is a very genetically weak animal, that comes from a very restricted gene pool. So if it is a German Shepherd they are going to end up with hip dysplasia almost every time. Pugs, their entire face has been crushed forward and they can’t breathe anymore…We’ve done that with a lot of species, we’ve done that with cows, and sheep, and goats, and we’ve done that with a host of plants we’re working on mushrooms and bacteria and algae and all these things right now domesticating the world and in the process, I don’t think we ever set out to domesticate ourselves? But in the process we did!” Daniel Vitalis, Host of WILDFED

If you look at pictures of the German Shepherd.. in 1899 and even 1960 Shepherds weren’t too fragile, but as the ascetic that people liked, back hips were lower than their front, so by 1980 and 2010 the hips are really low, really weak, and it is a fragile animal that, more often than not needs surgery. I love shepherds. Shepherds guard and protective instinct have literally saved my children from kidnapping, falling downstairs, wandering out of the yard, and even once preventing them from putting something in an electric socket (yes, amazing but true – I’ll put that whole story up on Patreon for supporters but no time for it here). Yet, I have tried to get rescue shepherds and avoid the over-breeding inherent in breeding farms. But so many others I know who have had these beautiful animals have animals with major health issues and they have spent thousands of dollars on surgeries and struggle with genetic problems in their animals.

This is all from over breeding and domestication and messing with animals diets. We do it to our dogs, our cats, our cows, our sheep, even our grains and plants until everything that we eat or encounter is a genetically weak shadow of what has gone before. Sure, it might be more resistant to ONE thing in nature or have greater ability in ONE area. But the diversity needed for long term survival has been bred out of it and out of us far too often. Humans have done it to everything, not just dogs, and we continue to do it today.

What we didn’t consider when we chose to “play God” and over-ride evolution in a Mengele-type frenzy of experimentation is what the long term effects are to our environment. We had no way of knowing because it had never been done. But we forge ahead without restraint. We have had some dramatic successes, and even more dramatic failures and more failures are coming to light each year. But now only our animals, grains, and society is becoming weaker. We are also doing it to ourselves. We and the world we continue to manipulate are becoming genetically more fragile, disease, ridden, and susceptible to ailments that used to be rare.

Besides the proliferation of genetic diseases, there is an epidemic of diseases of inflammation that are unknown in areas of the world that eat natural food and live naturally, rather than pre-processed, over-modified, technologically manufactured food. Further, we have an epidemic of psychological ailments in our society. Like domesticated dogs that have separation anxiety and tear apart the house when key members of their “pack” abandon them each day for eight to ten hours, people are experiencing unprecedented anxiety themselves. All around there are people who “crack.” In the 70s and 80’s, we called it “going postal” because a postal worker went nuts and started shooting his co-workers. That was such an unusual occurrence that it had to have a new name – this hadn’t happened before. Now it is such a common occurrence we just call them mass shootings. A couple of years ago we had riots ranging through all our major cities and demonstrations and chaos abound on our campuses. We have something seriously wrong. But do we try to figure out why this is? No. Like all of our problems in the last 60 years we simply try to throw medication at it, make new laws, or try to ban bad behaviors (like discrimination,) but true to the superficial society we have created we have superficial fixes that just cover up the problems. But there are underlying fault lines that run through our society producing that anxiety that our society prefers to ignore in favor of “easy” and ineffectual fixes. Like a wound that has been covered but not cleaned properly the infection continues to fester and gets worse over time.

In the same way that we have domesticated animals and plants, we have inadvertently domesticated ourselves so that now people fear questions that endanger cherished myths. It fears those who are purposeful and speak with authority confusing authority with power and domination. Like abused puppies that cringe at every move our society now erupts, vocalizing, and whining over every perceived threat; real or imagined. We have lost a life of purpose and meaning. Domesticated animals look to us for guidance. But who are we to look to and how did we get everything so messed up?

The Native Americans looked at us when we arrived, not with hate, but with pity. The Native societies saw there was something deeply wrong with us in that we had cut ourselves off from nature and as such we no longer lived with the Earth but tried to dominate and subdue everything. Indeed, perhaps this all started with a poor translation of the Bible where were are told, incorrectly to subdue the Earth where the original Hebrew called us to be caretakers of the Earth. The native Americans recognized this and decided that we had a disease of the Spirit that they called Wettiko – a disease of spirit causing us to destroy others and nature itself in our quest for money and power. Who’s to say they were not correct? Indeed, as we look around maybe they were. It seems to me that so many of our problems come from cutting ourselves off from the natural rhythms of life and the knowledge held in the proverbs and knowledge of the past.

Our advancements, our technology, these are not things we should reject and “go back to a more perfect time.” No, no time is perfect and our ideas today are far from perfect. The “popular” wisdom rejects science and basic biological truths. We are as cut off from nature as we can be and we are reaping the illness and chaos that results. But we need to reconnect our lives with the natural rhythms of life and rediscover the Life-Truths that Modernism and Post Modernism have forgotten.

We’ll have to discuss that in Part Two of Awaken the Lions! Domestication Thru Education! because we are out of time today.

7 thoughts on “Awaken the Lions! Have We Been Domesticated?

  1. It was a good read! Very truthful. I remember a time when I hadn’t encountered a person with asthma. I thought it must be rare. Something in books and movies. It has proliferated like madness!

  2. I have thought, for about 4 decades now, that many of our health problems have come from our society, food distribution and processing, etc. I have always tried to get food directly from local farmers wherever possible and maintain a garden. Thank you for reading…and thank you for your service to our country.

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