Who Follows In Your Footsteps?


Welcome Freedom Troopers to another tale of What Your Father Should Have Taught You. However, this Easter Morning let me offer you a tale that your father, or perhaps you yourself when you become a father, should consider. It is a tale about Lieutenant Robert E. Lee when he was an Engineering Officer in the United States Army on his way to his destiny through the rank of Captain of Engineers and a Colonel of the United States Cavalry, to ultimately one of the most renowned international ly known and honored American Generals of his age.

Robert E. Lee took a daily constitutional. He would walk and/or ride on a daily basis to get air to keep his mind and body healthy and clear. He continued this throughout his life. He tells this story:

I was walking with my young son, his hand in mine. He was holding my hand and we were walking along in the snow. At one point I realized that his hand had slipped from mine and he had dropped behind. Glancing over my shoulder I saw him very earnestly proceeding and carefully trying to place his own steps directly in my footprints in the snow. It suddenly occurred to me that I must walk very straight and upright in my life if this young fellow is already trying to follow in my footseps.

And so he did.

I will leave you with that because I think this story has its own power and needs no more said. (It absolutely has nothing to do with my wife saying yesterday that I cannot be brief about anything…honest.)

Happy Easter my friends, May the Force Be With You.

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