Poison Gas in PA and WV from OH?

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So what’s this about Poison Gas in Pennsylvania and West Virginia? You did notice that one of the gases released from the controlled burn in Ohio was used in World War One to kill soldiers right? Well, two gases if you count chlorine.

Hello Freedom Troopers! (As a quick note I am working on a blog about the Southern Border and the Chinese Drones but they are not yet ready to publish until I verify some of the data I have used for analysis. Fortunately, things happen daily that I would like to talk about, although I cannot respond to everything because I have a full-time job I do write as often as I can afford to.) As you probably know there was a chemical spill in Eastern Ohio. There were railroad cars full of chemicals that were in danger of exploding. The railroad transport authorities advised the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania that if the cars exploded the explosion could send destructive shrapnel over a mile radius. They recommended a controlled burn as less destructive and a better option.

Better for who? I ask. Better for the corporations involved and not better for the people. Consider this:

The controlled burn converted the chemicals into a gas that is now being experienced over 70 miles away (instead of shrapnel in a mile radius.) For the railroad company, the burn was a much better choice. In an explosion, there would be no question that the destruction from the shrapnel was the railroad’s responsibility. However, with the gas, they can contest every claim as to whether the health complications experienced came from the poisonous gases that were released.

I have noted that the government has not found any harmful levels of gas in the residential areas involved. I also noted that they are not looking for it and several matters that are relevant to this.

First, they did their initial test outside, quite possibly before the winds would have actually carried the gas to the area. However, the concentration of gas outside will always be less, due to wind, than the concentration that has accrued in closed buildings. Closed buildings are not airtight. That means the gas seeped into the buildings and stayed there. Because it can’t blow away inside a building. The government didn’t measure in buildings; Several of the gases are heavier than air (which is why they stay close to the ground.) This means that basements will have a higher concentration than the upstairs (which again is higher than outside); To my knowledge, the government did not check ANY homes or basements to see if there were dangerous concentrations of the chemicals in there.

Second, We know that chickens, fish, foxes, and dogs have died. Have you heard of the “canary in the coal mine”? Miners used to take canaries into the mines with them because birds were sensitive. They would die from the poisonous gases before the humans even noticed they were there. The birds are dead. We also know people who went home when they got the all-clear; some are now feeling chest pains they didn’t feel before.

Third, we also know that after the initial tests, the government stopped monitoring the air quality and water quality in the affected area. (Oh, you may only know that if you are an intelligence analyst and investigator like me who pays attention to every word and pays special attention to any change in the official statements. What changed in the statements and why? This is what I notice and analyze. This is why you read SabersEdgeOnline because I have been trained by the government to see these things. Now I serve you. Although the government paid me a six-figure income and now sometimes I have trouble buying food. The government pays better than you but still, I prefer telling people the truth than covering up lies.)

One of the questions that occurred immediately to me was why would the government stop measuring air and water quality in this potential emergency situation? Why did they do that? The EPA always monitors air quality and water quality. We receive air quality and pollen levels notificationsin our news almost daily. Why would they stop testing the air in areas affected by the gas produced by this controlled burn? Is it to protect the citizens of West Virginia and Pennsylvania or is it to protect the railroad companies from liability? I know what I think. What do you think? Comment below.

Also, the list of chemicals seems to have changed. Originally, they listed phosgene as one of the chemicals, but the later lists omit that gas. Probably because some were noticing that it was a poison gas used in World War One. We can’t go through the whole list so let’s just look at this one. Since it stuck out to me and I thought it was interesting that it disappeared from the short list. As the Mosad officer who taught me interrogation said, “What someone chooses not to say is as important, if not more so, than what they do say.”

Wikipedia says (and be careful with Wikipedia. It is not always reliable but sometimes it can be. In this case it was accurate – until they change it again):

Phosgene is an organic chemical compound with the formula COCl2. It is a toxic, colorless gas; in low concentrations, its musty odor resembles that of freshly cut hay or grass. It can be thought of as formaldehyde with the hydrogen atoms replaced by chlorine atoms. Phosgene is a valued and important industrial building block, especially for the production of precursors of polyurethanes and polycarbonate plastics.

Phosgene is extremely poisonous and was used as a chemical weapon during World War I, where it was responsible for 85,000 deaths. It is a highly potent pulmonary irritant and quickly filled enemy trenches due to it being a heavy gas.

It is classified as a Schedule 3 substance under the Chemical Weapons Convention. In addition to its industrial production, small amounts occur from the breakdown and the combustion of organochlorine compounds, such as chloroform. — All production sites manufacturing more than 30 tonnes per year must be declared to the OPCW. Although less toxic than many other chemical weapons such as sarin, phosgene is still regarded as a viable chemical warfare agent because of its simpler manufacturing requirements when compared to that of more technically advanced chemical weapons such as tabun, a first-generation nerve agent.

Phosgene was first deployed as a chemical weapon by the French in 1915 in World War I. It was also used in a mixture with an equal volume of chlorine, with the chlorine helping to spread the denser phosgene. Phosgene was more potent than chlorine, though some symptoms took 24 hours or more to manifest.

It is worth noting that chlorine was also a chemical on their original lists and chlorine is a much more deadly gas. When I was the unit NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) trainer in the Intel Section of the 3/8 Cavalry I learned that chlorine is so deadly our gas masks were useless against it. You see chlorine is too fine (small) of a compound and it would not be stopped by our mask filters. The Division Chemical officer also came down and confiscated our Nerve Gas Antidote while I was in that position. “What are we supposed to use for an antidote?” The answer: “Nothing, this never worked anyway. It was just to make people feel better.” I hope he was wrong but more and more I wonder.

Phosgene is, I want to remind you, important in the chemical industry. Railroads are not just transporting poison gases around for the heck of it. It is used in the production of all manner of useful items like polyurethane paints and protective coatings. It also kills … although not immediately. The heart difficulties mentioned above won’t show up immediately. Several sources were warning people to get a complete physical before they went home but I am sure most people didn’t hear that warning because it was not part of the official government and media messages. It was left to us “conspiracy theorists’ to warn you. And SabersEdge.Online only reaches a few hundred people a week at the moment. And there are a LOT of people who may need this information. If you know anyone in the affected areas you should send them this. (So please Freedom Troopers and friends share this with others and get the word out!) Anyone who did not do this physical to establish a baseline of health before they returned home or before they do return home if they have not yet. Need to get it done as soon as possible. Otherwise, if something happens, this will allow the corporations to argue that their decaying health issues were present before the accident and controlled burn; they had just been unnoticed. In legal circles that is what we call “reasonable doubt” even if the argument is sometimes unreasonable and misused.

But, it seems to me there is a real danger here that the media and government are glossing over the situation why we cannot be sure. Is it to protect industry, corporate profits, and government complicity? They could only do that if most of our media was owned by international business conglomerates that had an interest in this. Oh, they are.

Our leaders (except the Republicans who recently read the Constitution on the floor of Congress,) have forgotten that the purpose of government is to provide for the Common Defense, Ensure Domestic Tranquility, and Promote the General Welfare of the people. Their ceasing to monitor air quality may serve the self-proclaimed elitists who think that we need to reduce the population of humans to 500,000,000 worldwide – and although I don’t believe this was planned this would serve the green fanatics who think we need to remove 7.5 million people from the equation to save the planet. Every little bit helps don’t you know? However, these fanatics are too stupid to realize that 500 million was the number noted in the 1800s based on 1800s food processing technology. As has recently been announced humans only cover 1% of the livable space on this planet. And our current food production (well before they burned down scores of food processing plants, killed millions of cattle and chickens that we use for food, and practically ended food production in the Netherlands and Ukraine,) produced one and a half times as much food as the 8 Billion people of the world needed for food. In other words, today (or last year more properly,) we produced enough food each year to feed 12 Billion people. And most of the arable land that we do use is producing luxury items like tea, coffee, and sugar instead of feeding people. Think about that when you get your next Latte.

Who does our government protect now? The people? Or the self-proclaimed elite? I say “self-proclaimed because one industrialist who I respect and follow said “Who are these elite in the WEF? None of us would hire even one of them to run one of our businesses.”

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