National Divorce or Renew the Social Contract?

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Is the Social Contract failing? The social contract is the idea that people consent, at least tacitly by not rebelling, by their compliance with the rules, customs, mores, and laws of society; that government’s authority comes from the consent of the governed and that people form governments to collectively protect themselves from the chaotic struggle for survival that is the state of nature.

This is not to say that government protects us from the struggle for survival. We all face our trials and need to overcome them. A paternalistic government that figuratively ‘wraps us in bubble wrap because it loves us’ is a paternalistic feminized nightmare. In other words, it is toxic femininity. The government thereby becomes the “devouring mother” of psychological archetypes stifling growth and individuality as it “protects” us from the trials of life; trials that we need if we are to grow strong and independent. This is the phenomenon of “helicopter parents” on a national level and that is why our government was founded on a minimalist scale to create an environment in which we could all grow to our full potential and reach whatever heights we could achieve with the tools we are dealt. Although this vision has been utterly betrayed by our corrupt leaders – even as Jefferson predicted would happen.

Whether or not you believe in the Social Contract (we will discuss that later), if you read Gibbon’s Fall of the Roman Empire, Tacitus’ Germania, other Roman or Greek writers, or writers from any other society that is reaching its end, you will find the same tendencies of a dissolving social contract. When a society is dying, the people no longer “buy into” the assumptions and mythic ideals that form the foundations of their society. They no longer uphold their own obligations within that contract because they have come to see that the government is not upholding its part. This does not mean that the original social contract or societal myths were invalid. Only that the people have lost the script. The bond of trust is broken. The Government and Institutions have betrayed their trust and we have forgotten what it means to be a citizen so we have also forgotten ours.

I Am still working on my presentation of significant ideas in The Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hansen – Watch for It

Today, I was in the grocery. A young lady (who happened to be from a minority but she could have been anyone,) with her two kids was in line in front of me. She bought a lot more food than I could afford to buy but who knows how many she may have been feeding at home. She had two kids under school age but she could have easily had a couple more older at home. I don’t think she looked old enough to have teenagers (my kids range in age from 38 to 21 so I have a clear memory of how much teenagers can eat,) but I have found that as I get older everyone looks younger and I no longer have the daily practice and discipline of investigations that train me in noting and remembering all the details of those I encounter in case I need them for an investigative report later. Without that daily practice, I am not as good at estimating age, height, and weight as I used to be. Anyway, after she left with were kids and cart of groceries and the clerk went around and picked up three half-full drinks.

“She set these down before she got in the line.” She explained to those who had to move for her to get them. “They are half full and they were drinking them while they were shopping and, apparently, didn’t want to pay for them.”

The Collapse of Empires Always Seem to Follow the Same Path – That is why studying the past can be helpful.

That is a form of theft and but a minor example of violating the social contract. A lesser violation might be not putting your shopping cart back in the rack and just leaving it by where your car was parked, not using your turn signal, or any other time you choose to ignore what you are “supposed” to do just because no one will make you.

Government works by “the consent of the governed” because no government can maintain authority and control if the people refuse to obey. The Czar even tried riding down demonstrators with cavalry and sabering them to death; other regimes have used guns and cannons, but the government still collapses and falls to the mob because once the assumptions and myths are broken rebuilding them is nearly impossible. This doesn’t happen overnight but it always happens eventually to a country or empire. Once the government has fallen to those who have betrayed not only the principles of the country but the citizens as well it things become very unpleasant.

Eventually, things are rebuilt once leaders inspire enough people into rebuilding. The remnants of the national values that the people still value then form the basis of the new society. And a new national myth and social contract is built upon the foundations of the old.

Our government was created to provide for the common defense, promote domestic tranquility, and ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. That is what the founding documents specifically say our government was created to do. But somewhere along the line, our government decided that it existed for preserving corporate profits and the political power of the self-proclaimed political elite (who happen to coincide with those who graduate from the “ivy league” colleges). They seem to have decided that they exist to preserve their own power and prestige.

Our government even betrayed the people of East Palestine and lied to thousands of men, women, and children about the toxicity levels they were exposed to. That was not for the people’s welfare. Our government has abandoned its obligations to its people in favor of obligations to corporate, technological, financial, and political power players. That means it is no longer a legitimate government. It has betrayed the social contract.

This is why our elections are every four years so we can have a revolution at the ballot box to restore order. they were envisioned as a way of peaceful revolt so that the people can oust those in power and rebuild the society the citizens are willing to fight for.

Of course, this assumes our elections are fair and honest. We must make ballot harvesting illegal and punish election fraud with the same seriousness as treason – perhaps banishment or life imprisonment would be in order. But even so, the only thing that keeps us from the “mob rule” of democracy is the electoral college which ensures each state has a voice and confidence in our elections. Attempts to restore election integrity are not to oppress the people but to free them from the corruption that has gripped the state.

Here I am using the title of “elite” figuratively. These Psychopathic Narcissists and Traitors are NOT elite – although they claim to be – they are traitors. It is not surprising that they have gained power. That is what they do – that is all they live for…power. So, they eventually corrupt any government where the people and their elected representatives have failed in their vigilance to protect the rights of the people.

This is not a matter or Team Red or Team Blue because both teams have betrayed the people and each supports a different group of “the elite.”

Now, some representatives remember who we are (Senators and Representatives such as John Kennedy, Chip Roy, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Robert F. Kennedy, Vivek Ramaswamy, Donald Trump, and others.) This is not to say these are perfect. They, by the nature of the machine had to appease the machine to rise to power. This is why Trump is such a threat. He has everything he wants. He cannot be threatened, bribed, or controlled. he is a loose cannon and does not have to appease the machine for power.

Look at the list I made. Out of a hundred senators and 435 representatives, I can make a reasonable attempt at a list of those who seem to remember the social contract. If you want to identify who really remembers the contract then look at who the press paints in a bad light. That means they aren’t playing by the script of the elite. If the press paints them positively then they are the next “hero of the people” that the press is selling us. But the very fact that I can make a list (incomplete though it is,) shows that we are in trouble.

Both of our major political parties tend to be “co-conspirators” in maintaining the status quo of the “swamp” and the corruption of the robber barons and banksters that have destroyed our environment, the economy, and the social contract in their amoral pursuit of consumerism and profits-producing junk that breaks and needs to be regularly replaced and food that is not nutritious and medicine that does not heal. I find “swamp” to be a good description of what our government has become (if you have never been in a swamp they tend to smell – like our government’s lies and corruption.)

The fall of an empire starts with people “opting out” of the “social contract” that keeps society working. The decay of the core beliefs and values that had held the society together, and the general courtesy and respect that citizens have for each other and their trust in government authority and institutions. All of this is lacking in America today. As Neil Oliver said (video below,) the governments violated their part of the social contract in the lies and half-truths involving the Covid Pandemic, the American tragedy in East Palestine (and to EVERYONE who was downwind of that cloud and downstream of the pollutants for miles and miles). We don’t know how far the toxins went because our government is lying and allowing Norfolk Southern to conduct all the testing to see if they are liable for damages…can you say “conflict of interest”? — I knew you could.

Recently, my wife lost her job because of what is called “long covid” she was completely disabled and unable to work within 24 hours of being vaccinated but the doctors, when she finally found one to actually listen to her, classify it as “long covid” rather than a vaccine injury…whatever. At least she is getting help now.

Further, we were told that because she was affected by Covid we could defer our house payments and they would, after the crisis was passed be tacked on to the end of the mortgage and we could resume payments. I had been 100% disabled for seven years and have struggled to re-enter the workforce because I am still disabled. But I can do security. My mind is sharp still. Even just “being there” for eight hours exhausts me and I sleep for 12 but I am doing what I need to do to replace the income we lost when my wife could no longer work. I mention this because we have now been told that we have to pay the 9,000+ dollars by March 30 or they will start foreclosure on our house. As to “tacking the unpaid payments” back on to the end of the loan and resuming payments? They now say we “don’t qualify.” Fortunately, I have a retirement that I can draw on to pay it – but what of those who cannot? Their property will be bought up by Blackrock, JP Morgan, and other elite powers in our world. And our government supports them and not the weak.

I remember Darth Vader saying (in our modern myth called Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back), “I now alter the deal. Pray I don’t alter it further.” This too is a story of government violation of the social contract that built the Republic. This all violates the social contract and a time in society when people stood by their word and you could trust what they were told. I could write a book on all the ways the social contract has been violated in our society today but these examples are sufficient to give you an idea and I won’t belabor the point anymore. We have a word for governments and institutions that alter their contract from a position of power. It is called tyranny.

I have heard people say “You cannot rebel against the Government.” Citing that the United States is the most powerful country in the world. I find that interesting. Thomas Paine had a lot to say about rebelling against the most powerful empire in the world. You see, we did that once before in 1776. And many claimed that was also impossible. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, and others stood to differ; to reclaim their “rights as Englishmen” from a government that no longer honored the contract.

We still have legal avenues for a redress of grievances from a Convention of States to election reform. The key to taking back our country is to refuse to comply with tyranny and to stoutly oppose corruption and “woke” companies by giving our business to companies that represent our values.

I don’t know if the chocolate is any good but the commercial is hilarious. I get no support or remuneration from Jeremy’s Chocolate or Daily Wire. Added: The chocolate is OK, the joke is great.

Today, like then, a rapidly increasing number of people no longer feel the need to keep their obligations to their tyrannical government anymore. Recently, representatives and senators in both states and the Federal Government have openly discussed “National Divorce.” Where the “Red States” are separate from the “Blue States” since, in general, the “Red States” still believe our national myths and ideals, and the “Blue States” do not. The “Blues” are actively hostile to our ideals, principles, and national identity. While it makes sense to peacefully separate I have to say I am against a “National Divorce” of Red and Blue States.

This is because I still believe in the ideals of this nation. If you look at a red and blue map of who votes for what by county instead of by state it becomes clear that only the large cities have the “Blue” mentality. There are NO blue states just blue cities. To force all of those who believe in liberty to live under the tyranny of traitors who have betrayed the ideals and principles upon which this country was founded is against who we are. I would support divorcing and isolating “blue counties” from “red counties” and allowing an opportunity where people can freely move to those counties that represent their ideals but not by state by county.

The Ideals Are There For All Of Us to Read In Our Founding Documents

We cannot abandon our fellow Americans.

Although, increasingly “survivalists” are spreading an “everyone for themselves” mentality; I do not count myself among them. True, I do try to ensure my family will be provided for in the worst circumstances and this year my garden is expanding to the largest it has ever been, but the only way to truly survive is in community and with our values intact. I still have those values. If we lose them I seriously doubt that we would “deserve” to survive. America, despite our love of individual freedom, was built by communities. The “Old West” myths that glorify one man with a gun too often ignore that it was community barn raising and community militia that protected communities. It was not the sheriff alone but a sheriff with a deputized posse that maintained order in a semi-lawless environment. We seem to be returning to such an environment and police are too often hamstrung by woke and fearful politicians.

In such an environment trust your sheriff. We can elect our sheriff! Know who it is and what they believe in and vote locally. Take back your local government first while you are working at making the Federal and State governments accountable to the people again; instead of the corporations.

I have heard it said that our society has become extremely neurotic and narcissistic in that people believe simultaneously that the world is out to get them and that the “rules” of society don’t apply to them. Everyone seems to think they are a “special case” and don’t need to do what they expect others to do. At the end of this blog post, you will find a Tim Pool clip where a black man in St. Louis executes a homeless man on the street of the city while someone films it. Part of the Social Contract is not only obeying the rules but caring for one another.

That is why I am not a Libertarian. Our society was founded on community values and responsibility as a means of jointly supporting a government that protects the sanctity of our rights and values. We cannot have a government of, by, and for the people when the people don’t take responsibility for the community they have allowed to develop.

The government balance of powers, the Bill of Rights, our own right to bear arms, our vigilance, education, and participation were all to preserve the freedoms of our government. When we allowed our educational system to to be controlled in Washington DC it abandoned teaching what America is supposed to be about we allowed the seeds of destruction to be sown in our society by the government and the Neo-Marxists who hate it.

The very concept of militia demonstrates the concept of community values because each community maintained its own militia for the good of the community.

Militia Is A Community Based Defense Force That We All Need To Consider Once More

In the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, a militia consisted of every male of military age capable of bearing arms. When the militia of a town was “called out” everyone was expected to bring their rifle and report to the assembly area to defend the community. The Militia did not represent a party but the community and “every male” in the town and the townspeople noted cowards who did not care enough about their neighbors to show up. Those shirkers would pay the social consequences for their failure to uphold the social contract.

In today’s society, most of the states (if not all,) define a militia as every “male and female” from the age of 18 to an upper limit that varies between about 55 and 65 (depending on the state.) This is the general militia and can be called out by the governor and organized for the defense of the State or called out by the sheriff for the community or county. By law, everyone is supposed to show up with their own weapon and ammunition. This is the way it is in NE, KS, MO, KY, TN, AZ, and GA (which are the states that I have lived in – so I know the laws there.) Most people who live in those states don’t even know the law because it has been so long since we have had an “existential threat” to our survival in the privileged nursery that America has become.

We were founded on the ideas of individual rights and liberty defended by our own access to arms and vigilance. We failed in that vigilance. But we need to re-assert our control over our government and return to the ideals upon which we were founded. I don not call us back to some idealized past because every century must re-envision our path into the future. But that vision needs to be grounded in the ideals and foundations upon which our culture was founded. Or we need to abandon it and build a new one. But I think the foundations upon which Western Society was built are still valid. It is just that people don’t know them anymore. They know only a false caricature of those values that they have been sold by media.

Western values have built a society that allowed us to build the greatest civilization the Earth has ever seen. It created a society with more rights, riches, and freedoms than any society that has ever existed. The fact that narcissists and psychopaths’ have hijacked our society and are at the helm is not surprising. Seeking power is their whole reason for being. We need to take control back from them – although they will not give it back willingly.

A Grim Warning That We Need to Heed – Half Measures Will Accomplish Nothing But the Escape, Transformation, and Concealment of Evil

Our society is collapsing. There may be no way to stop it because we no longer even agree on the assumptions, values, and mores, of our culture. We cannot even agree on what constitutes a man or woman anymore. Do you think there is any chance we can agree on governance?

I largely blame the poor education system that failed to teach the values and ideals of our society. But the fault also lies with parents who gave up their responsibility for raising their kids to the government and the schools. The churches also have largely failed to communicate the message they were entrusted with in the “gospel” and traded the “word” for a feel-good, entertainment-oriented, “socially conscious” message that betrays their apostolic charge for the values of radical materialism and Neo-Marxism that is counter to the book their belief is regulated by.

The Virginia Document On Human Rights Is Worth Reading

Even in such totalitarian regimes, they cannot maintain order if people do not obey. Such regimes have repeatedly been torn down by their own citizens refusing to comply. We live in a totalitarian regime by definition. The government regulates every aspect of our life from the food we can eat, the medicines we have to take, and the way we can live, and some are even trying to limit what we can say. I remember an Englishman who said the police showed up at his door to “check on his thinking.” Yes, we live in a totalitarian regime. A regime we allowed to grow because we did not obey our part of the social contract which was to fully participate in our government and community. While we haven’t needed to “fall out” onto the green to defend our communities with our rifles. We haven’t defended them with our involvement either. It’s no wonder that, in our apathy, the government decided it no longer needs to keep its part of the “social contract” either.

Abraham Lincoln, at the time of our Civil War quoted Jesus when he said, “A House Divided against itself cannot stand, but must surely fall.” When he said that he didn’t need to tell people that he was quoting Jesus of Nazareth, everyone knew. Today, they think Lincoln said it.

That’s another one of those sayings that we have known for millennia but current generations have not been taught. As for me, if people do not wish to live in liberty then they can go live in tyranny. But those who are connected to the land, those who are connected to our ideals, and those who remember who we are. They need to stand for liberty. If they don’t stand for what is right then no one will do it for them. I tend to agree with Samuel Adams:

Covid Response Broke the Social Contract
The Lies in East Palestine Clearly Show the Government is Of, By, and For the Robber Barons and Banksters. They are in Control

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