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Greetings Freedom Troopers, you may have noticed that there was no post on Thursday, we did too.

SabersEdge has suffered a loss that has interfered with operations. Data, Systems, and backups appear to have been lost. We are not sure at this time if any research, records, data, or operational abilities are recoverable or if everything is a loss. The loss of man hours contained in unpublished research lost is incalculable. New external hard drives were scheduled for purchase and complete backups were going to be accomplished on March 1st when I would next be paid.

Extensive research in to illegal border crossing, fentanyl trafficking, vaccine irregularities, and organizational plans to help people form groups to easier participate in the political process and make a difference may be a total loss. The actual posts of SabersEdge are intact through the webhost it is our actual computer systems and hard-drives that seem to have failed.

As I have said before we are not monetized and receive no support like the mainstream media and “approved opposition” websites do so our current status of operations and production is unclear. If you appreciate SabersEdge content it would be an excellent time to let us know that we are making some difference in the culture war or in your life. You can comment in the comments or through direct communication to Daniel.Saber@sabersedge.online if you are able to make a contribution to help us recover operationally, I was working on a couple options but contact me and I will let you know how you may do so if you wish to support us in that way.

As I have noted before your identity, emails, or other contact information are never sold or shared by Sabersedge with anyone and, although our comment section asks for your email this isn’t published with your comments; it is so we can recognize and block sites that are trying to bury us in spam.

Anyway, cavalry nearly always fights outnumbered, and I knew that our resources could not match those arrayed against us. But we do not need to match the resources and power of our foes because you, my friends, are the historical minority that will make a difference in your own life and those around you. When others throw up their hands in despair you will already be prepared and informed about what to think.

I noticed again tonight that things were now becoming apparent in the news that we were talking about two years ago, just as the things that some may be scoffing at now will become apparent even to them in the coming year or two. We are on a cusp; many things will change in 2024 and 2025 and we must be informed and ready about how we can prevail and where the natural currents of history and life will be flowing. Our omni-centrist approach will serve us as we watch the future unfold into our present and as we take the steps forward that we need to do to be prepared to boldly go where no one has gone before.

As I have noted before we are not left or right and anyone who is dogmatically obsessed with either propaganda center will reject what we have to say. We are Omni-Centrist or what some have called the Radical Center seeking a multidisciplined balance where others seek the extreme or are blinded by their one area of indoctrination. The truth is that we live in a complex world where changing anyone thing in our immediate universe does not just change one thing but stimulates a cascade of changes organically throughout the socio-political and economic systems in which we live. This is a truth that many sources miss because they have been taught to see with blinders that limit them to their area of training or study. I have always favored Jefferson and his Rennaissance/multi-disciplined approach to philosophy and life and I use that here to keep you informed.

Where many an obsessive dominance and control of the information we have available to us, and seek to manipulate us to actions that will be beneficial to them my goal is to help you be prepared for what is coming. If you survive and are able to move into the future, embracing the things that are truly valuable in Western Civilization to apply them to the new and changing paradigms then I will be happy.

When I was an agent, I know of at least two of my reports that went directly to the joint chiefs and the President and I offer that collection expertise to you here. When I predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, my superiors thought I was nuts but five years later everyone was calling it obvious and unavoidable. To many of our “experts” are so entrenched in their paradigm they could not even entertain the ideas that to me seem obvious. While there are others smarter and with more experience in their field than I have God lead me on a unique path where my breadth of understanding from History, Philosophy, Political Science, and experience as a Pastor, Scout, Agent, Security Professional and Analyst gives me unique insight that I can share with you.

Stay with us freedom troopers and never give up. We are the historical minority acting in the radical center, taking in all disciplines and going wherever the currents take us to determine truth and the paradigm of the future.

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