Children Suffer in the Mines “To Save the Planet”

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Also, I made the mistake of thinking of talking about election results. Being old let’s have a “Back in my day!” moment. Back in my day, we had election day and then, after polls closed, we would go out to dinner, come home and sit up until midnight or one watching the election results roll in…kind of like the political Olympics. They were exciting because we were seeing real-time results as everywhere people were hard at work counting paper ballots. There would be a Republican and a Democrat at each table counting together and, in some places, an independent. They would stay up into the early morning hours working and, generally, we had a definite answer by the time we watched the morning news the next day. That was normal for about the last 100 years. We were told that electronic voting machines would speed things up and increase accuracy. They are a lie. As a Counterintelligence Agent I, like other agents, knew that the electronic voting machines were not only hackable they were designed to control the outcome of elections. It was in the design because, originally, they couldn’t use them here. After all, we wanted actual records – in case there was any question. But I will discuss the fraud of the machines and the entire system in the coming week when I have completed my research.

Additionally, I have been working on a Book Review for The Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hansen. It is a hard book to review because there is SOOO much in it trying to decide what to mention is bewildering. It ALL needs to be studied by everyone. Currently, I am reading Douglas Murray’s War on the West and Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny, and Jefferson Davis’ Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. But I have a whole pile of books I need to write reviews on. Saturday is not a big traffic day so I may start posting book reviews on Saturday. When I can afford to expand my site and pay the monthly cost of the expansion I will be able to have different sections (for things like book reviews,) so that people can find topics of interest more easily.

But, let me make a comment about the Republic we used to live in. In short, the greatest impediment to a World Government for the last 100 years has been the USA. That is because the majority of the world does not live in freedom, is denied their unalienable God-given rights, and doesn’t even understand (and in some cases don’t care to understand,) what they are missing. Americans have never before been willing to give up their freedoms and live under the tyranny of the United Nations (where most of the governments are some form of autocracy or oligarchy.) The leftists and materialistic oligarchs had an answer though. They used our education system and elections to undermine our Republic so that now most people not only do not understand or value our rights they oppose them. And, they have so mucked up our election system that over 60% of the population doesn’t have confidence in our elections.

A Republic cannot survive without confidence in its elections. But I guess that is the point.

So the majority of youth now seem to seek to live in (as Adams and others have said,) safe slavery rather than to enjoy dangerous freedom. I am sure the people and children who are covered in the last two articles would feel differently about the freedom these pampered Americans so blythely dismiss.

Liberty is no longer the word for America. It is now fear and self-absorption.

It appears to me that instead of raising the education and freedom of the rest of the world they want to strip us of ours. I guess that makes sense. The rare-earth elements we need for our batteries, our electric cars, and electronics are mined by wage slaves or actual child slaves in Third World countries. If we extended freedom and liberty to these countries we would have to pay a living wage and couldn’t get our stuff so cheap. (See the articles below.)

Instead, they have pushed people to complain about slavery that ended over 150 years ago (and only about that which was in the US – ignoring the fact that slavery existed and continues to exist throughout human history. There are many more slaves today worldwide than there were in the US over a century ago. And, there were fewer slaves in the US than in the rest of America but none of that fits the narrative. Neither, apparently, is it worth the media’s time to mention that British and America both banned the international slave trade in 1807 by the Slave Trade Act (in the US.) And by that very President whom the Leftists babble incessantly about elitism and hypocrisy over slavery: Thomas Jefferson. Proving they know nothing about the man, his writings, nor the realities of the slave financial system (that was upheld by the banks all the way through the American Civil War). Leftists don’t know enough about anything to even know there is a problem there. I have seen biographies about General Lee that were so poorly written by (supposed,) historians that they even said that Lee believed blacks were objects and not people and on the next page included a quote where Lee referred to blacks as “these people.” Another said he tortured blacks by using pickle brine to pour into wounds after a flogging…this in a day when penicillin was not available. As anyone who has worked at a fast-food restaurant and stuck their hand in pickle brine knows the brine heals wounds faster and cleaner than creams or ointments. This utter ignorance of our nation’s “historians” and people’s lack of knowledge about “home cures” is pathetic and it seems our PhD.s mean nothing anymore. As one gentleman said they have been “schooled in ignorance.”

I commented on FB once that the State Department had maneuvered Ukraine into denying Russia access to Sevastapol knowing it would lead to war because Russia has fought over 20 wars in the last 200 years to maintain control of that port. Before our interference, they had a treaty between Ukraine and Russia for Russia to rent the port space for their fleet. Some, highly educated idiot claimed he was a history professor and just because they had acted that way in the past was no reason to think they would do so today. I responded that if he was saying that they had changed their philosophy and priorities (that have been held over the last 200 years,) he needed to provide evidence that such a change had occurred. Like most leftists, his response was to disappear. Russia has gone to war repeatedly to maintain access to three deepwater ports for its fleet. Vladivostok for the Pacific Fleet, St. Petersburg for the Baltic Fleet, and Sevastapol for the Black Sea. If the US State Department was so clue-less they didn’t know this they should be shot for incompetence, if they did know this then, IMHO, they should be shot for all the Ukrainians and Russians who have died over their machinations. The only one who wins in this situation is the US Arms industry.

I have included two clips at the end that I have commented on here, copying my FB post for today. The FB post about the top article is here (the other articles demonstrate I know of what I speak and give you information). When I have time I will write blogs and give you more information on them:

Interesting and fatalistic. They have no clue that our rapidly declining population in the first and second world will affect the food supply for the third world. These population models are just looking at births and aging and don’t pay enough attention to the policies promoted by the WEF that, if blindly followed, will “fix” the population problem by killing off billions of “useless eaters” (probably mostly – in their minds – they are thinking about the rapidly growing populations of Asia and Africa.) Where child labor and slavery are busy producing the lithium and other rare Earth elements that the companies of the WEF covet to make the electric cars and high-tech “thingamabobs” that modern tech societies now cannot live without. No matter if my electric cars and tablets are made from elements dug by hand with dark-skinned tiny hands “We’re saving the planet.” For consumerism? To make electric cars that are charged with gas and coal from fossil fuel power plants because the neurotic environmentalists (not all mind you just the neurotic ones,) refuse to allow the only safe, clean form of energy that produces enough energy for everyone without polluting the earth is nuclear energy. Wind and solar cannot do it and will never be able to do it because we would need effective batteries to hold the charge for peak use periods, at night, and when the wind doesn’t blow. No problem! Some will say. We have those child slaves busily digging these harmful chemicals out of the Earth so we can make more batteries that (once they die,) we have no safe way of disposing of that protects our water and land from the toxic seepage. But, as in so many things, the society which our Education Department has educated into total ignorance and unthinking stupor will do whatever the oligarchs tell them to do as long as they are told “it’s for the planet,” or “it’s the kind thing to do.” Our society is run on slavery and exploitation and the oligarchs are not just exploiting the third world they are exploiting the youth by giving them fake issues to demonstrate “Let’s protest about 1850’s slavery and ignore the fact that there are more slaves in the world today (of EVERY color,) than there were black slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries. After all, it’s easier to protest dead people that cannot defend themselves. It’s scary to go up against the tyrants of the 21st century. We better just follow the herd, not stand out, and protest what they say we can protest and ignore the real issues…Oh, and instead of finding ways that actually help mitigate pollution let’s put all of our efforts into calling anyone who doesn’t obey the dominant propaganda a climate deniers! That’s another useless thing we can do to stay busy and make ourselves feel better about our uselessness. The silent majority allowed this travesty of liberty and justice to develop by emphasizing their rights over the duties of citizenship. “Gimme, gimme, gimme! But leave me alone to watch football!” You know HG Wells and the Fabian society decided after World War II that if they could distract the populace with sports they wouldn’t pay attention to what was happening in the world. They did. I would tell you more about it but football season has started and I have lost a good chunk of my audience…(hmm, ya’ll lucked out…I can’t tag anyone today.)

My FB Post for 20221113.

The world has reached 8 billion people — but soon we'll hit a decline we'll never reverse


Modern Slavery: The true cost of cobalt mining (

Slaves work for the minerals to give us cell phones, electric cars and other convenience we can’t live without. Today American’s are ignoring them while protesting slavery of 150 years ago. I guess that is safer and doesn’t take away your gizmos.

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