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Welcome Freedom Troopers, as you know I have been struggling to condense the material of Victor Davis Hanson’s book into key points and at the same time convey the thoroughness with which he writes. There is so much in his book The Dying Citizen that tie into our conversation here.

When it became obvious, I could not condense the material into the usual format in the time I had outside of work I started on a post about Natural Rights. I know I am a bit of a perfectionist and I try to write each post so that, if someone arrives here for the first time, they are not lost and have the background information they need. I am sorry if this is tedious for others, but I have to proceed with my own best guess. My statistics do not let me know how many are returning and faithful and how many are first time viewers.

As the number of viewers continues to rise it appears to me that we keep some and add some each time.

I am not able to apply full time efforts to this site but even so it takes over 8 hours to write, illustrate, and prepare a post and that does not include research time. Since I and my family must eat and Sabersedege still is not monetized it provides me no income. My payment, at the moment, is the fact that people seem to be reading. I therefore assume I am doing some good.

I think I have to surrender to Professor Hanson. It is not easy for me to surrender, it goes against my personality and all my training. I cannot get out all of his work that I think is important for us here without just posting a list of quotes from his work and giving no insight. That seems to me to be dishonest…like letting someone else write SabersEdge. And I cannot condense the material to only 3 pages of text without completely ignoring entire ideas or presenting them without any factual basis. Therefore, I am going to post the material in two parts for the Chapter on Residents and maybe others. I think it is best. Still, there is going to be much more in the book than what we can discuss here so I encourage you to buy the book and read it yourself.

There is a lot of data I want to establish here to ground our discussions about Citizenship and illegal immigration and, overall, this apparent diversion from our usual format with help us a great deal to understand what is going on in the West.

Again, I write primarily from an American standpoint but these issues face the entire Western World including Japan, South Korea, Nationalist China (Taewan), and India (as well as Persia if we can ever return it to its own state as it was under the Shah.)

I am reworking my texts to be a two parter and I apologize to everyone who has been searching for Thursday’s post and unable to find it.

Daniel Saber, Brother in Arms,

SPQR – Senatus Populous Que Respublicae – for the Senate and People of the Republics

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