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Strategic Oil Reserve is Not a Tool to Gain Votes For An Election.

Hello Troopers and readers of SabersEdge. The bugle call sounds today for our energy crisis. The Strategic Oil Reserve was created in the 1970s in response to Oil Embargos from OPEC (Organization of Oil Producing Countries,) so that the United States could meet its obligations in emergencies. The very name, “Strategic Oil Reserve” brings to mind that it is to be used for strategic reasons to defend our nation. However, it has recently been used to cover up the negative effects of Democratic and irresponsible environmental policies in our nation using a strategic resource to assist one party in its bid for power.

The Strategic Oil Reserve can hold over 700 million barrels of Oil which are stored in the salt caverns beneath Louisiana and Texas. Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, President Bush ordered the reserve filled to capacity and subsequently authorized the release of 34 million barrels during Desert Storm (although only 17 million barrels were actually used.) Again, when the US attacked Libya President Obama authorized the release of another 30 million barrels of oil. These were both executed when the US forces were engaged in open conflict with other nations.

The reserve has been nickel and dimed occasionally wearing it down but at the start of the Covid Pandemic, President Trump called for it to be filled to the maximum again. A move that was blocked by congress. Under the Trump administration, the price of fuel dropped to just over a dollar as the US actually became an oil-exporting nation for the first time in my life. This was a status that was destroyed in the first month of the Biden Presidency until now the average price of gas in the US is $5.85 ($5.94 in California).

In March, when Russia invaded Ukraine Biden released 30 million barrels, and before that month was over he declared he would release another 180 million barrels of oil. Consistently, he has blamed Russia for the rise in oil prices but most of the increase in price occurred long before Russia’s invasion and is clearly due to the administration’s disruption of domestic oil production. By August 2022 the stockpiles were down to the lowest they have been since 1985 when the military was active in the Middle East and other nations in opposition to communism and terrorism (about 453 million barrels,) In September it became known that Biden had sold up to a possible 60 million barrels of our Strategic Oil Reserve to China (a nation whose military leaders have officially stated that they consider themselves at war with the United States. Similarly, Russia and Iran have both expressed their opinion that they are in a state of war with the US through proxies.

At this time of potential conflict, when people are openly discussing the possibility of World War III with China and Russia, under the Biden Administration, our Strategic Oil Reserve is now approaching 400 million barrels. If war disrupted our supply of oil (with domestic production all but stopped by the current administration we would not last long (the United States uses 20 million barrels of oil a day just to keep the resources flowing on the roads and railroads and carrying our citizens to work each day.) If we run out of oil the trucks will stop rolling and the food will stop arriving in the cities. As it stands our grocery stores only have 3 days of food in stock. In this tense environment, the Biden Administration seems to be using the Strategic Oil Reserve as a way of getting votes by trying to force down the cost of oil. A cost that its policies have created.

They cavalierly dismissed rising oil prices because our current leaders have no clue that nearly everything we have from food to diapers, and clothes to … well, everything… Is delivered to us by a truck on our highways. Gas prices will shove up the costs of everything that we use in our homes and increase the cost of everything that we do for entertainment. Yet they laughed and said the oil prices are good for us and we should use electricity and buy electric cars – as if the average person has an extra 45,000 dollars to spend on a new car. This statement shows utter stupidity as we have no environmentally safe way to get rid of the 1000-pound lithium car batteries that only last a year in electric vehicles. And our electric trucks don’t have the hauling power of diesel to get the goods from the factories and farms to America’s stores.

The ground and water pollution produced by electric vehicles is staggering. Further, the electricity they use is predominately gained from coal and gas-powered power plants. Yet our political leaders of both parties are lining their own pockets with investments they have made in green energy – even though they know we don’t have the tech to do it effectively and the hazards caused by the mining of Lithium (a substance primarily bought by us from China and Africa – which further makes our situation precarious).

Only when they found out that gas prices were working against them in the election polls did they decide to try to mitigate prices and they’re doing it with our Strategic Oil Reserve which is there for Strategic level emergencies and NOT for use to cover up the bureaucratic and administrative ineptitude of our current administration and bureaucracy. Yet don’t think that this is all the fault of the Biden Administration. There are plenty of Republicans who are complicit with this as well. During this election period, we must look closely at the record of the candidates for local and state elections and NOT just at what they are saying to try to get elected. We must elect representatives, senators, and local and state leaders that will actually work for the people and not destroy our economy and lives due to some fanatical dogma they are following.

This entire sabotage of our Strategic Oil Reserve and economy strikes me as very close to treasonous – especially since there is evidence that China, Iran, and Russia are executing cyber and economic attacks against us. This is not a time to use our Strategic Oil Reserve – which may be needed by our troops, navy, and air force to defend our shores if conflict accelerates to a hot war – which administration rhetoric seems to be pushing for.

We are on the verge of a serious international crisis and for the administration to waste our Strategic Oil Reserve to lower gas prices and improve its standing in the upcoming elections is heinous and shows the utter disregard they have for American Security and the plight of its citizens.

We must all act this election and think beyond blind party loyalties for our country’s very survival may well be at stake and the geriatric leaders of yesterday seem to have no clue of the danger we are in.

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