Users and Takers, What Your Father Should Have Taught You


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“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

That is an old saying that I first heard as a boy watching Star Trek. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott was in charge of the Enterprise and Captain Kirk and other officers were captured on the surface. They lured the Enterprise away with a fake distress call. He figured it out and went back to look for the captain. Then they tried it again. And he said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Meaning anyone can be fooled once. But when someone lets themselves be fooled over and over again it is all their fault for being stupid and gullible. That is the situation with the US. Either the people voting, the leaders or both are being stupid and gullible. They are being fooled over and over again by the same or similar rhetoric so they can be taken advantage of.

So many people don’t seem to even understand that the money the government wastes is actually the people’s money that has been taken from their pay through taxes. So they are taking your money and throwing it away. I don’t know about you but if they are just going to waste it I would just as soon have it myself. Things are getting expensive.

I asked my Dad about what Scotty said and he explained it more in detail. I was in grade school at the time. He said to me that there are people who really need help. These people, who are just in hard times, if you give them a little help they will work their way out of their troubles. Then some people are just users and takers. These people if you give them health then they will just want more. You give them more and it isn’t enough. They want even more. However much you give will never be enough because they don’t want to improve their lives they just want to be taken care of. These people, no matter how old they are are either adult children or they are users and takers who live like parasites. He mentioned ticks because we had just gotten some off our dog up at our cabin. He said, if they could, they would just drink the dog’s blood until they got fat and bloated. I have seen such a tick. It was fat and huge and popped when we tried to get it off sending blood all over. It drank so much blood it essentially drowned in it becoming so gorged that it died when we tried to remove it.

Today, we see that this world is full of takers.

Some of these people were never taught to overcome obstacles on their own and can’t take care of themselves. That is their parent’s fault. I once told someone that all of those children we used to see in the stores screaming and their parents just let them have everything they wanted; these spoiled kids are adults now. But, once they are grown then it is their fault if they stay useless victims and takers. That is because there are enough self-help books, counselors, videos, and others to learn from that they could educate themselves and change and take control of their own lives.

That’s called agency, and it’s another thing that your father should have taught you. Your mother and father can’t be there to take care of you forever. Both of mine have died. My wife’s parents have also died. The mother of my two oldest sons has died as well. It happens to all of us. It is hard on all of us. Our parents cannot take care of us forever. But if your parents didn’t teach you to take care of yourself; if they didn’t teach you that life was a struggle and your only chance to “make it” was to face your obstacles, overcome them, and move on then they did you a disservice.

The whole world seems to think that the US is a land of limitless wealth. This is a lie. We have overspent and we are in danger of collapsing like every other country has done in history that behaved this irresponsibly. We cannot now and never could support the entire world. We used to bring in people that thought like us, yearned for freedom, and wanted to be able to work for themselves to make a difference and make a better life for themselves and their families. Now we let in everyone and some of them just expect to be taken care of. They will continue to take and leach off of society like ticks until someone makes them stand up on their own. And, frankly, if they cannot hack it. If they can’t learn to face the struggle that is life maybe they shouldn’t make it. That is, after all, the way the world was created. All creatures have to struggle for survival. Struggle against bad health, against hard times, and compete with others for resources. We were created to compete and struggle for life. Humans thrive on it. But we rot when all our needs are taken care of. We become weak and pathetic. This has happened to too many. Because while Toxic masculinity may be harsh and bullying, toxic Femininity is the devouring mother who babies and takes care of her children so they never grow up.

I remember an old commeercial that made me furious. It said:

“If we could wrap our kids in bubble wrap, we’d do it. Because we love them.”

I always wanted to shout back at the radio. “NO! If you loved them you would teach them to take chances, face adversity, and pick themselves back up if they stumbled and to get back on the horse that threw them. That is an old-time saying too. But they knew that if you let something throw you down. If you didn’t get right back up and face it again then it would breed fear and you would become weaker. We live in a society where too many parents have made weak children. Thank God that my father wasn’t one of them. Thank God I wasn’t one of them. My two oldest sons served in Iraq. My other is not going to let himself be pushed around by anyone either.

I know that some people need help. They should get help to stand up again but they should not be taken care of. Instead, help to get them back into the struggle for survival. I remember in the movie the Matrix the machine intelligence tried to create a world where humans had everything. Entire populations of humans died out and the machine realized that humans required obstacles to overcome. If life came too easily they became weak, indolent, and perished. There is a psychological truth in that. For millennia humanity has had to struggle for survival. We may imagine that we want a life without struggle but we can’t live without a challenge. We didn’t evolve that way. We evolved over millennia and humans had to fight to survive. Only recently, and only in America and Europe have people been able to exist without struggle. Ironically, when a nation reaches this level of “success” its population becomes indolent and weak and the nation falls. It has happened so many times in history; over and over again. We as nations and as individuals need to strive for great things. Once helped people need to reenter the struggle and not become dependent. But our society makes people dependent on the government. And people are coming here to be taken care of. But we did not evolve for that.

Never give up. Never surrender. I drove that into my children.

Too many people expect our government and the world to take care of them. We should tell them “Enough! Stand up on your own two feet and make something of yourself. NO ONE is going to do it for you.” We need to stop the parasites from overrunning us whether they were born in some other country or this one. I am glad that my father didn’t live to see this pathetic state of affairs. My Dad was a kind and gentle man but he was tough. A Farmer and a veteran of World War II he worked through the depression digging ditches for ten cents an hour. But he also sat with my young sons on his lap and watched Bambi with them so many times that I felt sorry for him. “Where’s Dad?” “He’s holding the boys and they’re watching a video. Bambi, again for the ten millionth time.” Bambi’s cute and struggles with his friends to survive when his parents are killed but eventually Bambi grows up and has his own kids and the story ends with Bambi now watching over them with a bold rack of antlers of his own. He has survived and grown to be the new Prince of the Wood. Perhaps more kids should have watched that movie over and over again. They would know that life is a struggle but if they persevere they will become the new prince of the woods and watch over their own families as a father or mother of their own.

Some people have struggled to get to America and will struggle to work and thrive in this country and they will fight to keep from having their rights ever taken from them again. This is what too many born here have forgotten. The government cannot be entrusted with protecting our rights. The Bill of Rights exists as a warning to the government not to transgress those rights but the founders never expected the government to be the final protector of our rights. That is our responsibility. That is why we have the 2nd Amendment. Because it is our responsibility to preserve our own rights for ourselves and our descendants. That is something else too many Americans expect someone else to do for them. Protect their rights.

These people who come here and are determined to fight to keep their rights and never be dominated or tyrannized again will make great Americans and yearn for freedom like all true Americans. As Ronald Reagan said when he recounted the story of a Romanian family who defected to America the child asked why they had to leave Romania and come to America and the father answered: “Because we were born American son. We were just born in the wrong country.” These are true Americans. Wherever they were born. And Tories who want to be taken care of are not Americans. Wherever they were born. Those who will take responsibility for their own lives; those who yearn for freedom, to be able to exercise their agency, and fight for their rights, no matter where they were born. Unfortunately, America is now overrun by those who are users and takers and those who just want to be taken care of. Like the Tories of old who wanted the government (then the king) to take responsibility for them. America today, as in 1776, has no more need for Tories who want to be taken care of and give up their agency to the government. Tories are parasites who live as victims and refuse to claim their own agency.

That may seem harsh but this world is harsh. We evolved in a harsh world and reality is still harsh. Too many Americans have lived protected lives and been coddled. We need adults not babies in adult bodies. We need real men and women, capable of raising families that know how to live and thrive. We need fighters and not victims. Entrepreneurs and not wage slaves. We need fighters who won’t give up and don’t need to be taken care of. People who refuse to be the slave of man or their government.

We need Patriots.

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