Do To As You’d Be Done To – WYFSHTY Lesson II

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“Do to as you’d be done to.” That’s the colloquial translation of the Golden Rule espoused by our Judeo-Christian heritage as summed up by my Father. Whenever, I failed to consider the feelings or well-being of another I would hear, “Son, you need to do to as you’d be done to. If everyone followed that rule and treated each other the way they want, the world would be a better place.”

Do To As You’d Be Done To – What Your Father Should Have Taught You – Lesson II

The Golden Rule passed down to us from our Judeo-Christian Heritage is the source of Western humanity and generosity to the world. Granted, some have failed at this but it is not a fault of Western Culture. Its underpinnings in the Judeo-Christian heritage enjoined all to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Even the Witch’s Rede of the Neo-Pagan movement in the West calls its practitioners to “If it harms none, do what thou wilt” (a strong pacifist philosophy but more exclusive in that it only considers others in the avoidance of harm and not in doing a positive good). This philosophy, to do unto others, has been voiced in the Wisdom literature of both the Western World and the Far East, and is a moral foundation for a society that we would do well to hold on to.

“Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.”


Although it is found as a ‘self-evident truth’ in the Wisdom Literature of virtually every culture of the world it gained ascendance and predominance in the West through the spread of Biblical values. Other societies didn’t see the philosophy manifest as completely or pervasively as it did in what has been called Christendom. Here it contributed to the stability and became the underlying moral foundation of the societies of the Western Republics. These ‘self-evident” truths are fundamental to the observance of a free society and respecting the natural rights of others and it is why our constitution does not work everywhere for everyone because not everyone has or respects these values. The values that were spread through, although we’re not unique to, Christendom.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

This concept of “doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you” has been the fundamental guardrail of Western Society. We know the founders applied this idea to their deliberations and actions because it was brought up several times in their debates and correspondence. Far from a group of elite who were only there to preserve their own power they were there to establish a society based upon Natural Law and this, reciprocity and consideration of others’ rights and privileges, was fundamental to the society they wanted to build.

The Golden Rule used to be taught to every school kid and was part of their own identity by the time they left grade school. The Golden Rule is essential for productive and happy human interaction and it is not just Christ and Socrates who recognized it. Although it is found in the Wisdom Literature of every major civilization, nowhere did it gain a foothold as it did in the West through the spread of Christendom. And it was this very success that was its ruin. It is because of Christophobia that the enemies of our culture destroyed the underpinnings of our society in their merciless campaign to remove anything that could smack of religion in our schools. By warping our value of “Freedom OF Religion” into “freedom FROM religion” they also destroyed the fundamental culture of the West because that culture, even science itself, was built upon religious assumptions. For the founders no particular religion had to be protected because it was part of the Wisdom espoused throughout the world…it was self-evident and recognized by every moral person from Socrates to Confucius.

Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others.


This cutting-edge of moral principle was enough to found a new nation founded on the principles of the consent of the governed, mutual respect, and a government that was seen as the servant of the people rather than the people serving the government.

For an example of how this core value transformed oppression and greed in history See: An Amazing Story –

Tyranny cannot thrive if the police, soldiers, political leaders, and bureaucrats are moral beings who believe that you should “do to as you’d be done to.” When faced with immoral commands the moral soldier and agent of the state says, “No.” This is the basis of the Nurenburg laws which were espoused after the fall of Nazism. The idea that “just following orders” is not a legitimate defense because we are all moral beings and have our own agency. And agency that must be guided by principles like “Do to as you’d be done to.”

That is why the world is flying apart. We have lost our values and that has sent ripples through every aspect of our society multiplying and increasing in effect as it goes. This value, taught to me by my dad has put a restraint upon the government, laws, society, and even warfare of Western Society. It has not stopped all abuse but it produced a culture that finds massive deviation from this norm to be abhorrent. As so many forces actively work to destroy the cultural foundations of our society “Do to as you’d be done to” has been replaced by “Everyone for themselves.” And THAT is a world that we do not want to live in.

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Those who recognize these things will be the leaders of civilization in the future…to lead us out of the dark age that our civilization is falling into will be those who know what we were founded upon and will be able to build upon the solid foundations of the past to recover something to the promise that Western Civilization once offered but has now forgotten. Together we can unite through the organization to preserve our fundamental values and use them as the basis for rebuilding when everything comes crashing down upon the heads of the oligarchs and society.

Do to as you’d be done to is key to building a free and open society. Without it all will decay into tyranny and violence.

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