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Greening the deserts, saving the earth; A Tikkun Olam – Repair of the World’s Spreading Desertification.

Popular knowledge is not infallible. What “everyone knows” is often wrong. It seems that is the case regarding the environment and what we thought we knew about desertification. Livestock far from destroying our future may be the surest way of mimicking natural processes, greening the world, and stopping the spread of desertification. Read on to find out why.

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What “everyone knows” has often been proven to be wrong. In fact, because of the lack of reliability of the “mob’s” knowledge and reasoning ability our founders had a bad impression of democracy and looked to the Roman Republic for inspiration. The Athenian Democracy killed Socrates and banished some of its greatest and wisest leaders…by popular vote. Popular knowledge used to be the world was flat and the sun rotated around the earth and they would stone those who disagreed. The founders of the American Republic called this the tyranny of the majority because the majority has always been intolerant of dissent. Now it seems that popular knowledge has been wrong about how to save the planet. Allan Savory has found a way to use livestock to stop desertification and green the world by mimicking the processes of nature that we, in our hubris, have interfered with.

We have been acting on ideas about the environment spawned by decades-old theories that we have now tried for nearly sixty years and all they have done is make the problem steadily worse. Global warming is worse, potable water supply is worse, over-fertilization is worse, and desertification now covers almost a third of the planet and continues to grow. People who have invested their money and reputations in current ways of doing things have powerful reasons to blame others for their failings rather than to accept responsibility and face the fact that their theories were wrong. Yet these theories have only made things worse and endangered the environment that we all share.

Allan Savory had theories about “greening the planet” and preserving wilderness areas that were accepted by all “experts”; he even advocated killing “harmful” wildlife to end overgrazing. He grew up being taught that livestock and agriculture were destroying the natural world and that they were the enemy of the environment. People supported his studies and ideas and they were, in his own words, disastrous. He then did what seems so rare in our world today. Instead of doubling down and insisting the theory was right, he did some self-reflection and analysis to get an honest idea of whether his theories were working in fact. He concluded that they weren’t. He then did what so many today don’t have the integrity to do. He admitted he was wrong and changed his tactics accordingly. He now has demonstrated conclusively that we can use livestock to mimic nature and make the desert wastes green again. With livestock, which we have an abundance of anyway, we can mimic the great herds of grazing animals that used to roam the world freely. They deposit their dung and trample down the grass of areas and move on. Anyone who gardens will recognize this as composting to improve the soil. Now some people want to eliminate “cow-farts” and human exhalation to stop global warming? These are ridiculous ideas thought up by someone who has never lived on a farm or in the woods long enough to understand how nature works. Because nature does work. If we let it. It works when we allow animals to do their thing, chewing the grass, processing it, pooping on it, and fertilizing the soil so it was ready to grow again next year. Overgrazing occurs when we keep too many animals in an area without moving them. Left to themselves animals will naturally move to “greener pastures” when most of their food is gone. If they are allowed to migrate they don’t overgraze. It is not the animals it is our interference that causes over-grazing. In truth, without the interaction of the herd, the grass decays and kills off the fertility rather than enhancing it, and water evaporates rather than staying in the earth. Today, we have all but stopped this natural process to the point where almost a third of the Earth has now become desert and, unfortunately, we who have been concerned about nature have caused a lot of damage with our interference. Rather than saving the earth, our actions have deeply hurt it.

We too often have shown that we do not have the deep knowledge we need to know what we are doing. We have interfered in the natural processes to save the world and in so doing we’ve been killing it. Providence, however, has done this for millennia quite effectively without our help and we should pay attention to what it does. Providence designed the world to re-green itself. The process of life was thought out by Providence long ago and when we stepped in to “Manage” the Earth with our theories we have screwed it up almost beyond repair. Perhaps we need to make an effort to mimic the natural processes that we have interrupted.

Now Allan Savory has been instrumental in greening deserts and wild areas all over the world proving that we can use livestock to mimic the huge roving herds that once covered the grasslands of the Earth; grasslands that are now turning to desert now that the naturally fertilizing herds are gone. They are the ecological missing link that is contributing to global warming, spreading desertification, and killing this planet. With our fences, roads, and other constructions those herds won’t return any time soon. Now we have to use the livestock that we have now to mimic those roving herds without natural manure for fertilizer and herd composting we have to use artificial fertilizers. This is good for the fertilizer business but not the earth. By rotating the livestock from field to field we can bring back the deserts from desertification; feed lots can’t do this, but rotated grazing can. Just as gardeners do in their yards, this is, in effect, composting and turning infertile dirt into fertile soil. The herds do this naturally by virtue of grazing, eating, digesting, urinating, and pooping, then moving on to new grasslands. This renews the soil and readies it for regrowing next year. As nature intended, turning infertile dirt into a fertile paradise of fine black soil. But it is a natural process that too many have actively interfered with for hundreds of years. Now we must unlearn what we have learned and use our herds to mimic nature’s natural processes and re-green the world.

Those who came up “Green New Deal” are operating on old theories that have failed. Too many of our politicians today know nothing about how to grow things but want us to trust them with the world’s environment. That sounds rather unwise to me. We should have been asking farmers and gardeners how to make the earth green not people who live in offices and who grow nothing but debt. Dr. Savoy has the knowledge on how to make things grow and he has proven it works wherever it has been used. This is how we begin to repair the environment. By developing a deep understanding and not giving ourselves over to superficial fixes that will only make politicians rich and the environment worse. Through a natural Tikkun Olam, or a repair of the world, we have a way of stopping desertification, and re-greening a third of the earth again.

Check out this video, it’s well worth watching and shows, rather than tells what I am talking about. Then comment and join with us at SabersEdge Association to work together toward the repair of the world. Let’s stop killing the Earth, the economy, and people, in our attempts to save them and try something new (and proven at the same time). (See also MISSION: Repair of the World – SabersEdge )


  1. So my only question on this one is that will domesticated livestock be able to live in a more “wild” grazing style or will mankind have to shepherd them around? have we bred out the adaptations they had to survival or are they still adapted enough to survive in a roaming style?

      Geophysics & Ice Ages have nothing to do with human activity and therefore Co2 is correlative and not causational.
      The main reason that science has gotten this wrong is due to the over compartmentalization of scientific fields. The phony Carbon models do not even consider geophysics. And they are phony, as described in the Report from Iron Mountain, including their bullshit justification for doing this to us. John F Kennedy and many others were killed for opposing it.
      The pole reversal events line up perfectly in linear chronology with ICE AGES. The ice stores Co2 and the levels drop immediately (see chart). As the ice melts, Co2 is released into the atmosphere, which does have a greenhouse effect, which in turn accelerates the ice melt.
      The Report From Iron Mountain was written in 1963. It was a study into how to end ALL WARS and the Military Industrial Complex, which started the wars, without collapsing the economy. Their proposed solution was to fabricate human caused climate change. Give the people a new enemy, they said. One that can never be defeated, they said.
      Wars used to be about expanding nations and influence until the last century when the bankers who realized their monetary potential, have used every war in a capitalist economy in order to create wealth for themselves by funding both sides of the conflict and then funding the reconstructions too.
      The actual human caused problem, pollution, is too easy to clean up and be done with. However, No one knew about the ice age / geophysics / carbon correlation, so they obfuscated the facts and the climate industrial complex evolved into Carbon bullshit as a result. It’s time to face the simple facts that carbon is not it. Evolution is highly suspect too because it forms the basic foundational elements of the Humanist Marxism Ideology which is used to keep people stupid and compliant. I’d bet they don’t teach any of this at the University. They are therefore worse than useless, they are crooks. It’s no wonder no one wants to pay their student loans. They were all duped as I was and are beginning to realize it as well.
      Another extremely disturbing element is the Velikovsky -Einstein – Hapgood (CIA Conscript) Earth Crust Displacement Theory which was usurped, watered down and re-released by the Military and Central Intelligence Agencies in the 1950’s so no one would examine the science. An event taking place every 500,000 to million years is far less worthy of analysis than the true timeframe of 12,000 years. This happens to be the approximate age of our civilization, also. Too many coincidences. This was never going to stay hidden until the event, which is likely between now and 2046. The next scans of THEMIS & SWARM are scheduled to be released in 2025. We will know how much it has accelerated at that time. This excursion/reversal magnet thing accelerates wildly towards the end, which is soon.
      Slowing the ice melt was never possible and as such, neither is avoiding the event. It’s the weight of the ice or lack thereof which triggers the event. In combination with tidal forces. The Earth’s Crust breaks free from the mantle and continually changes back and forth between positions as a result. This is the reason for the South Atlantic anomaly and the anomaly above New Zealand. These are former dipole and quadrupole positions. I’m so sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. IMHO it’s better to know, I’m just like JFK in that regard, I’m for freedom.
      Once you realize the truth the other conspiracy theories fall into place… the chemtrails are an attempt at global dimming. They poison us with these unknown experiments and drastically limit the quality of life we have remaining. We must stop them. We can steal their spaceships and massive underground bunkers too, if we’re smart enough, LOL.

  2. Hey Konner, from what I saw in the video a lot of his work is in the deserts of Africa so they may not be as domestic as ours. But most of ours would have to migrate from fenced in field A to fenced in field B. In western NE the cattle range over a pretty wide area and move about OK. The cattlemen I know move them from pasture to pasture as needed. In the deserts he is recovering they can’t be supporting too many preditors, what really impressed me was that it worked even in a place where he had offered a very high dollar bounty if anyone could find even one blade of grass before they started. Yet he hasn’t had to bring them food. They apparently got by eating scrub and other things but still reformed the grassland. It was pretty amazing.

    1. Thats highly interesting. he has found a solution to many problems with this method of his. and if they aren’t as domestic as ours that would increase survivability while increasing mobility.

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