Wake Up America! Act Today or Be Slaves Tomorrow!

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IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP – If We Fail the Consequences are too great to fathom and too great for our children and future generations to be forced to live with. They shouldn’t be forced to live in tyranny because we deny our responsibility, or because of our inaction, and our lack of will and allowing ourselves to be betrayed by those who have no respect for our values or way of life. Robber Barons and Banksters spreading materialistic consumerism for their own profit, and leftists who seek to undermine everything that has helped establish our civilization are actively seeking to destroy what we were. That may or may not be their intention. But it is the logical effect of their continued action without concerted and assertive opposition. The sleeper must awaken! [see: ]

Churchill Lead the Fight Against Nazi Germany In Europe

Too much is said today about neo-nazis, alt-right, and communists today; to the point that these words are being desensitized in our consciousness. There is a real danger that we, like the Weimar Republic, like Czarist Russia, like mainland Nationalist China, Venezuela, Cambodia, Viet Nam, North Korea, and other countries will not awake to our real danger until it’s too late. Apathy and a refusal to adapt to the very real danger of leftist propaganda destroyed the freedoms of each of these nations just as its new incarnations E.S.G. and Cultural Marxism are undermining and destroying ours.

I once heard it heard said that we know where right-wing extremism lies and what it looks like but we don’t know where liberal society has gone too far. I believe I have found the answer in my studies. In the last few years, I have particularly focused on the US Civil War/War for Southern Independence, World War II, and the phenomena of Nazi and Communist takeover of democracies and republics. Toppling democracies are not so surprising. They are notoriously fragile, which is why our forefathers held them in contempt. But republics have greater potential to endure. Unfortunately, their very rationality leaves them open to being toppled by emotional extremism. It has happened over and over and in each case, the republics have refused to respond in time. Their very tolerance is used to destroy them.

Language is our enemy; or rather the manipulation of language. This is something that the media and democrats have done for some time…decades. Their goal, I hope, was not to destroy our society but rather to gain temporary political advantage. Too many politicians are busily gathering personal wealth, influence, and power without regard for the long-term effects on our society. Today, however, is not a time for politicians. Today we need statesmen and leaders who understand the threat to and the foundations of our society and how to face it.

In my latest reading, I read “Selling Hitler; Propaganda & the Nazi Brand” by Nicholas O’Shaughnessy. I have been wondering how our society has decayed to this point. I had previously noted that only 3 countries could defeat Marxism after it had reached the point where leftists were burning cities and police academies. At that point, every society I studied, continued to collapse into Marxism because the leaders of the republics and democracies were insufficient to overcome the visceral appeal of Marxist lies. Only three nations overcame the threat that had advanced to this point: Germany in the 1920s and 30s, Italy in the 1920s, and Spain in the 1930s. In each of these, it was the fascists that defeated their brother socialists the Communists.

Yet in every case, the monarchies, democracies, and republics did fall to socialism. Either National Socialism or Communism – nonetheless. This has spurred my studies over the past few years. My first question was: how did these nations fall to such an irrational and destructive philosophy as the Nazis promulgated? The answer was surprising. We’ll get to it later. But in the collapse of these societies, I noted over and over again things from the past that we were going through today. Each of these clashes was wars of propaganda and message and the democracies tended to fail this war of propaganda as the leftist/Marxist radicals undermined and changed the language of the society with masterful precision and, as everyone who has written about propaganda has pointed out; if you control the language you control the thinking of the people.

As O’Shaugnessy points out on page 278:

the propaganda triumph…was a linguistic strategy, and that everything else they did in terms of political evangelism was of secondary relevance…[they] understood the value of language, the importance of controlling it and how necessary this was to their rise and survival, and language is a weapon of thought control, the great theme of George Orwell’s 1984.

In Nazi Germany, as in America today, the culture under assault adopted the language of the usurping activists allowing them to control the narrative. I noted today on Tim Pool and even on Fox News that too many of those who oppose leftist intention have adopted their language and allowed the leftists to control the debate and thinking on the matter. That indicates we have already lost. When we use language terms to try to rationally debate the emotional arguments found around such terms as CIS Gender, pronouns, “peaceful protests,” and refer to terrorists and criminals as “protestors,” we have already surrendered. O’Shaughnessy speaks of Nazi Germany in words that equally apply to our society today when he says on page 259: “It is interesting to observe the speed with which this new lingua franca took hold and the flimsiness of the resistance to it.”

In the same way Klemperer in his account of Nazi Germany’s propaganda noted that even the Jews and academic institutions began using the terminology of the Nazis. O’Shaugnessy records his thoughts:

Even the language of academe was colonized with Nazi uses … [their] reinvention of language” Further, he notes that “Another, Elsa, a Jew and a German patriot, says only ‘fanatical Germans’ can cleans ‘our’ fatherland.” He noted how the Jews began to apologize and feel embarrased for their “Jewness” even as white mails and “CIS” gendered people with traditional values today in our society feel the need to insist that they are not prejudiced. This leaves me uncomfortably comparing the reactions of the Jews to the Nazis to our reaction today to the transmogrification of our language by the leftists predicted in Orwell’s 1984.

All through this book, I noted how the control of language, education, and the media so undermined and twisted the values of the country under attack that even the ability to “think in opposition” to the regime was “unthinkable.” Is this where we are being dragged by our media who support leftist causes or acquiesce to their use of language; robber-barons who want to make us into unthinking, submissive, materialistic consumers; banksters who want to control our money and options; and rapidly emerging environmentalist industry that uses our good intentions to continue to pollute and sell us products that don’t work effectively and, themselves, damage the environment in ways the media is conveniently ignoring. As in Communist USSR and China, Nazi Germany, and our society the very institutions and government have been taken over by those who have betrayed the values, principles, and ideals that are the best of what formed our society and brought us to where we are today.

Something else I noticed was what I found out from other readings and studies of World War II and that is that too much of what we think we know is actually propaganda and not fact regarding National Socialist beliefs. I have found South American sources to be more reliable than those from Western Academics of the Northern Republics. They were, after all, neutral in the war. [Carlos Videla’s book National Socialism; Its Principles and Philosophy is a good book for those who want to know what they believed without being bombarded by the posturing and virtue signaling that usually surrounds books about the Nazis. However, it should be said, that Videla is not entirely unbiased. As always I advocate that everyone’s study includes original sources. This is difficult with Nazi Germany because the US collected and classified much of the information and (as Patton noted so forcefully,) actively suppressed anything which might call into ] O’Shaughnessy’s book quotes many Germans who said the one thing that impressed them the most at Nuremberg was how the Americans had absolutely no understanding of what had happened in Germany or what the government had been about. This too is the result of propaganda.

Bernays was in charge of American propaganda and was so effective that Americans (even today,) respond viscerally to the Nazi regime and simultaneously have little of no understanding of what they are opposing. Their image of Germany is the image formed by Bernays in his propaganda. Bernays was effective and my next book (that I started today,) is “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays. You know of Bernays, even if you don’t know him by name, he is considered the father of American advertising. He constructed the propaganda campaign that marketed cigarettes and it was his idea to use doctors in lab coats to sell cigarettes because people trust doctors. Clearly, truth was not a stumbling block for Bernays in selling cigarettes or the hate of the Nazis. (Please note I am not defending the Nazi regime but I have an inherent distaste, as an investigator, for lies and a desire to dig for the truth in all my research.) The effectiveness in blinding us to the reality of the Nazi philosophy similarly blinds us to the threats we face today. Because we dismiss the Nazis as violent thugs we don’t really understand how they gained power. Our need to denigrate any reference to Nazi Germany to show that we ourselves have virtue prevents us from an effective study of the dangers created by them and similarly, blinds us to the dangers of the warping of language by Leftists in our society.

This is why I repeatedly tell people to buy a hardback dictionary from 1960 or before and use it instead of the online dictionaries that are regularly modifying the definitions of our words. Similarly, I advocate books instead of online research because I have noted that online articles sometimes leave out key sections of books and ideas that would call into question their leftist leaning.

“If language were merely a vehicle for communication, there would be less interest in it, but, in the words of D. Umberson and K. Henderson (1992), ‘language does more than merely express reality; it actively structures experience…language and linguistic devices structure how we think about things.’ If language is power, then the ownership of language is the key to that power: ‘language is not merely the vehicle for articulating our thoughts: it does in itself create meaning, an active agent for the creation of perception’. Words thus do duty as sensitizing concepts, such that if we have no word for something we are often actually blind to the existence of that phenomenon. And terms might be deliberately chosen [as they are being done by Leftists and our Media today,] to limit our vision – ‘language systems are a way of seeing but also of not seeing’.

Thus today people blindly accept that those who deny climate change are “science deniers” but fail to see that those who deny the differences of male and female are equally – or more-so, because THAT science was settled long ago – science deniers. The fact that people legitimately deny what is so obvious (you can’t even walk into a store or pharmacy without noting that there are products for females and products for males and they are not the same.) We even deny the very testimony of our own eyes where males are generally taller and larger than females, as well as the obvious physical differences, but because of the control of our media and the academic institutions people no longer see what was obvious to everyone millions of years ago and is still obvious to societies that are not subject to American media propaganda. In fact, the unintelligibility of this propaganda of gender and the way we are manipulating pronouns cannot easily reach outside our language because in nearly every other language of the world but English gender and an understanding of male and female is necessary to even speak the language properly. Thus Latinx seems to be used by American Hispanics but rarely by native speakers of Spanish for whom Latina or Latino is inherent in the language itself. But somehow, complete denial of the inherent division of life into male and female is NOT denying science but even questioning the assumption of “man-made global warming” is.

This is because of the assault and control of our language by leftists. And because they have control only assertive and concerted action can prevent them from winning. Are you opposing this undermining of our society and values or do you acquiesce to it? The answer to that question reveals whether you would have opposed the Nazis in Germany or stood by and let the Jews be exterminated.

Leftists are undermining not only our values but science itself; meanwhile Robber barons and banksters desire to keep us in wage-slavery and reduce us to mindless materialistic consumerism, modern cretins who only do what they are told. Those who are “woke” have betrayed who we are and cannot be tolerated. Tolerance of evil, child-grooming, human-trafficking, and corruption is not “enlightened” but cowardice. Without clear and firm values every empire and nation that was ever established has fallen.

Every nation eventually falls. But our time doesn’t have to be today. The issue is not yet decided if we rise up and stand for what is right. The foundations of Western Civilization are solid if we stand upon them and confront the lies and warping of our language and society. Only “manful” opposition to Leftists has ever defeated them. They must be confronted at every front. In the theater, in our purchasing habits, where we send our kids to school, on the floor of Congress and the Senate, and in the decision-making of the White House and the Board Room. If we do not confront them courageously as our forefathers confronted lies and cowardice then we do not deserve to be members of the Republic and we have betrayed the vision and ideals of our fathers and our forefathers.

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