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WYFSHTY What is Done in Darkness Will Be Revealed in the Light, this is an ancient truth that used to be taught by parents, teachers, and pastors. It is a lesson my father taught me when I was young. This is the March 12 installment of What Your Father Should Have Taught You. Or maybe it should be “What the parents of our leaders should have taught them!”

Be careful what you do, my Father told me. “Whatever you do will eventually come out. So make sure that all that you do, even if you think no one is watching, is something you would be proud of for others to know. The Bible says that what is done in darkness will be revealed in the light. My father said he found that to be true in his life. Perhaps someone should have told the politicians and officers of our government this little bit of information. Because they apparently thought they could be corrupt and no one would ever know. Apparently, their father was not as good as mine because they seem to be utterly clueless that, eventually, their lies will be discovered and it will be “time to pay the piper.” The bill has come due for our leaders and the FBI and other corrupt agencies of our government. The only question is: Do we already live in the tyranny of a police state, or is there still justice in our country? [see: https://sabersedge.online/dhs-is-the-ministry-of-truth ]

Throughout history, there have been questions about the FBI and its performance and the possibility of actions outside of the law. J. Edgar Hoover (the first head of the FBI,) even threatened Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others. They have also never allowed the conspiracy theorists’ questions about examining the rifle they claim killed President John F. Kennedy. I honestly don’t know what to think about the claims the FBI was involved in a conspiracy to kill our president. They were involved in a plot to topple President Trump and illegally move against the Trump administration. But I keep coming back to the fact that they won’t allow people to examine the forensic evidence regarding the assassination of JFK and Robert Kennedy. This is odd to me because, if they are telling the truth and have nothing to hide, having an impartial forensic examination of the evidence would prove they were telling the truth (if they are,) and end the persistent debate and accusations. But they do not do this simple thing to end the questions and accusations. It makes me believe that allowing an impartial examination of the facts would make them look worse than they do now. [See: https://sabersedge.online/propaganda-lies-corruption-and-psychopaths ]

Now we have evidence that they corruptly and maliciously prosecuted Americans, who they may have known to be innocent – just as they knew the evidence against Trump was fabricated – and they did not do the right thing. FBI Special Agent Nicole Miller was caught lying under oath on the stand. Worse, she was caught trying to delete 338 pieces of evidence that revealed an FBI conspiracy to orchestrate the January 6th Event and push it toward violence and insurrection. [See article and video below.]

Also, this is not an isolated case. Agent Miller’s texts and emails reveal that she was directed to destroy evidence by higher-ups and that the corruption and attempts to conceal the truth and destroy evidence are now endemic to the FBI’s way of doing things. I am not saying that all agents are corrupt. When I was a counterintelligence agent the officers knew which officers could be “relied upon” to do things outside of the law without question. It was this blurring of right and wrong and my access to TOP SECRET SCI information that made it clear that even in the 1980s President Bush was lying about matters that he knew to be otherwise. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I had seen enough corruption that I came to believe that the enemies of the United States were more easily found on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. than in the Soviet Kremlin. Robber Barons, Banksters, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, and agents with no moral compass convinced me that the vision of Thomas Jefferson, Adams, and George Washington had been betrayed. [see: https://sabersedge.online/live-not-by-lies-vote-for-truth ]

The traitors are now so confident they are blatant and open. Still, there are people who refuse to see what is coming to light; people who don’t have the courage to see what is plainly before them.

But if we are going to be free we must weed out corruption and conduct our own affairs so that we are not going to hide our faces when they come to the light. Something that I have seen politicians, lawyers, and corrupt law enforcement officers do as they are escorted into and out of court by US Marshals. Although our leaders were never told that whatever they do in the darkness will be revealed in the light we know differently and as their corruption continues to come to light real men and women will face the truth and not make excuses for their evil and corruption. Real men and women will demand justice! And if prosecutors and judges don’t deliver justice then we must remove them as well until we get people who love truth and honor and who will fight with us for justice; to defend a system that can still be saved – if we remove the corrupt traitors and return to the system of checks and balances denying to the traitors the avenues that they have created to bypass our safeguards. And then they blame the very system that they illegally bypassed for the failure rather than because of their own machinations! We must awaken the lions among us. If we do not fight for it – in the courts, in the newspapers, on Youtube, in conversations at work and in our social circles, and in our churches then we will lose the freedom that our forefathers fought so hard for. [see: https://sabersedge.online/our-system-is-broken ] See article and video below:

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