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Many tell you to be yourself. But what does that mean and how do we do it? Welcome to What You Father Should Have Taught You at SabersEdge.Online.

In the Bible it is described that God knit us together in our mother’s womb and that God knew us before we were even born. In Genesis it says that God made humanity in its own image, male and female he created us, we are not “assigned a sex at birth” the doctor “does not guess.” We live in a society that is at war with truth, hate’s humanity, and denies biology itself. It also tries to tell us what we need to do and who we need to be.

It lies.

Western Civilization is built on an ancient thesis, that we were created by Divine Forces and we have control of our own life. That is why the saying ascribed above the door to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was: Know Thyself. Because only by knowing ourself can we find true happiness, fulfillment, and know our true purpose.

But how can you know yourself when media, culture, peers, and maybe even parents are trying to tell you who to be. Some try to find who they are through meditation, although some use meditation in a formative way. I had a teacher in Junior High who liked guided meditations. She taught Health and believed that mental health and knowing who we are is the core ways to finding happiness in life. The other kids joked about her and thought she was nuts. They thought I was nuts too when I said, “I like her.” But then I have always had the problem that I tell people honestly what I think and not what I think they want to hear. [For more on how education is meant to transform us see: Our System is Broken – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and Awaken the Lions! Fixing A Toxic System – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

She had an idea that we knew most of who we were created to be when we were very young. The inner child within us has the key to who we really are and if we can remember what we pretended to be, and who we were when playing make-believe, that this held the key to who we really were. Who we were created to be, she thought, was most clear to us before the world started trying to make us into someone else. And that the things we were drawn to help us identify who we are deep down.

So take a moment and try to recall who you were and what you day dreamed about when you were in grade school. What did you play when you were doing “make believe” and learning to develop your imagination?

I buried myself in John Wayne cavalry movies, the ancient Robin Hood TV series in black and white, and all types of spy, police, and investigative shows as well as King Arthur, and Marvel Comics where I collected every issue I could find of Captain America, Spiderman, Avengers, Thor, and others which provided light reading when I wasn’t reading Viking Sagas, Heinlein and other fantasy and science fiction. But of those I mentioned I gained some core beliefs that resonated with me. There is Uncle Ben’s quote to Peter Parker (where he quotes the Greek philosophers,) that with “power comes responsibility.” And there is the inscription on Thor’s hammer Mjolnir that “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Then there was Captain America, he didn’t really need to say anything, he just had to stand there in his costume where his life was the message. When I was an immigration officer, just as when I was a counterintelligence agent, I had a Captain America poster up in my office and a figure on my desk next to the small stand my dad gave me with a small America flag on a staff above the base to which was afixed the pledge of allegiance, I will put a humorous comment down below about that. A friend of mine who had been a ranger in Viet Nam asked me what the deal was. “Oh, Captain America was my hero. When I was little I actually wanted to become him.” Instead of joking he nodded and then looked me in the eye and said, “And you did.” I had never thought of it that way.

Unfortunately, today we are already formed by video games and media images that are in the service to the billionaires who own the media and want to define us as their obedient slaves to materialism, consumerism, and nowhere jobs. One of the things they did do was ban “Looney Tunes” cartoons as being too violent, so instead our kids play first person shooters? [for more on this issue see: Our Society is Looney Tunes – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ].

There is an excellent, if somewhat preachy episode of Space Above and Beyond where the Colonel chooses to return to flight status to battle with an ace enemy pilot (Chiggy Von Richtofen) who has appeared and killed dozens of Earth’s best. He says that he believes that “We all need to ask ourselves, and answer, who am I.” [The episode is here if you want to come back to it after reading this it is, the 16th Episode The Angriest Angel- Space: Above and Beyond (1995) – E16 – The Angriest Angel – HD AI Remaster – Full Episode – YouTube I enjoyed it despite some improbable roles in some episodes where pilots are used in unlikely missions to keep the story focused on the same squadron, the entire series can be found here: Space: Above and Beyond (1995) – Full Series – HD AI Remaster – YouTube ]

Today, many psychologists speak of getting in touch with your inner child. The child that we were is still alive inside of us. I gave a sermon once where we wear God’s armor. It is armor created by God for us and it fits only us even as the Bible says that our works were prepared for us before we were born. We are born in God’s armor and designed for a purpose which is imbedded in our very hearts. But the world does what it can to destroy this armor. Only it can’t. It is always at our core protecting that inner child. The world cannot destroy it. So instead, it tries to bury the image of who we really are beneath layer upon layer of muck that the world throws at us and heaps against us as we grow to obscure the image of God that we were created to reflect. This is because only if we can be made to forget who we really are and who we were created to be can we be controlled. Sometimes we help to add muck upon our inner child. But with great power comes great responsibility and the hammer of Thor is ready for our hand, “if we be worthy.” All things are forgivable to those who repent. Repent is a simple word. It simply means to stop turn, and go a different direction. Any of us, at any time, can choose to live our life differently and reclaim the image of the Living God that is still within us.

Besides my Junior High teacher, John Wayne, and Marvel Comics, when I was 21 I had a near death experience. In it, as I looked down at my body, a beautiful, powerful, being was standing with me just behind me. It said, “This is not your time. You have not accomplished what God sent you here to do. But HE says that you can come home if you want. The decision is yours.” The light behind me DID feel like home. A feeling I don’t think I felt since I was a small child. But I was raised to not leave my work undone and I chose to return. I just wish they told me what it was that God had wanted me to do.

As a boy I wanted to be in law enforcement, a spy, and a cavalryman or knight, when I was little my mom also felt that I had been given a call to ministry, and when she said that I remembered that call and that I chose to turn away, it was an image that I didn’t see myself in. But it is never too late, and I answered that call over 20 years later, seminary it seems was necessary in my bringing all my divergent thoughts together. I have been those things that I was drawn to as a retired Federal Officer, a Counterintelligence Agent, and a soldier in the US Cavalry. But none of those things left me feeling that I had done what God wanted me to do and the reality was not as shiny as the dream. However, these things did prepare me to do what God had sent me to do, as did my education and time as a pastor. I feel that now, with SabersEdge.Online I am doing what God called me to do, I have come to think that my life is somehow tied to the life of our Country and its ideals. The founders felt clearly that this was a nation founded “Under God” and as “A shining city on the hill, as an example to the nations.”

The thing is, I never could have gotten here without going through everything else. I often preached that God gives us our experiences because somewhere in our life they will all have skills that we need at a key moment that defines who we are. I confided to a couple of my parishioners that I was sometimes bothered that God would one day bring all of my skills together in what I was created to do.

But what did God create you for? What are the desires of your heart. When you walk in the quiet of the woods with no one but you and God what does he “say” to you. Where is your heart pulled? Don’t dwell on any wrong turns that you have made because at any point you can choose to redirect your life from wherever you are to where you feel you should be. General Robert E. Lee, had advice that I have in a plaque on my refrigerator: “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, and your should never desire to do less.” And there is no duty stronger than the duty you have to yourself and to God for those things are what gives you the ability to look yourself in the mirror and be comfortable with the person who is looking back at you. It was for this reason that he left the service of the United States that he loved and went with the country of his fathers, the Sovereign State of Virginia. His children later remembered that he was up all night before turning in his resignation pacing back and forth and working through where his duty lay. It was not something that he ever took lightly. President Eisenhower (who previously was the General who led the Allies to victory in World War II,) actually had a representation of Robert E. Lee in his office when he was President of the United States. He kept paintings of four men who he said were four of the greatest Americans who ever lived. They were George Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, and Lee. Of course, that was before the twenty-first century’s campaign against all American history smashing icons and re-writing facts to serve the Lie.

We should consider the major decisions of our own life and where we will devote our energies to with equal seriousness. But making correct decisions requires that we know and remember who we are.

And how can we remember who we are with the world distracting us with fake news, and the bread and circuses the emperors of Rome used to placate the plebs (mass of humanity.) The emperors said that as long as they gave the people of Rome, Roman bread and Roman entertainment they would not care what the leaders of Rome did. There are people in charge, what some call the elite, that are counting on distractions, the struggle for food and shelter, and suppressing our own spirituality and identity, will be enough to keep us scrambling for crumbs among ourselves and never stop to see who really oppresses us.

What image has the world tried to mold you into? Does if feel right? Are you doing what God created you to do? It may seem like things are too greatly arrayed against you. God understands that. The Divine doesn’t expect you to do anything alone. When Gideon went against the massive armies of the invaders of ancient Israel the men who fought with him shouted “A sword for the LORD and for Gideon.” The sword is our own actions, the Lord is the Divine Presence who gives us strength and calls us to be the person that we were born to be, and Gideon is today the leaders who step forward to guide us toward truth. Is your life a life of truth? Not your truth. As we said in What’s the Meaning of Life? your chances of success are directly related to how close Your Truth is to The Truth. [For more see, What’s The Meaning of Life? Why Are We Here Now? – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ]

It was also President Dwight D. Eisenhower who said that there is serious danger that the military-industrial complex in America would come to run this country if we were not careful…we weren’t. Perhaps it is because someone somewhere chose not to be the person that they were created to be.

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