Do Your Duty In All Things


Greetings Freedom Troopers. I have enjoyed my time with you and enjoyed the opportunity to share my views and analysis with you. However, the level of attacks upon this site require additional security for me to continue. Google and other standard forms of monetization have been denied to this site for not presenting an “accepted concensus.” I was hoping that people would see a value and support me enough so that it would help defray expenses but that help has not arrived.

I believe that anything of value will find a way. Since I am not getting support I must face the fact that I am not providing a service that is of value to my readers. I do not have the money to pay for another year of service, I am two months behind on my mortgage, behind on my utilities, and my options are limited. However, I cannot justify spending money on this site while I am unable to pay my obligations. At some future date maybe we can return. Perhaps I will stumble on a new format that will actually be valued and supported by my readers. In the mean time I will pray, consider, and search my thoughts and soul for the direction Providence is leading me. I thought this was it but, apparently, I was in error.

Please pray for me and Sabersedge so that we can find a new direction in the future that is valuable to people and useful.

I had asked for ten supporters at five dollars a month but had decided that if I even got five I could probably make it work. As I have received no support then I will, on the 14th, allow the site to be shut down and deleted. I have the drafts of each post on my computer but the final versions will all be deleted. I had given the site a year to at least get enough support that I was not having to pay for it entirely on my own. The year is over and we do not have the support to continue.

I will work on my books and see if that is where Providence is directing me. I will probably produce books in my real name Daniel M. Brakhage and, if I do more online it will be under Daniel Saber. May God be with you and guide you to be faithful to your nation, your family, and your God and may God bless the United States of America.

Don’t give up. The struggle for freedom is not over even if the enemy has succeeded in strangling this site. While there is another week before the site is deleted I wanted to say farewell before everything disappeared. I hope we may walk together again sometime in the future. Remember the promise in which this nation was founded and work to fulfill that promise.

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