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Recently, a movie came out and it talked about people who perished suddenly and without warning. It has faced vigorous censorship and attempts at suppression that, in itself, should raise your eyebrows. So what are the facts, the science, and perhaps the guilt around the contents of this presentation? I did a review on “Died Suddenly” and added my analysis. I usually let it stand at that. I stand by my intelligence analysis, my investigative training, and my experience. I was trained by the best and have decades of experience. However, the very intensity of efforts put out by mainstream media and “fact-checkers” to convince people that there is “nothing to see here” has caused me to return to this topic for a second look.

It is worth noting here that if I ever later find out that my analysis was ever in error I will tell you. This analysis was NOT and the failure of authorities to take it seriously or even entertain questions reveals a level of guilt and complicity in the situation that I find repulsive, although not surprising. The intensity of their attempts to discredit these reports further reveals the guilt and pre-meditative malice behind the “powers that be” who are trying so very hard to keep us from asking questions.

I have selected this rather lengthy video by Dr. Chris Martensen of Peak Prosperity (an information service that is well worth the money requested – with your help I will be able to afford it soon and incorporate his analysis into my reports to you.) I have never been disappointed in his work and have often used it as part of my own research. In the video below Dr. Martensen gives a very good explanation of blood clots and the way they are supposed to look and then he examines the type of atypical blood clots that are found in the movie “Died Suddenly.” He shows how the propaganda ministry and its media allies went into action to attempt to discredit the movie and how their criticisms are completely invalid medically.

I know a lot of people that I once thought were intelligent. Yet they continue to use Politifact, Snopes, and other discredited sites where their own lack of perception and analysis reveals their incompetence – perhaps they are NPC’s – or brainwashed. Anyone who actually reads their summaries will understand the typical bait-and-switch defense of the “official” view of the Swamp’s propaganda ministry that these sites repeatedly engage in. They are insufficient to convince any thinking man or woman but quite sufficient to convince the unthinking person who either cannot or who does not want to see the truth. I cannot count anyone as a thinking person (regardless of their level of education,) when they continuously see but fail to understand or recognize lies and misinformation that would be obvious to any critical thinker. One person even insisted that they were Covid related when, by their very definition, an “unknown cause of death” cannot be from a known cause. These people are not only wrong their information is months old, based on unreliable sources, and their data is empty and contradictory. Are they brainwashed or are they actively trying to remain ignorant? You must judge for yourself.

Dr. Martensen begins by explaining the danger of normal blood clots, how they are formed, their seriousness, and the warning signs that you might be suffering from one. At 11:00 minutes into the video, he explains the difference between Ante vs. Post Mortem’s blood clots (as the propaganda machine tried to illegitimately argue that we cannot know which was which.)

Antemortem thrombi are Dry, granular, and firm. They adhere to the vessel wall and the surfaces contain what are called “lines of Zahn.” By contrast, post mortem clots are gelatinous, soft, and rubbery, weakly attached to the vessel wall, and have a surface that is “chicken fat yellow” in color covering the underlying red currant jelly and they take the shape of the vessel or its bifurcation. Blood clots are nothing new, they have been around as long as humanity itself, and probably before.

Interestingly enough none of these “standard” and none blood clots are white or look like the clots removed in “Died Suddenly” they are something new and no one is looking into them. Worse, the authorities and their shills are lying about it. As a professional investigator, I tell you clearly, when someone feels the need to lie it is because they are concealing something.

At 12:00 minutes in he begins specifically talking about Agonal Thrombi as antemortem (“before death” – think antebellum “before the war”) or post mortem (“after death” a term that should be familiar to anyone who loves mysteries or police shows.) In 2015 (pre-covid,) the study of 238 deaths of those who died suddenly (80 died by violence and 21 due to acute pulmonary emboli – the chicken fat yellow clots) but the agonal clots were clots that had developed slowly over time. In a sense, they choked the livelihood out of the person over a great deal of time. These people did not “Died Suddenly” in an unexplained manner but had a history of clotting problems. None of these clots discussed or shown look anything like the ones found in the autopsies shown in “Died Suddenly.” Clearly, there is something new happening and just as clearly the “authorities” that we have mistakenly trusted with our government and our lives appear to be hiding something.

The clear difference is that the normal clots we are familiar with are red jelly looking substance or red jelly with yellowish chicken fat coloring. None of them are long and white like those in “Died Suddenly.” Anyone who is honest and knows their job would see the difference. But I get the distinct impression that either some of those commenting have not bothered looking at the data or they are simply lying.

In addition, normal blood clots are not only red and jelly-like they are very “friable” (which means they break and lose their shape easily) – the exact opposite of these long white or twisted clots in “Died Suddenly.” The lines of Zahn are a bit stronger and have layers of deep red and lighter red blood cells. They indicate clots that develop over time before death. It is very easy to tell. Beginning medical students know the difference but the people quoted by the media and fact-checkers either don’t know basic medical information, which means they would be incompetent, they haven’t even looked at the evidence, or they are lying, as I have said.

At a little over 18:00 minutes in he specifically talks about “Died Suddenly.” The first he shows is one of the anomalous clots from the show and emphasizes that this came out in one “elastic” piece – in other words, unlike a normal blood clot it was not “friable.” He then shows normal types of blood clots and the clear contrast between normal clotting and what they found in the movie by embalmers which Dr. Martensen describes as a “very bizarre looking thing…so again, that’s an odd thing; doesn’t look anything these post mortem clots. Not a thing like them.”

At 19:58 he shows a clip from the movie where they are removing one of these clots and the utter difference between these and normal “friable” clots is all too clear. The evidence offered in the video is even more significant now after Dr. Martensen has explained the difference between normal clots and whatever these things are.

“You will be able to see just how tough this thing is. It’s very long and I think there’s a lot see in just the structure of this thing as it comes out. — Did you see how long that thing was? There is not a chance in the world that’s a classic post mortem clot. Not a chance in the world.”

Dr. Christ Martensen

As second clip shows, all of the embalmers (out of a hundred,) at an embalming conference had seen these anomalous white fibrous structures that were never seen before the last 16 to 18 months by any of them (as of the date of the conference.) So, if embalmers with decades of experience are seeing something that they have never seen before maybe someone should be looking into it? But our government, CDC, NIH, politicians, and other health organizations are not only ignoring the issue but trying to bury it. Again, that looks like an admission of guilt to me and my investigative instincts. What do you think?

This should be the start of an inquiry. All science begins with an observation, from which you propose hypotheses, and then conduct research and experience to find out why. But true science appears to be dead. If curiosity killed the cat, today’s medical, government, and scientific communities seem to have nothing to worry about because they are burying their head in the sand. Worse they are trying to get you to do the same – at least until you fall over suddenly…

At 22:00 minutes he addresses the ignorant “fact-checkers” that are spreading misinformation and trying to stamp out the honest inquiry. This is, like the entire video, a very good presentation and I encourage you to watch the entire thing. Once you do you will know more than 99.9% of the people who have an opinion on the subject.

“There are people out there who are very much NOT interested in following science and don’t like observations and perhaps none more so than Politifact; who I’ve dunked on them before when I fact checked their fact checkers because they do the worst job fact checking I’ve ever seen. — If you try to use ‘conspiracy theory’ as a means to shut down your opposition right away that means you personally are the person who has a persuasive complex – meaning you have a non-persuasive capability and if you have a non-persuasive capability that means you’re an NPC.”

Dr. Chris Martensen

He then looks at Jessica Koth, an official spokesperson for the National Funeral Directors Association, who has been trying to stamp out this controversy for some time. Although she claims that embalmers are not qualified to make statements about connections with Covid Dr. Martensen does point out that embalmers are eminently qualified to make comments on things they find during embalming that are not normal!

“This is grossly misinformed . These things are not post-mortem clots. I mean this is like basic Elementary stuff. You now know more than Schmidt apparently does about pre and post-mortem clots…It doesn’t pass the sniff test. But I expect no more from our Politifact fact-checkers. They turn out to be rather bad at their jobs.”

Dr. Chris Martensen, regarding the Politifact Fact-Check

Am I the only one who is beginning to suspect that the qualifications you need to be an “official” anything in our country are to “toe the line” in obedience to the swamp propaganda and enforcement machine? You could raise a question or produce evidence to the contrary (like Elon Musk and his findings on Twitter,) but then the “Justice” Department, Congress, and other “official” outlets will all attack you. But don’t worry, if you accept their lame, obfuscations, deflection, and other often unrelated, smokescreen statements and go back to sleep the machine won’t come after you. Then, Dr. Martensen points out, after stating that embalmers are not qualified to make connections with covid, Politifact then quotes their “expert” on the subject…an embalmer. If this was not so serious this would be ludicrously funny.

At 26:18 Dr. Martensen proves that these cannot be from fibrin in normal coagulation and consolidation caused magically by formaldehyde and refrigeration as Politifact suggests. He shows you the math to prove it cannot be so. It can’t be a post-mortem clot and he also shows that in February 2022 Politifact was already trying to stamp out questions about these clots; long before “Died Suddenly” came out. Again, they use obfuscation. “It is not uncommon to find dark blood clots in any deceased…” they write. But these are white and elastic and not dark blood clots. Still, the lies are enough for the NPCs. Are they enough for you?

Like all “Fact-Checkers” and liars who are supporting the narrative they are using deflection and obfuscation and not addressing the issues they are pretending to talk about. (See https://sabersedge.online/propaganda-lies-corruption-and-psychopaths.)

“ Politifact: ‘There is no clear evidence that Covid vaccines are responsible for strange blood clots observed by embalmers’ I could also say that there is no clear evidence that it is not. The reason we have no evidence is a discussion for another day. This is the type of thing that should elicit immediate, prompt, inquiry tens of millions of dollars of grants from the NIH and the CDC to figure out what is going on and so far its been dead silence…radio silence…chirping crickets…we don’t even hear the crickets because their being used in burgers now I guess…”

Dr. Chris Martensen

“This is an example of a really bad fact check because it actually doesn’t adhere to the facts we have and then finds people who are giving frankly weird sentence statements…it doesn’t even…this is not how it works. If you have these long things that nobody has seen before the very first question is can we look at this under a microscope, can we look at it under high magnification, can we get electron microscope pictures of it, can we get cross sections of this stuff after its been embedded with parafin with various staining…can we just… can you just tell me what this stuff is? Well, the good news is we actually know what this stuff is now and so we’ve got pretty decent answers and a good hypothesis is coming along. Fact-Checkers pay attention, this is what fact-checking actually looks like here.”

Dr. Chris Martensen

This is what we used to read about happening to people in the Soviet Union and other totalitarian countries during the Cold War. Yes, I was in it as both a cavalryman and a counterintelligence agent. Now I see the same thing happening here in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Obviously, America is now neither because the free and the brave would not stand for this. But we must each ask ourselves: Will I submit to live by tyranny and lies? ( See: https://sabersedge.online/live-not-by-lies-vote-for-truth and https://sabersedge.online/we-are-men-of-action-lies-do-not-become-us )

Dr. Martensen showed an article that was dated way back in August of 2021 that was suppressed and has been languishing in obscurity. (Watch this to the end where it will explain that Covid-19 had 6 ways of entering through the body’s defenses. This has never happened before with a natural virus. But then with the furin cleavage site research, we know that this is not a virus from nature). Watch to find out about the amyloid and fibrin in the clots caused by the spike protein and how the spike protein is in multiple tissues after vaccination well after when the pharmaceutical companies said it would be out.

“This is a different process…a statistically significant increase in amyloid was present in the fibrin formed by normal blood mixed with dilute spike protein…the spike protein itself is doing something vis-a-vis the clotting cascade. Now this is really weird remember SARS COV2 is a respiratory virus its supposed to…travel through respiratory droplets…and when a respiratory virus attacks you its going to attack you in your nasopharyngeal region…or its going into your lungs or both. But that’s what a respiratory virus does. Its very unusual for a respiratory virus to decide that it likes to do stuff in your blood and trigger clotting cascades and mess up your endothelial cells. So that is another story for another day but to me it’s yet more confirmation that there is something very not right about this particular virus…if these clots are actually resistant to the normal decay process by plasmid…if they are resistant to that process it remains an open question how you would go about actually dissolving these clots…so that’s an open question and it needs to be investigated with all due haste. Now, obviously if we knew this stuff back in August of 2021 this alone would have been a really powerful indication that maybe we would want to do things to help prevent Spike protein from being in people’s bodies because the spike proteins are what caused this cascade and micro-clotting disaster to show up…Again, how did those sequences get into this spike particular spike protein? This spike protein has been a lot of surprises so far…maybe just a couple too many for my taste; if you catch my drift…Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. That’s why it takes ten years to develop these things…the continued presence of the spike protein in individuals at least 60 days post vaccination with the mRNA itself in the blood 60 days after vaccination. That’s really odd because for a long time we were told…you know…the stuff that stays in the deltoid, its only there for hours or maybe a couple days and the spike protein is produced but it goes away quickly. Neither of those was true.”

Dr. Chris Martensen

As I have said before. I was a Squadron NBC NCO of my Cavalry Squadron and, unlike some, I took my job very seriously and dug deep into the information regarding Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare. It was based on that knowledge that I did an analysis of Covid in the beginning and from looking at the spread, the pattern, and diverse reports regarding Covid effects I concluded that this was a lab-manipulated virus used by China as a biological weapon against the world. Whether its release was intentional or accidental the CCP used it as a weapon. This was obvious because they isolated Wuhan from all contact with other cities in China (closing roads, railroads, and airports) but continued to allow flights out of Wuhan to the rest of the world. That is using a virus, no matter its origin as a biological weapon. From the very beginning, my information supported the lab link theory. At the time I was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” although now we know it was all true. Everyone who knows biological warfare knows this is true, that it was a biological warfare attack, but no one in our government or other governments has been willing to say it publicly…I believe that is because they are afraid the people of the world would demand retaliation against the CCP for all of the deaths and too many of our government and economic leaders use China as a cash cow. They have been bought by communists. As Kruschev said so long ago, “The Americans will sell us the rope to hang them with.” Of course, FB deleted my analysis so all of that information I used is gone and so many of the medical and news reports I used have been scrubbed from the internet or buried by the algorithms I could never reconstruct my original work.

Today, I use proven intelligence methods to secure my information so that even if the enemy attacked me and tried to eliminate my analysis and data I have the ability to rebuild everything through back ups and alternate sites.

The Conclusions of this video:

  • The clots in “Died Suddenly” are, without a doubt, ante-mortem (formed before death.)
  • The clots are also formed via some other process than the laminar flow accumulation of typical antemortem clots. We are not seeing blood cells plus fibrin, plus platelets they seem to just be fibrin and amyloid…its just a very unusual and they never showed up before in our experience (even so these are being looked at by South Africans and other non-US scientists. The US itself is not really interested in looking into these…
  • We now know the spike protein itself is known to contribute to misfolded proteins that consist of fibrin and amyloid (we are way beyond anyone simply claiming “Hey, this isn’t a thing.”

Open Questions

  • How long does this last? Normally the body mounts a massive immunological attack to clear this stuff out but here…maybe not…
  • To what extent are the vaccine induced spike proteins involved?
  • Why did all of the vaccine programs focus on the full length spike protein whether than just part of it.
  • The failure to study these clots with all due rigor is inexcusable and inexplicable, assuming ‘public health’ is the goal.

“Why are we spending a hundred times the effort trying to disprove a fact check, or slam dunk a researcher or minimize or explain away or rationalize or deflect instead of just studying these things. There’s a mystery here and we should be working to unravel it. Of course that IS the scientific process…something I am very passionate about…I love seeing where the data is going to go…and I do my best to see where the data takes me whether than trying to make it go somewhere I want it to go.”

Dr. Chris Martensen

So, the question for us is. Are we going to believe the comfortable lies or the uncomfortable truth? And, once we believe what are we going to do about it? Video after housekeeping notes:

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