Do Illegal Aliens Bring Diseases In?


In the last 3 years we have seen a rise in diseases in the US that are blamed on the unvaccinated (or even climate change). But what does this really mean. Who are the unvaccinated? After all, most Americans are vaccinated as a matter of course and it is a requirement for American Citizens to attend public school. Diseases that we once thought had been eradicated are reappearing, such as the recent Measles outbreaks in Chicago at a migrant shelter, and in Kansas City. Yellow Fever, the bubonic plague, and even Leprosy have reappeared – measles increasing over 3000% according to some studies. Why? I believe I have the answer that media and government are obscuring from our sight (probably because to know would reveal their utter incompetence).

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One report I read on tropical diseases ridiculously blames climate change for the appearance of these diseases in the Northern US states – as if diseases magically appear at certain temperatures (and in case they haven’t noticed the Northern United States is still not and probably never will have, a tropical environment.) To believe that temperature spreads disease rather than being carried by vectors (such as diseased individuals,) is to totally misunderstand what should have been taught in High School biology.

The CDC is blaming these outbreaks on the unvaccinated and complains about a 1% drop in vaccination rates among Americans of school age. No one mentions that the Biden administration has let millions of un-screened and un-vaccinated individuals into the United States including unvaccinated illegal immigrants from tropical countries. Further, the Biden administration has been exposed using military and civilian chartered flights to transport illegal immigrants all over the United States without keeping records of who is going where or where they have come from.

As a reminder, when I post a video it is not the source of my information. Rather, I look for short clear videos that essentially and concisely cover information that I have researched in other factors. However, I started my Patreon offering to list the sources of my research and analysis on Patreon in detail. Literally, no one was interested in these details. I have found that people prefer short videos summarizing and illustrating details. So I look for videos that are the most accurate but short and clear that summarize what I have found.

I personally find this topic of vaccinations and unvaccinated illegals bizarre. I find it bizarre because the same people who screamed about me not getting a Covid vaccination (mind you I was advised by my doctor that it was a waste of time because – thanks to an office worker of my wife’s going to New York just as the outbreak was starting her entire office and their families caught Covid before any vaccine was available to anyone who were not professional medical personnel and since I had already had the disease I already had natural immunity.) Mind you these same Covid-o-phobes are often advocating open borders and letting in millions of unvaccinated people and people who have not been screened by doctors into their country and their children into our schools. I believe this is resulting in the outbreaks of measles, leprosy, and tropical diseases in the US and NOT climate change.

It seems most people don’t understand that legal immigration requires people to fill out the proper paperwork and get proper screening. Part of that screening is verifying that they are free of contagious diseases that we long ago eradicated from the US and Europe but are still virulent in other parts of the world. Such medical screening is mandatory and includes the screening of ALL legal immigrants but that all illegal aliens who illegally enter the US are able to evade. In other words no one has checked illegal immigrants to ensure they are not carriers of deadly or crippling disease – let alone screening them for murder, rape, or terrorism. In fact during the Biden administration at least 370 persons on the known terrorist watch list are believed to have entered the US. That is an unprecedented number. Each terrorist is able to kill dozens of people (or more.) But we are not even talking about that…yet. Why the same people who were so paranoid about COVID-19 that they wore multiple masks don’t care if disease vectors are allowed to enter and spread throughout the US and be exposed to their own children in public schools or hospitals is quite bewildering to me.

Obviously, I caught Covid very early in the pandemic. Anyone who understands viruses knows that they are transmitted mostly by people. They may start from animals and insencts but they really become a pandemic when they are passed from diseased person to otherwise healthy people.

The best immunity is not vaccination, but an immunity based on already having the disease or not having the disease enter the country in the first place. Although businesses and authorities claimed falsely during the Covid pandemic that natural immunity “didn’t work” this was a lie perpetrated by the elite in the health industry and our own government. Now we know, from the tens of thousands of pages of Pfizer research that recently came to light, that Pfizer’s goal (a goal that they failed to reach,) was to produce a vaccine that was ALMOST as effective as natural immunity (the immunity developed naturally in our bodies from having and fighting off the disease in your own body.) I had natural immunity and because I understood how viruses work, and verified my own understanding by consulting my doctor, I saw no reason to get vaccinated. I had some doctors at UKMC advise me that the vaccine was no longer “experimental” and had been approved by the CDC. However, when we googled it we found that it was still experimental and not “approved” but was authorized for emergency use under emergency conditions. I have never desired to be a scientific guinea pig so I didn’t get it on their urging either. Especially when we realized that these doctors either did not know the truth about the very vaccine they advocated, or they had lied to us about its “authorization.” It also gave me no confidence in them that the only other option I could think of is these doctors did not know what “approved” actually meant in CDC lingo.

When I talked with my personal doctor, who knew me and had provided health care to me for years, he confirmed what I knew about the virus and added that because of heart and circulation issues I shouldn’t get the vaccine because it has been shown to increase complications with circulation and the heart (at the time we didn’t know about the blood clotting effects see: Why Ignore Data? Mass Psychosis and Lies – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth and/or Died Suddenly – The Facts, Science and Guilt – SabersEdge – Cutting Through the Lies to Get to the Truth ).

Now, I often say I read 2-5 books a month (not novels but real books.) I do this not to prove I am “better than anyone else” but because I have the curse of an insatiable curiosity that was magnified by my training and experience as an investigator. I stayed in undergraduate school accumulating over 300 hours of credits with enough hours for a major in more subjects than I could get credit for on my diploma. I did so because I was curious and there were things I didn’t know (granted university is a lot more expensive today and I worked two jobs to pay for school (security and McDonalds,) as well as using multiple scholarships. I only finished my degree when my anthropology teacher read my 1st year anthropology paper and called me into his office and asked me what I was doing there. I said I thought anthropology was fascinating and was curious about evolutionary biology and anthropological influences on communities. He tossed my paper to me and it had an A+ on it. “I gave you an A+ because that’s the highest grade I can give. But this is not an undergraduate paper. This is Master’s level analysis. You are wasting your time taking 100 level classes you need to get your degree and move on to master’s level work.” So I did. I looked at my current hours and realized I had enough hours that at the end of the semester I could graduate with any of four different degree majors – policy prevented me from using the same hours of general credits for more than one degree even though I had the majors covered.

However, I have a tendency to do the same thing at the master’s level. My regular readers know that I have always known the vast difference between “book lernin’ ” and experience. So I wanted to get out in the world to get experience in areas of interest and then return to academia with that experience to teach at the university (I originally thought I would teach at high school but after taking my practicum in an AP History course I realized that the government testing requirements prevented me from actually teaching history as I believed it should be taught. Which is an emphasis on people and their reactions to situations and conditions and not as an endless and meaningless parade of dates. I would have loved a PhD that allowed me to combine psychology, political science, and history into a cohesive analysis and subject to teach. However, academia has changed so much since I first went to college in 1980. It no longer seemed to me to be a crucible to challenge with new ideas but a method of indoctrination of neo-marxist thought. So, I decided to teach through writing, speaking, and this website.

I have read more books than anyone I know on viruses and disease transmission and it is not even an area of study for me. I believe it is now up to 11 books on this topic. However, I love zombie movies and have toyed with writing zombie-like stories. Because I like “realism” in my fiction I wanted to understand how viruses would work and were there viruses that could produce a flesh-eating mania and zombie like movements. Unfortunately, I found out there were such diseases but nothing that spreads in a way that would make such an event plausible. Therefore, I wanted to find out more as to how could such an event spread. To know that I had to read about disease, virus transmission, and the high security labs where such diseases are studied. NO ONE that I know has read this much on viruses. In fact, only one person that I associate with personally has even read one book on virus transmission. This does not make me an expert but it told me enough that I knew we were being lied to about Covid.

I did the same thing when I was the game master of a Star Trek campaign. I took over 30 hours of physics and astronomy classes so that I could build competent adventures that were science oriented and since two of my players were working on their Master’s in Physics they thought I did a good job. Again, it may seem extreme but I have the same insatiable curiosity when it comes to the subjects I write about on this blog. The bad side of that is that I often come to conclusions that no one else is ready to accept. Like in 1987 when I was writing a counterintelligence report and concluded that the Soviet Union was going to fall within ten years because their rate of military spending to keep up with Reagan had exhausted the country. My MID commander thought I was nuts and had gone beyond my range of competence when in truth, I had gone beyond HIS range of competence. It was this ability that had at least two of my reports go directly to the Joint Chiefs and being used to brief the President of the United States. These are the skills I use to make my analyses here – although I don’t have access to TOP SECRET SCI Access any more I know what the public available information was then compared to what the TS SCI info actually said and can extrapolate what is really going on from that knowledge. Naturally, no analyst has 100% accuracy but current evidence proves I was right in 2020 when I analyzed the truth about COVID and I didn’t have access to TS SCI then either. Similarly, I am right about this and the factors that are destroying this country. It is a deep sickness and the fall of the nation is inevitable. The question now is who is going to have the will and the strength to rebuild after the fall and what kind of nation we will build. We cannot go back but we can build something even better if we understand the roots of Western Civilization that allowed us to build the greatest civilization the world has yet seen and where we have taken wrong turns. The discouraging thing is that Plato, Epectitus, Seneca, and other Greeks and Romans identified the problems that bring about the fall of society. The founding fathers paid attention to them and built a Republic that lasted over 200 years. We turned our back on the model of a classical education – throwing out the baby with the bathwater instead of just tweaking our educational model – saving what has worked for thousands of years and making minor adjustments. Instead we threw out the whole thing for untested and unproven theories that have brought us to the gates of ruin. Without a deep foundation to sink the roots of our civilization into then the tree of growth of our next civilization will wither and die much much faster than this Republic has. Thomas Jefferson identified that societies will always become corrupt and once they have they cannot be fixed by half measures. The corruption has to be ripped out by the roots or it will grow back and the new corruption will be worse than the old.

When I posted articles about that on my Facebook page they were deleted or otherwise marginalized and censored. That was a chief reason I started this website. I lost a lot of research thinking I could always return to my page and refer to it. Long before it became public knowledge, I had focused on the lab leak and evidence that China was developing the virus purposely. They clearly used it as a bio-warfare attack against the West (there is no other way to describe them knowing that Wuhan is the center of the Virus and the fact that China closed all traffic from Wuhan (trains, subways, highways, and flights) to any other part of China in an effort to contain the disease. During the same period that they had cut off Wuhan from their own country they continued to allow international flights into and out of Wuhan. While I don’t think they developed Covid as an international bioweapon (clearly, they didn’t or it would have been more deadly and not just killed people who already had more than one comorbidity.) However, once it escaped the lab they USED it as a bioweapon by exporting it to the rest of the world. Perhaps in their mind it was an economic consideration since they knew that they produced most of the Western World’s medical supplies and could “cash in” on the disease.

Personally, I believe they developed Covid to eliminate the old and sick people accumulating in Chinese society that the Communist state has to give free medical care to. How much better to just kill them off? The Communists have made such calculations repeatedly in the 20th Century and the failure to accuse them of this today, in my opinion, is directly related to our economic entanglement with China and the fact that Western Politicians are primarily cowards today. This is a calculation that can be expected in any state-run medical system. In fact in the last year several studies have shown the British Health Care” system intentionally injected killing doses of medication to the elderly and those struggling with expensive health conditions the system couldn’t afford or didnt want to pay for. And that is in a “Social Democratic” country. If they can do it why not the communists?

Don’t be naieve. The world as most American’s view it is a fantasy. In fact Koreans refer to America as Disneyland because they are so cut off from the world’s problems that they have convinced themselves that the whole world works like we do. Similarly, people who talk of systemic racism show their utter ignorance of how countries that actually DO have laws that suppress race and religious groups are like, delusionally claiming that we are bad when by any objective measure the Western Nations are far superior to the rest of the world in their egalitarian generosity and opportunities.

Unfortunately, these opportunities have now spread to allowing millions of infected and diseased people and children into the United States without any medical screening. The Biden Administration has dropped the professional medical screening and examination from the illegal immigrant processing because it is too time consuming and expensive at the unprecedented rate of illegal entrants we are experiencing. NEVER in the history of the United States have so many unsupervised and illegal aliens entered the United States in a period of only 3 years.

This is a disease emergency and the Biden administration doesn’t even acknowledge its possibility. I had a list of diseases tacked up in my cube as an adjudications officer that the previous occupant had left. I read the list and noted it was still current and left it up myself. The other thing that hit me when I read that list on the wall (even though I had seen each of these listed in training,) was that so many of these diseases I thought had been eradicated and were no longer concerns for the world. It turns out that the Western World had banished the diseases through determined health care, planning, and careful screening of those coming into the country, but the rest of the world still suffered from them.

As my research shows it is impossible to eradicate diseases because they are so small and can hide anywhere. Today they are being carried into this country by millions of vectors who live in close quarters on their way here (allowing the diseases to spread through the flow of illegals, and among the masses of illegal shelters and crowding at the border,) and then are dispersed by the Biden administration and/or their own efforts throughout the US. Some of these diseases are deadly while others, like Polio, are crippling. The same people who screamed at you to get your covid vaccination and wear your mask are the people who are allowing hundreds of thousands of diseased vectors (people,) into the country to threaten our health and well-being and endanger our children at school with diseases they should have been protected from.

I remember talking on Facebook with a friend of my cousin who was well educated but completely ignorant and brainwashed. “I don’t have to worry because I vaccinate my children.” (The arrogant bitch assumed because I didn’t get the Covid vax I was an “anti-vaxer” and didn’t believe in vaccinations. This is a lie spread by media even today.) “Your children are not vaccinated for all of these diseases. Our children are vaccinated for the diseases they are likely to encounter. If you travel to another part of the world you need to be vaccinated before you travel because diseases in different continents are different. If you traveled internationally outside of the US, Canada and Europe you would know this.” She told me her children were vaccinated for everything. This was either a lie or she was totally ignorant on this topic so I ended the conversation. The Bible says there is no point in throwing pearls before swine and that if you try to educate a fool they will hate you. So, as soon as I realize someone is in the category of a fool and actively rejects knowledge I stop wasting my time trying to convince them.

Based on her intention she voted for Biden and this situation is therefore, at least partially, her fault. The lowest period of illegal immigration into this country was during the Trump administration due to the policies he set in place, including the remain in Mexico policy for asylum claims. People claiming asylum have skyrocketed and I read asylum claims that were word for word the same claim (indicating that someone had trained them in what to say to get admission.)

Yet even today, as in the recent measles outbreak in Chicago the CDC and medical officials are blaming the unvaccinated and are refusing to print that the unvaccinated who are spreading the measles are people who were not unvaccinated in their country of origin and came into this country illegally carrying diseases that could they spread through our communities. Thankfully, the MMR is still required in school age children despite some of its side effects (those side effects – unlike the Covid vaccines – are usually less dangerous than the diseases themselves.) I generally believe in vaccination and all my children were vaccinated (except for Covid which my family caught before vaccines were available to the general public.)

This is what we are up against. There is a concerted effort by NGO’s and people in the US and other Governments to flood the US with illegal immigrants. Some of these carry diseases. I don’t know why this is happening and it is not always for the same reason. The reason I use the idea of the Hydra as an enemy is because there are many “heads” and many “ideas” at work destroying the West. They are NOT an overarching conspiracy but a “perfect storm” of people with conflicting values and intentions that for various reasons interact in a way that is destroying the West. Meanwhile America and Europe are being flooded with people who are, in a sense, barbarians. I say this because they have lived their whole lives in countries that don’t have the rule of law or even similar values to us. For instance Americans overwhelmingly believe in the separation of church and state but over 84% of Islamic immigrants believe that Sharia is the only legitimate legal system for human beings. (Here is just one quick video addressing the issue but there are scores of books and thousands of articles on this subject. If you look.)

Naomi Wolf is the author of many books but two I recommend are “Facing the Beast; Courage Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age” and “The Bodies of Others; the New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human.”

SOME of these people, like the Chinese Communist Party, International Communist Movements, globalists, and others seek to intentionally destroy the United States. Since the 1960s it has been widely tauted among the enemies of America that America (and its values of freedom and individuality,) are the single biggest obstacle to global government. It is also the single biggest obstacle to Communism. The single biggest obstacle to dictatorship and tyranny and the single biggest contributor to international relief efforts. When the US falls, all of these obstacles collapse in on themselves. International business forums like the WEF imagine that loss of national sovereignty will open up new markets when, in actuality, they will destroy the systems of international security that make international trade possible. It is our departure from classical education as the foundation of education that is responsible. Our degrees are more and more focused until mistakes like the Covid lockdowns are made by “medical experts” who make decisions without understanding the economic, political, social, and psychological damage that their attempts to do one “medical” thing create.

This is why we have so many highly educated idiots in the West. They don’t seem to realize that as they try to fix things in their own narrow field of expertise those decisions send ripples outward through society in ever increasing shock waves through the social, political, personal, mental, and psychological fabric of our communities. Systems theory proves that if you change ONE THING in a complex system you change the relationships of EVERYTHING in the system to EVERYTHING else. For some reason liberals and leftists don’t seem to understand this and they repeatedly try to affect change by attacking or looking at the surface factors thinking that any change they make will only affect the one thing they want to change. They are in complete ignorance of the effects it will have on other factors in the complex system and environment that we live in. Like when we lowered the infant mortality rate in Africa creating mass starvation and violence because we didn’t consider that their population would increase beyond their technological ability to produce food or their inability to manage larger population centers. Life, community, even families are complex systems and abdicating our decisions to experts is not only killing us but it is spreading measles that are blamed on the unvaccinated without mentioning that the unvaccinated are here illegally and entered the country in violation of our laws.

Mark my words. We will continue to see the spread of diseases and deaths throughout the United States and Europe that are attributed to diseases that we have not seen for generations and it is the result of letting large numbers of undesirable aliens into our country without proper medical screening. This feminized policy of letting everyone in because it is the “nice” thing to do is a deadly and costly mistake. It will cost, and already is costing us in America over 400 billion dollars (according to estimates on just housing and food – without considering medical care,) it will cost us in lost time do to disease and lost children and elderly who died unnecesarily because we exposed them to foreign diseases that they should never have been exposed to. Even if you could isolate the elderly and the children from foreigners you cannot isolate them from the workers who tend or teach them, and who the workers encountered in lines at McDonalds, public buildings, or stores.

This is not a problem that we can shove off onto Texas and Arizona but it affects all of us in a myriad of ways and not just in the realm of disease.

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