The Hydra of the Swamp Feeds Off Your Livelihood

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There is a many-headed Hydra that lives in the “Swamp” of WDC. It feeds off our tax dollars, consumer spending, and political ignorance. The heads have similar interests in promoting the existing power structure in which they thrive. To protect it’s very existence they (sometimes independently, and sometimes in concert,) clamp down on our liberties; restricting our freedom by reducing the effectiveness of our money, increasing what we have to pay just to stay alive, and also to pass laws that allow them to disarm us and keep us ignorant. I liken it to the Hydra because the Hydra of legend had many heads and as Hercules fought one the other heads would bite at him. Just as the Hydra of the Washington Swamp is multifaceted from many powers, agencies, and the fraternities of the elite it cannot be stopped by cutting off any single head – even as the Hydra of legend. Cutting off a head of the legendary hydra simply caused two more to grow where one had been before; even its blood was poisonous. Obviously, it would take a demi-gods like Hercules, John Wayne, or the US Cavalry, to bring it down.

I use this analogy not only because of the Hydra of Legend but in the world of Captain America in Marvel Comics it was the fascist organization (led by the Red Skull – the super-soldier of Hitler and the Nazis who along with Master Man were the anti-Captain America’s of the Axis,) that sought global dominance. corrupting governments, business, and society as a whole with its ideas and agents.

Our government was not created by the founders to be a Hydra that feeds on the people. It was created to “secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

These seem relevant to me because the Hydra of the “Swamp,” like the Hydra of legend, is a many-headed monster and as you attempt to fight one “head” you may well be undermined, destabilized, or even killed by another that strikes from an unexpected direction and has the same interests in preserving the status quo. I know that there are conspiracy theories that try to put the destruction of Western Society in the lap of Communists, the WEF, Vanguard and Blackrock, George Soros, or even the Illuminati or some other secret society, (many of which I have mentioned,) but the truth is that there are many “heads” to this monster and destroying any one will not stamp out the problem because they live independently. There are many heads that are ripping apart the very fabric of our society and they have not well thought out what is coming after. Communists and Socialists in particular will count any movement that creates chaos as their ally and support it as a way of destabilizing the government to make way for the Communist Revolution while others may welcome this destabilization as an excused to increase government power and crack down on chaos with martial law. Both sides might welcome Americans getting used to seeing soldiers on the street for security despite the posse comitatus restrictions of the Constitution because it sets a precedent for them to clamp down on the people.

They are all facilitated by manipulating what communists refer to as “useful idiots” people who can be mobilized for a cause completely unknowing that “the cause is not the real cause. The cause is provoking chaos to where the people give up their liberty for security and the Hydra can seize power. Most of the people demonstrating have no idea or even a good understanding of the cause they march for and most have no idea what the levels of anarchy and darkness that fall upon a collapsing society.

After the fall of Rome Europe endured a Dark Age of around 400 years where we have little written history to describe the chaos, banditry, and starvation that ensued. These societies often have vague plans (like the Communists that I so often site,) of taking over and establishing their own self-styled paradise in the wake of the collapse of Western Society. Yet Western Society itself is like a kraken that affects not only the industrialized nations of the West but the entire world.

For instance the US, after World War II, became the guarantor of free and safe navigation of the seas all over the world. The world has relied upon this and currently only the United States has the resources to do it. There are currently no international leagues or societies that are prepared or even thinking about stepping up into the breach if the US fails to keep trade open due to rising internal chaos. International trade is already faltering for a number of reasons and we are beginning to see its effects on rising prices and empty shelves in our stores. But this is but a drop of what deluge that will befall us if this system of trade falls and our monetary system collapses. Joe Biden has repeatedly says that he admires the Communist system of national control used by the CCP in China. So, we have a President who admires the total control of the society through their social credit score, the society where they will lock up you and your family for something that you say, and the society that maintains concentration camps for “their basket of deplorables.” Yes, the last quote comes from a socialist student who learned at the feet of Saul Alinsky by the name of Hilary Clinton – so I guess the “sudden turn to Communism” by the Democratic Party may not have been all that sudden. (Did I mention that Obama’s campaign financing was routed through a Chinese Credit Card Company making his monies completely unable to verify the legality of?)

Please understand, I am not saying that the Kraken of the United States Government today, with its tentacles in every war and economy around the world is the best answer – I am just saying that this Kraken of a bloated government that spreads American power throughout the Earth is currently keeping the system going.

I believe that we need to form a Western Republic made up of Sovereign States whose armies come together for mutual protection and whose internal matters are their own. Kind of how our nation was envisioned with each state a sovereign entity – but ONLY made up of those nations with Western Ideals. Only this Republic would consist of America, Europe, Japan, Australia, India, and whatever others that would support a free society and Republic. The UN cannot do this because it is predominantly made up of totalitarian dictatorial regimes.

Western Society has made several wrong turns, directed by a mixture of hubris and greed, that have corrupted the promise and the ideals imbedded in the roots of Western Society that if not left behind could have made for a better world. We now flounder in a radical materialist muck that does not fully think through the long term because, as it claims, in the long run we will all be dead (like all radical materialists they care nothing for future generations). The pseudo-intellectuals and midwits in charge today offer nothing for the future except the radical materialistic philosophies of Marxism (that will make us all slaves and victims of the state – destroying individuality and freedom,) and Robber Baron Capitalism (that will make us all into consumerist wage-slaves of the massive global economic machine, and limit our individual expression to the AI generated or profitable genres that it will leave open to us as a modern Bread and Circuses.) These are two main heads of the Hydra but not all of them. It all seems to come down to the fact that we will eat bugs while the few elite of whatever force gains the upper hand thrives on Wegyu Beef.

Each head has its own agenda and each one is tearing at the carcasses of the faltering Nations of the West without having a clear design for the transition or what will follow. Or as some heads, like the Green Energy head doesn’t care what happens to the poor because we have too many people anyway. This head, in concert with the WEF and UN know that their current path will lead to the starvation of billions of people across the Earth but (like Thanos in Marvel comics,) believes that the death of half of the population (the “useless eaters” of the world as some are wont to call them,) need to die to make life better for the rest of us. Therefore, they have no qualms about raising prices on food and eliminating the food production of the Ukraine (which used to provide 40% of the worlds Grain), or the Netherlands (which exported almost 90% of the food it produced,) because the majority of the people of the West won’t care. Jordan Peterson has spoken eloquently on behalf of the people who will die and the psychopathic, narcissistic tendencies of those who don’t care if they do.

They will eat the food remaining and let the third world starve just as Europe and America absorbed up to 5 shots per person of the Covid Vaccine so that most of the Third World did not even have the option of taking it. So much for caring and loving liberals. The Third World, like Japan, survived on Ivermectin even as our pharmaceutical companies (another head that conspires with the Processed Food head to keep us sick and needing drugs,) spread fear and limited “the jab” to those nations that could afford to pay for it.

I trust no one among my readers is foolish enough to claim “it was free” because every single shot was paid for by our tax dollars. Nothing is free. If it was truly free maybe the third world countries like Nigeria and Nairobi would have actually had access to them – but they didn’t.

These Hydra heads are at war against anyone who thinks and refuses to drink the ideological Kool-Aid offered by our media and government (which are becoming increasingly the same – as will be seen when I finish the future article about Newsguard, and the “fact checkers” who “guarantee” the validity of our news and information but happens to be formed and run by current or former military officers and CIA agents-but we will get to that.) As I have said, this many headed Hydra is tearing apart our society from so many directions that it’s like playing whack-a-mole.

But it is not hopeless.

Perhaps if I didn’t believe in a Divine power that loves “life itself” and maybe if I didn’t believe that a desire for freedom burns in every heart (even if it is but a smolder at the moment – people never value what they obtain too cheaply.) If I was a radical materialist I could despair. But I agree with Thomas Jefferson in this as well as in so many other things when he said that he trembles for his country when he considers that God is just. And yet, one of the heads of the Hydra I would name is the pathetic complacency of Christians who bemoan whats happening in society at the dinner table and at church but never raised a single damnable hand to stop or slow what is happening. The Bible is clear. When his judgment is felt it is because his people did nothing and the Hebrew Bible is clear that if a persons actions don’t match the faith they claim verbally then they don’t really believe. It is these complacent Christians that will be tossed into hell when as Christ said “many will come to me on that day and say “Lord, Lord” and I will say get away from me you doers of iniquity. I never knew you.” So many may try and say, I believe or I lived a good life but Saint Paul was clear “He who knows in his heart what is right to do and does not do it, for him it is sin.”

I daresay, if everyone acted when they knew they should act to preserve the right then we would not be in this current mess and I would not need to write this website.

I don’t care what you choose to call the Divine. My education is largely in Christianity and the European and Middle Eastern pagan religions. If you worship the Force that created the universe – whether you came to the realization due to the synchronicity of the the physics of the world with the God Hypothesis or through faith I care not. There is a Divine power that appears both in singularity and through multiplicity and according to my observation and study it does value life and the judgement on the faction of the world (be it communist or the globalist sustainability cult,) that this Divine Power will judge. And he may well judge us simply by allowing us to live through the dread consequences of our own actions or inactions.

These rapacious heads of the Hydra seem to think people will starve quietly. They never do. They will attack those who have the food and resources to take them for themselves. There is a natural law that we all have embedded in each of us that fights for survival. From the very beginning we struggled with millions of other sperm to be the one to reach the egg. Then we struggled against all the dangers and complications that could kill us before we were even born. Then we fought our way out of the womb and strove to take our first painful breath in the world. And we have been a part of the struggle for life ever since. We all strive to be born and survive through life, which is a constant struggle for survival and I don’t understand that people who 1) will sit quietly in their apartment and starve awaiting someone to save them, or 2) think that desperate starving people will submit quietly to authority. As Thomas Paine said, those who achieve something too easily do not esteem it to be of value and our lives have been far easier than the thousands of generations that came before us.

Granted the NPC’s of society will accept what they are told. Depending on the study you read this could well be the same people who have no internal voice. I was having a late-night discussion with a fellow veteran, who happens to be black, about the studies that show 50% of the population have no internal voice and the studies of “NPC’s” who don’t seem to think beyond what they are told or their daily experience. I think this may be the same group. But his comment was “That would explain a lot. If you cannot test ideas and compare them logically you will just go with what sounds good at the time.”

The herd, which many refer to the mass of people who blindly follow or the “sheeple” as some say. Developed this trait because hiding in the middle of the herd is usually a valuable survival strategy. It is based upon the idea that not everyone in the herd will die so if they just stay quiet and keep their head down they may make it through. Sticking your head up is dangerous and predators may cut it off. However, this survival strategy is useless if your herd is in a feed lot and the leader of the herd is leading you to the butcher.

The Hydra will feed until its full if it is not slain. And every head must be killed for it to die. Killed and cauterized or (as Hercules found out,) two more will grow to take its place. Again, Jefferson said as much. The fight will be significant because the elite who form the heads of the Hydra will not go away quietly into the night. History shows that the elite have only been toppled by the mob and by revolution and both of those events destroy much more than is necessary. I don’t know where our future lies. I am an advocate of pursuing legal means as long as they are tenable before choosing another course. Taht is because I am a student of history and I know how ugly revolutions and war get. However, I have also seen that no regime will go quietly into the night or be “voted out.” They, historically, have fought by ever legal and dirty means to protect their power. We are seeing that today in lawfare against Trump and the populace as well as using the courts and FBI to punish any who speak out against the current regime as extremists. IN FACT, they site people who quote the founders of America as extremists. That alone proves that they have betrayed the vision of America’s founding. They no longer deserve to raise the flag of the United States of America for whose continued liberty so many have died. We are no longer the America that we have sworn to protect through our Constitution and Declaration – the elite have betrayed the constitution and the trust Americans extended to them when we let them lead.

Where are we in “the long train of abuses”? I wonder. Can we vote or legislate ourselves out of our present corruption or tyranny? It has progressed too far and too many still follow blindly. I hope all can be resolved peacefully and freedom returned because any other future is bloody and dark. Still, Jefferson was right about so many things and he did say that the tree of liberty needed to be fed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly, all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Such has been the patient Sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the Necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. “ – The Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.

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