The World Is Dark But the Cavalry is Coming!

Troopers Assemble! Mount Up, Draw Sabers, and Ride with Us!

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I am here for you Freedom Troopers. Together we can make a difference by standing for the truth and not bowing down to tyranny and lies. SabersEdge.Online is dedicated to combatting the propaganda and lies of the extremes of the political leftists and the far right both. Firmly defending the middle ground and principles on which the Republic was founded as a firm foundation for building the future. [See also: for more on principles.]

A word about Troopers. A Trooper is a cavalryman. It is an old tradition but it is one of the branches of the military that has their own special word for a trooper who performs a special mission. Troopers today perform the same role they did in the past, especially their mission in the US Civil War. They SCREEN an army. That means it is the cavalry’s job to stay between the army and the enemy. They must stay in constant contact with the enemy (if not by fighting then by direct observation,) so that the enemy doesn’t do anything unexpected and the army has proper warning. This is part of their mission or RECON or reconnaissance which is gathering information on the enemy and terrain. At Gettysburg when the Confederate army approached Buford’s first cavalry division fought to delay the entire 1st Corp of the Confederate army to give the US Army time to reach the battle field and set up their defensive positions. Had they not done that most scholars think the battle would have gone against the Union. When I was in the 8th Cavalry during the Cold War our 3rd Squadron (about 1500 men of which I was a part,) had the mission to stop a 22,000 man soviet Tank Army in a valley in Germany for two days while the 8th Infantry Division and the German Army deployed to receive their attack. They expected that most of us would be dead in the first hour of the war but with fire and maneuver we could have maybe held them for a day. That is part of why we have the right to still wear our Stetson black hats. The other mission that gives us that right is when we penetrate behind enemy lines to raid and destroy their infrastructure. We are trained on the use of enemy weapons and using their own ammunition and fuel to continue the fight as we are operating 15 miles beyond friendly artillery and possibly air support. We could get no air support until we had destroyed the Soviet ZSU-23-4’s which were computer targetted quad mounted anti-aircraft guns. The cavalry uses light tanks, wheeled vehicles (like the old movie the Rat Patrol styled after the British RATS in WWII) and attack helicopters.

The cavalry’s mission was clearly shown in the Mel Gibson Movie We Were Soldiers and General Hal Moore was a revered cavalryman of great renown. In Iraq the US 7th Cavalry (General Custer’s old unit,) moved farther and fought more battles than any other military unit to date (taking the record from Rommel’s unit in the invasion of France in 1940. It made an “end run” around the Iraqi frontline and struck Bagdad when no one was ready. They had moved under cover of a huge sand storm that prevented their detection. The Iraqi’s believed it was impossible for any army to move through such a storm but the cavalry “got ‘er done.”

General George Armstrong Custer was the first Cavalry Officer to connect Gary Owen with the US Cavalry.

So when I say Freedom Troopers I do so because I speak to a special breed. It is our job to protect the “main body” of culture and justice that form the basis of our Republic. We are outnumbered and outgunned but undeterred. Together we can “get ‘er done.”
Panzerlied is the song of the armor in the German Bundeswehr as Gary Owen is the song in the US Cavalry.

Anyone can become a SabersEdge Freedom Trooper but, at present, everyone who works to support SabersEdge were troopers in the 8th US Cavalry during the Cold War. We would welcome your help.

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When it is darkest, when hope seems lost, the cavalry appears and turns the tide. The Cavalry is Coming! Be part of the change that defeats the darkness and brings the dawn of a new day. Ride Now! Ride to stop the ruin, turn the tide, and for a new dawn. Gary Owen!

When Europe almost fell to invasion and Vienna was the last stronghold holding back the foe it was the cavalry of Poland and Germany that saved the day.

“To each cavalier who loves honor and right, let him follow the feather of [Saber] tonight; Come tighten your girth, and slacken your reign, come buckle you blanket and holster again, try the click of your trigger and balance your blade, for he must ride sure who goes ridin’ a raid.” Cavalry, the eyes and ears of the army were the first to make contact with the enemy and the last to break contact. In that same spirit the SabersEdge Association will fight for truth, honor, virtue, and the future. We will act courageously, stand for what we believe in, and fear no darkness. To many people things may seem hopeless but here at SabersEdge we know that The Cavalry is Coming. (See our Mission at MISSION: Repair of the World – SabersEdge and WE HAVE A FUTURE – SabersEdge )

On every continent, in every age, time and again the cavalry has changed the world. We are changing this one.

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Here at SabersEdge we cut through the spin and lies to get to the truth inspired the the words of General Robert E. Lee at the funeral of his cavalry general JEB Stuart: “He never gave me a bit of false information.”