Our System is Broken

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My apologies. I was unable to maintain the schedule of posting twice a week and if I cannot find a way to pay my electric bill, mortgage, and online connectivity we will be experiencing sporadic outages. I already experienced one a few days ago when I was overdue paying for the “site fees” for SabersEdge.Online. As I have said for months now our situation is tight. But I feel I need to offer an explanation that I am not just “whimping out” when I say that. We have already sold our best car and cashed in some retirement accounts to keep our house and utilities up to date but that all dried up in May of this year.

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As I have said, I need to call your attention to our need to keep the lights on at SabersEdge. Our only support comes from our readers, we have no powerful corporate backing and we don’t meet Google’s community guidelines because we don’t present the “accepted consensus” data they require (their words not mine – of course if I accepted the “consensus” there would be no reason to have this site in the first place. But, after two months of nothing Google has officially refused us monetization).

Yesterday and Saturday I spent time with my kids and grandkids and Sunday was an empty day due to pain and disability issues. Today my priority is trying to find help or our power will be turned off in 7 days and there will be no posting online at that point. My priority MUST be feeding my family, paying the overdue mortgage, and keeping the lights on. That is all a challenge because we are currently relying on government assistance (I am a disabled vet due to a service connected injury and retired on disability from Federal Service as an Immigration Officer – while my wife was disabled within 48 hours of getting her “safe and effective” vaccination – which she had to get to be able to see her family.) Anyway, except for my disability the Feds are not convinced that my wife, who cannot even take care of herself reliably, is actually disabled. It has been a year now. We are trying to sell some possessions to help us get by but people don’t have a lot of spare money to buy stuff either.

I know my problems are no concern of yours, you have your own, but I wanted to be upfront as to why I am unable to focus on SabersEdge and why “keeping the lights on” may be a sporadic proposition until I can find a steady source of income that I am capable of executing as a disabled vet. We need to obtain a lawyer to get them to grant my wife the disability she is due since, apparently, they just deny everybody. So, what do people who cannot get a lawyer or who don’t know how to navigate our bureaucracy do? As a pastor people came to me, bewildered at the paperwork they needed to fill out to get government assistance – some did not have the mental or emotional faculties to navigate the system and I would help when I could with the bureaucracy. Those who don’t get help, apparently, just get a tent in a park or on the sidewalk in one of our major cities. But still, people think the government bureaucracy is going to save them. They could look around but the people voting for this “government aid” avoid the areas where they could see what is happening to the poor. Again, our system is broken, the one good thing about my trials is that it has given me a look at the ugly underside of our society and how things “fall through the cracks.” Anyway, I will post as I am able but focus and study are necessary to produce a quality product I thought dropping down to twice a week would be doable but I will have to post as I can turn my attention away from necessities. I am sorry for any inconvenience please keep checking in with us and if there is no post for a while it is because I was unable to continue paying for the website, my connection, or my electricity. But whatever happens, I will eventually get something posted…somehow…as I have been saying, the world we have built is broken.

We need to awaken the lions! But for now, I must use my energies to feed my “pride” and my cubs. (I hope you have the education to know that a “pride” is a family group of lions. If not, our education is even worse than I have been saying.)

For now, don’t give up. Mount up, draw sabers! and Ride with Us! I will be posting a guide for building Liberty Cells to take action in your community as soon as I can get to it. We like to point at the Federal Government in the news but the problem is just as bad, or worse because we have neglected to attend to state, county, and local governments. Our Republic requires our participation and the boomers dropped the ball and let us slide to this point believing a lying media owned by self-interested conglomerates. SabersEdge.Online allows me to analyze the situation in light of my historical knowledge, political science education, and my agent, intelligence, and analysis training that your tax dollars paid for. And I will get right on that. As soon as I can pay my other bills. I feel I have a duty to do the analysis that you were not trained to do for yourself in a world that conceals the truth beneath platitudes and political slogans. I will not abandon you, please don’t abandon me. If you can do nothing else to help pray that God helps me and that I can return to my work here as soon as possible.

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