What Can You Do With Stupid?

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There are people that you can talk to and those who you cannot talk to. We have talked before about Mass Formation and while that is relevant there is another factor: the existence of stupid people. While we all would like to think that stupid = ignorant that is not the case. People cannot be educated out of being stupid. All you will end up with is a stupid person with a doctoral degree and now you have an expert in stupidity that other stupid people will look up to. There comes a point where you have to be realistic about what you are accomplishing and what kind of person you are dealing with.

Welcome, Freedom Troopers and faithful readers. I will post videos about the laws of stupidity, mass formation, and Bonhoeffer’s theory of stupidity at the end. They are all enlightening but because we don’t like to think some people are beyond helping it may take several viewings for it to sink in. It did me because I was raised with the idea that everything can be fixed by education. However, it has been known for centuries that this is not the case.

There are several choices if, when we have presented the facts to someone and they refuse to acknowledge them, to indicate what kind of person we are dealing with. 1) they could be so naive and insecure that t they refuse to admit that anything could be wrong simply because they don’t want to face it. Cowardice is a hard way to live but many hide behind a normalcy bias to refuse to see the warning signs. There is a saying that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. 2) It is also possible they are a victim of Mass Formation. Another word for mass formation is brainwashing. This has been done in religious cults, and terrorist groups, but also in entire countries, and it has been done in the West by certain moguls in media and government. As we know from religious cults when someone is brainwashed the only way to help them is to “de-program” them and that is an expensive and time-consuming process and is hopeless unless you can get them out of the environment where they are being brainwashed. Therefore there is no way to deal with brainwashed countries except to topple the regime in power. 3) There are stupid people who cannot conceive of themselves being wrong. These, like the brainwashed people, will dismiss any facts you give them as being irrelevant, it is explained well in the 4 Laws of Stupidity and Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity so I will not try to cover all the details here. Finally, and this is something that the 5 laws don’t seem to acknowledge, there is a 4th type of person who won’t admit there is anything wrong and may well cause harm to others while causing harm to themselves as well. This class, however, may understand exactly what they are doing and M. Scott Peck covers this class of person in his book The People of the Lie. In this book, he tackles the problem of human evil. When I have spoken of narcissists and psychopaths who are in positions of power and don’t care what they destroy as long as they are getting what they want it is this 4th type of person that I am talking about. They are evil. We don’t hear that word used much these days but it is the best description for those who are knowingly destroying the planet for profit, and creating a situation in which billions will starve or in which the world will be engulfed in war just to serve their own ends. Such people are evil. Conveniently, such evil people did their best to destroy religion over the decades so that they would not be so easily recognized.

However, many of our religious communities have lost their way so they might not be much help anyway.

None of these classes of people can be reasoned with nor will they even realize that they are the problem (see the Dunning Kruger Effect below). Nor can they be dissuaded from their destructive actions or their refusal to take corrective action. I think we are rapidly reaching the point where everyone who can be convinced is convinced. There will never be a time, and there has never been a time when the majority of humanity has been willing to see and act on the truth. That is why history is so predictable. Once a trend has developed, most people will go marching off the cliff with it. But this is not the final word nor the end of the world. Even in the American Revolution, it is estimated that only about 10% supported the revolution, about 10% opposed it, and 80% just went on with their lives. The same proportions are repeated throughout history.

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What most people call the “end of the world” is just the end of life and society as they have known it. There are always people who are too weak to adapt and they either give up and die, commit suicide, or rage out in a destructive fury that destroys everything around them (that is the action of stupid people).

Oh, we may “rally” once or twice as a civilization or idea. There have been numerous examples in the past of decaying civilizations where a strong leader was able to rally the faithful and restore some semblance of what had gone before but they never last. And they don’t last because the foundations and belief systems that allowed the formation of the Government in the first place have been destroyed. In our society, there are so many people misinformed and ignorant of our founding and documents that we cannot repair the damage that has been collectively done by the malicious and the incompetent. It cannot be corrected by our public education system or the government because they are part of the problem. They will preside over our destruction for however long that takes. They have so sullied and bludgeoned the values and principles that made this country great that the majority of people have no clue what those things are and, worse, they believe that they do know. Further, the attempts at “stopping misinformation” is actually reinforcing the misinformation that is destroying us. This destructive spiral is well on its way. It could have been stopped had we listened to President Eisenhower’s warning in the 1950s but we didn’t. Now it is too late. There is no longer the educational and moral foundation in this country necessary to truly restore the vision.

By comparing the United States and the West with the fallen empires of history I can reasonably say that it is a dying civilization and that the existing governments will collapse. It is only a question of when and what will come after them. That is not the end of the world. They WILL be replaced and life will go on. It will be up to those who are courageous and willing to act and who will be the ones who build the new paradigm that we will live in. Or if cowardice is predominant enough then it will be up to the tyrants who promise the stupid people a utopia that they will never even try to deliver to get the stupid to obey – even to the point of marching off their own cliff.

Every decaying society is replaced by a strong visionary group that is willing to carry forward a new vision. Unfortunately, all the institutions of this society and all of the power structures are dominated by those who have envisioned a mass materialistic culture of wage slaves and consumers who have no freedom and are controlled and manipulated by media and electronics. If something dramatic isn’t done soon then we will face a future as wage slaves in service to a dystopian future that will be worse than any that has so far polluted this earth.

SabersEdge is working to ensure that our new paradigm will be a New Republic instead of a New Tyrannical Empire that commits mass genocide and reduces all its citizens to wage slaves. Which group will gain ascendancy? Time will tell. I would prefer that the courageous people who carry us into the future can reclaim the firm building blocks of society from our distant past and put them together in a way that allows us to build a new future where we can boldly go where no one has gone before. There are such people in the Warrior Poet Society, Daily Wire, Praeger U, SabersEdge Association, and others but only a concerted effort, a heroic effort, will be able to stop the inertia of this spiral of decay and allow the courageous to build a new future. And, unfortunately, the evil will not give up their power willingly and they have the stupid masses who will do their bidding. I fear we have allowed things to decay so far that only by civil war is there any hope of restoring freedom.

So, Freedom Troopers. I guess the ball is in our court. What are we going to do? I have lived and continue to live with the spirit of the cavalry and I believe there is a chance for a strong force to come riding through the smoke and fire to topple the evil power base that has control But only if each cavalier who loves honor and right, follows Liberty’s Torch regardless of personal cost. Freedom Troopers and Lovers of Liberty, mount up, fortify your principles and morals, stand for justice, and join with us to build a New Republic; better, and stronger than the one that is now failing us.

Mass Psychosis: https://youtu.be/09maaUaRT4M

Dunning Kruger Effect: https://youtu.be/I9XTox7zlSw

How to defeat the lies: https://youtu.be/6VfJ0BJvt7Y

But there is hope. If you are a regular freedom trooper you will probably find yourself here:

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