It’s Time to Reboot and Reload! This Game is Frakked! VOTE on November 8th.

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These are the people we elected and our political representatives have allowed us to gain and hold power in government through bureaucracies. The number of lives destroyed and people they killed through the mismanagement of “food safety,” banning natural foods, pushing us into artificial foods produced by mega-corporations, forcing expensive medications on us when cheaper ones are available, destroying our lives through the Patriot Act and government bureau’s whose very existence is against the Constitution (such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms – if the powers of the government are limited – as it says in Amendment 10 of Bill of Rights – the only connection this agency has with the constitution is that it was created to VIOLATE the Second Amendment. The Department of Education, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Citizenship and Immigration Services, CBP, FBI, CIA, and NIS, have ALL betrayed the American people and the controlling committees of BOTH parties are complicit. Still, there are good candidates out there.

We need to eliminate all of the people who lied to us about Covid. Eliminate all of the people who stole the rights of Americans over the past decades – from Ruby Ridge to arresting mothers in parks with their children. We need to rid ourselves of all of the statists who are part of the Swamp in the US Government. But it is not just a United States problem. This oligarchy of Elite (represented by the WEF) is in control of most of the Republics whose roots trace back to the Roman Empire. In the words of William Wallace (Braveheart), we must all go to the polls with the shout of Freedom! On our lips. And that shout must be echoed and repeated in all of the Western Republics. The Roman saying was SPQR – Senatus Populusque Romanus (for the Senate and People of Rome.) It was carried at the head of the Roman Legions on their banners: SPQR. I would like to offer a new SPQR for our age as we seek to regain our freedom and self-determination, a new age of governments working together on the model of the original 13 SOVEREIGN states of the 13 colonies joining together for mutual defense and economic advantage. Let’s see Europe, the US, Japan, Nationalist China, India, and the Commonwealth all join together – recognizing and honoring their sovereign nature and unique history and cultural heritage (Viva la differnce’) but upholding the common traditions that grew out of Greaco-Roman philosophy, our warrior traditions (from Spartan to Samurai, from Polish Winged Hussars to US Cavalry, Joachim Murat, Rommel, and the Australian Light Horse), unite for the good of all but without subsuming us all into sameness. A new SPQR in this spirit is Senatus Populusque Respublicae – For the Senate and Peoples of the Republics…Nos Imperii Morituri te salutant! Salve Libertas!

For the Sovereign governments and Free Peoples of the Republics!

Methodology: We need to look at multiple sources. Here I included videos that best illustrate what my research has found – they lean toward several sources but they are NOT the sources I have relied on. I don’t rely on Fox for anything. They are biased. However, as Tim Pool says Truth has a conservative Bias. Fox does produce truth amongst their spin sometimes. Their truth is stated pretty concisely (when they do it) so it is useful here. But the only way we can define truth today is to find a source we trust who analyzes multiple sources Like SabersEdge.Online.

To find ruth I review, among others, Epoch Times, Sky TV (Australia), France24, UK Guardian, Al Jazeera, Israel 7, Caspian Report, Janes, Hillsdale College, Hoover Institute, NPR, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Bundeswehr, TYT, Turkish News, Indian news channels, DOD, DHS(and other agency reports including the DHS Infrastructure report) Japanese news, Ruptly, Caspian Report, Hoover Institute, and literally dozens of others. If you don’t have time to sort through and cut through the spin to get to the truth let SabersEdge cut through the lies for you.

We cut through the spin of the left and right to get to the truth and then I find videos (from whatever source I can, that best illustrates what I have found out. I don’t rely on ANY of these sources by themselves. Everything must be verified. Assuming most people don’t have time to do all of this themselves I started SabersEdge.Online hoping that there are people out there who actually want to know the truth.

Here are some of the videos to remind you of why we need to all turn out to vote and change our current batch of leaders. Here are a few of the lies they have pushed upon us and why they have to go! (There are of course many lies that are actively supported by youtube and Google, and other search engines, that I can find no videos for because they have been removed – which, in itself, shows us how big this problem is. Freedom is in peril at every level and we need heroes to stand up, bearing the Torch of Liberty, and refuse to compromise with liars. Which reminds me. CNN and MSNBC are not included here because I have caught them openly lying too many times to trust anything on their platforms. It is only news sources that are trying to produce information – biased though it is – that help us. Now I watch CNN and MSNBC to find out what the “official” lies are and what the Oligarchs are lying to people about but I don’t trust or give credence to anything they say anymore. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I have let CNN and MSNBC lie to me much more than twice so shame on me. But I am finally done with what I perceive to be their lies.

Take a look at what we have here and then follow us at SabersEdge.Online where we will explore each topic in more detail in the coming year.

First some housekeeping notes. Everyone who works for SabersEdge Association was a trooper in the 8th Cavalry but you don’t have to have actually been in the cavalry to become a SabersEdge Trooper. Anyone who has the spirit of a cavalier who loves honor and right is welcome to join us. Do you have the heart of a cavalry trooper? Join us! The Cavalry is Coming!

SabersEdge needs your support and by lending that support you help us fight the culture war. You can do this by following us on Twitter at DanielSaber4; checking out videos at send us your comments and encouragement to or writing us at PO Box 433, Leavenworth KS 66048, sharing our content, spreading our memes, or you can support us through Patreon at:  SabersEdge Association is creating Videos, Blogs, and Writings for Education and growth | Patreon ; Our Subscribestar Membership has been pending for months but hopefully that will be cleared soon. Unfortunately, nothing is free and based upon our choices the world will experience light or darkness, freedom or tyranny, truth or lies, happiness or dystopia, for that reason we strive to ensure that anyone, no matter their financial position has a way to help and stand with us. Please don’t try to do more than you are able but we need your support in whatever way you can manage. Algorithms are against us and places like GoogleAds refused to support us because we don’t provide “accepted concensus.” Basically, if I stop trying to determine the truth and give the party line they will support me. So it’s up to you to help. This is a critical time in history but there is reason to hope.

You can also help us by buying books through the links on our website. This allows us to gain a small percent of each sale and won’t cost you any extra; you can also buy us books for our research and ongoing learning from my wish list [ ] and send gifts directly to us at PO Box 433, Leavenworth, KS, 66048.

(60) Senator Hawley & Jesse Watters Respond to DHS Leaks Showing Biden Admin. Collusion with Big Tech – YouTube

This is one of the best videos to illustrate my technique. When The Young Turks and Tucker Carlson agree on a problem it IS a frakkin problem we should all be concerned with: (60) LEAK: Homeland Security Is Censuring Speech on Social Media – YouTube

(60) Migrants wave flag on US soil after illegally crossing border – YouTube

(60) Why You Need To Care About Klaus Schwab And The World Economic Forum – YouTube

(60) Texas Tragedy: 46 migrants dead inside truck bring focus on human smuggling along U.S-Mexico border – YouTube

(60) Dan Bongino: This is the biggest crisis of them all – YouTube

(60) Briahna Joy Gray: Fund Ukraine OR ELSE? Libs Called Me A ‘SUBHUMAN FASCIST’ For Defending CPC Letter – YouTube

Emily Kopp: The Media Overlooked COVID Lab Leak Evidence (

(60) US-Mexico border crossings reach record high | FOX 7 Austin – YouTube

(60) ‘I Don’t Believe You!’: Watch John Kennedy’s Top 5 Most-Viewed Moments From Past Year | 2021 Rewind – YouTube

(60) Forget the Great Reset. Embrace the Great Escape. – YouTube

(60) The Tyranny Test | Are We Still Free? – YouTube

(59) Tucker Carlson: The left has run this country into the ground – YouTube

(59) Boston Lab’s 80 Percent Kill Rate Virus Criticized as ‘Playing With Fire’ – YouTube

(60) Republican Candidate’s Kids Almost DIE, Gunman Opens Fire After Democrat Films Ad At His Home – YouTube

(59) Is America a FAILED STATE? – YouTube

(60) This company owns the world (and it’s our fault) – BlackRock – YouTube

(60) A terrifying prediction for 2030 (the Great Reset) – YouTube

(59) Leaked Emails Implicate Biden Family In Ukraine Biolab Scandal, Media Caught LYING To Cover It Up – YouTube

(59) FBI whistleblowers come forward regarding Hunter Biden, Trump investigations – YouTube

We are in a war for the future. We were not asked if we wanted to fight this war. We did not choose the battlefield or the tools that we have to fight it. But we do have the choice to fight for liberty or to be the Sunshine Patriots who are unwilling to stand up for what is right – the ones Thomas Paine talked about who shirked their duty and would not stand with Washington in Valley Forge and at Trenton. Today, do we stand for what is right and play at being a hero on our computer games, or do we become the heroes for future generations, standing for liberty and ensuring that the bright promise of freedom established by Western Philosophers and republics is not overcome by a thousand years of darkness but is redeemed for future generations so that they can live in a bright future where they can boldly go where no one has gone before? Mount up, draw sabers, and ride with us as a SabersEdge Trooper and stand against the darkness so that our children and grandchildren, and generations that will never know us can live in freedom and peace. Those are the acts of heroes and they must be our actions today. Get out and vote on November 8th and then stay active and hold our officials to the freedom they vowed to support in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Can I get a “So say we all!” ?

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