We Are Men of Action, Lies Do Not Become Us

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Lies do not become us. WYFSHTY IV – What Your Father Should Have Taught You – IV – Don’t Lie, You are better than that.

My father told me that I shouldn’t lie. He told me that God is always watching and will hear if I lie. “Son, if you lie God will think the same thing that I would: “Don’t lie Daniel. You are a child of the Living God and are better than that. You don’t need to be scared of anyone and those are the people who lie; the scared. They are scared of getting caught for something they did or didn’t do or for people discovering that they are not something that they pretend to be.”

Similarly, Merlin, in the movie Excalibur told King Arthur “When we lie something dies inside us.”

The Bible repeatedly exhorts people to speak truly as does the code of chivalry of Medieval Europe and every warrior code on the planet from the Vikings to the Samurai. All healthy societies put a high premium on the truth. It is a mark of the health of a society. Conversely, dying societies desperately try to appear something that they are not. In those people bend a great deal of effort to seem to be something that they are not. Appearance and style over substance is the ethic of a dying society and second-raters who are desperately trying to prove they are worthy of being noticed.

But we are not created to lie. We are creatures who thrive on truth and honesty. The idea of being silent to get along – the concept of “if you cannot say anything nice don’t say anything at all” is not a healthy ethic. It is a “go along to get along” ethic that has gotten our society to the brink of doom. Finally, people are waking up that their deception (for failing to speak up for yourself is a type of deception – a way of hiding,) has brought us to this place and only if the silent majority speak up and stand for the truth can we fix it. And it will take more than voting once. We must stand for the truth on election day and continue to do so. It is the only way for a Republic to stand. A Republic can withstand lies – because lies eventually expose themselves. However, a Republic cannot stand without the truth.

I myself became convinced that God created us, to tell the truth. My father, once again, was proven right. I came to that belief because I have received a multitude of training (paid for by an obscene amount of your tax dollars – through SabersEdge I hope to pay society back.) This training was to tell if someone is lying; from “Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Techniques” by the FBI to the Laboratory of Scientific Interrogation in Tel Aviv as well as basic agent training I have had a lot of training on identifying deception. Whenever a person lies – unless they are a pathological liar with mental instability and literally cannot tell truth from fiction – they reveal their lie somehow. It is as if the truth has to come out somehow if it can’t come out in words it will escape from the body in an uncontrolled action. A good body language expert can find that in the course of nearly any conversation. Unlike the simplistic classes that just show you different things that show someone is lying it isn’t that easy. You have to get a baseline before you can tell if someone is lying. Traits that might indicate lying in person B might actually show the truth in person C. Those who pretend they can read body language but don’t have the experience to go with it keep a list of things they believe show someone is lying and don’t realize that they are deceiving themselves if they don’t develop their subject’s baseline.

There are some outstanding body language observers out there. I have found that the Body Language Ghost is excellent and I have been pleased with her analysis. If she doesn’t have enough information to establish the baseline she states that in her analysis. I have been able to hone the skills in 3500 interviews/interrogations/investigations in my security and intelligence career. And repeatedly I have confirmed my belief that we were created, to tell the truth and lying has consequences. I once told a woman that I wasn’t supporting a candidate because I didn’t know what he believed. She said I need to watch the news more. She misunderstood. I knew what he SAID he believed. But he was so guarded and closed I couldn’t tell whether he actually believed what he said. That’s one thing about Trump. Trump is easy to read and he believes the things he says. That is, right there, a step above most of his competition. We were designed, to tell the truth and, as Merlin says, “When we lie something dies inside us.”

For this reason, I find the political commercials in Kansas to be disturbing because they are full of lies. The commercials by the candidates generally aren’t bad. It is the ones by special-interest PACs that disgust me. I remember commercials about the abortion question. There was a disgusting lying commercial against the recent abortion bill that showed a document in the background with the highlighted words “Ban all abortions” Interesting, I thought. Since fewer than 5% of Republicans actually support banning all abortions so I found that hard to believe. I looked up the bill. The commercial was a lie – more properly – the commercial was a deception. They had a picture of a document that said “Ban all abortions” And implied it was the bill that was being considered but it was not. It relied on the busy (or the ignorant,) to not check the facts. Then there were commercials with the vague scare tactics “There are Republican senators already working on a follow-up bill to ban all abortions.” Yet they don’t say who. If they knew it was being worked on it would have to mean they had information and would therefore know who was doing it. But they couldn’t say because it wasn’t true and if they said someone was doing that when they knew it wasn’t true they could be sued for libel or slander. So they made vague, implausible, unsupported statements. And too many busy people believe them. They need to find a reliable source of information.

Then there is Derek Schmidt. They must be afraid of him and not know what to say to stop him. I have only been in Kansas for a year so I cannot speak to Brownbeck, Schmidt, or Laura Kelly. But I can speak to the ads. I hear that he supported Sam Brownback and actually defended his policies in court. So, we need to not vote for him? Idiots! Schmidt was the Attorney General. His job is to defend the State in court – whatever the State may do. Schmidt as Attorney General supported Brownback as governor? So, the commercial is actually saying: “Derek Schmidt did his job! Don’t vote for him or he might do his job as Governor too.” Apparently, this overplayed commercial isn’t doing it because they are now supporting a spoiler candidate to split the conservative vote with an independent candidate to ensure the Democratic governor stays in office. I don’t know if Schmidt is a RINO but I do know that the spoiler candidate cannot win this election and so their running improves the chances of the Democratic candidate. This makes me wonder if the person is really motivated to help conservatives. Everyone knows the effect of spoiler candidates and our country is on the brink. We don’t have the luxury to indulge in throw away votes we need to nudge our country toward sanity – even if the candidate isn’t optimal. I could write more examples but I am disgusted. I have rarely seen such irrepressable dishonesty so blatantly displayed – even in elections. And I am marveling at the money being spent. It seems these globalist, statist policies have a heck of a lot of money behind them and the people cannot afford to be distracted and split their votes. Throughout history monied interests have backed and supported spoiler candidates to ensure that their unpopular candidate gets in. I fell for that once. I voted for Ross Perot – out of principle. And I ended up with the President that I least wanted to be in charge.

(Don’t even get me started on commercials claiming the “people’s” judges represent Kansas. I saw that was false soon after arriving here. The court decisions do not represent the prevailing views of the populace of Kansas but the special interests. They are friends of industries that are not friends of the people, farmers, and Christians in Kansas. It seems that the heritage of the Jayhawkers, Redlegs, Quantrill, Bushwackers, and John Brown killing their political rivals in “Bleeding Kansas” is still alive and well. They may not shoot you or hack you to pieces in front of your wife and daughters like John Brown and his followers did but by character assassination and lies they follow the same path as the “Kansas Bibles” of the 1850s. (Before the Civil War they shipped guns to Kansas for people to kill each other and the crates were marked “Bibles.” In case you didn’t get that reference.)

When they first proposed PACs (Political Action Committees) I thought it was good. People shouldn’t be limited as to how much money they can give their candidates. WRONG! PACs allow rich oligarchs, multi-billionaires, and mega-corporations to use their profits to keep corrupt politicians, elected officials, and judges in office by convincing those who don’t research the issues that it is good to do so. Hundreds of millions of dollars now flood our elections and we have no way of easily tracing where the money is coming from. We have sold our integrity. We essentially are allowing them to buy the elections and, being new to Kansas, I don’t know if this is more of early Kansas (pre-civil war) corruption and manipulation or if this is a particularly bad election. However, I do know one thing. If they are using such dirty tactics to keep judges in, Schmidt and others out, and other matters then I will be voting against the things that these dirty commercials have been for. Because I won’t ally with the liars and will gladly vote for the enemies of the liars. Get out and VOTE if you are tired of this corruption!

When we lie something dies inside us and something has died within politics in this country. But we are men of action! Lies do not become us. Stand for the truth and eventually liars will lose their interest. That brings us to the housekeeping notes.

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