What’s It Mean to Be a Man?

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Our society has become toxic and what constitutes true manhood is increasingly illusive. The war on boys is real but I want to give young boys and men hope in helping them find a positive role model (more on this below). Our society denies gender roles and attitudes that vary between males and females due to hormonal differences and development. Toxic femininity has decided that anything male is bad because they cannot tell the difference between masculine virtue and abusive dominance. They lump it all together because they were not raised properly. Our society has destroyed the family. This is the legacy of modernity. Men don’t know how to be men and women don’t know how to be women. In their ignorance, women don’t even know about the powerful women of the past or the proper interaction. The female characters of past movies were stronger, more competent, and more believable than anything Hollywood has produced in a decade (except Gina Carano in the Mandalorian and Black Widow). [See: https://sabersedge.online/blood-and-courage-the-heroes-we-grew-up-with ]

These lies are strong. I fell for them when I was younger. The whole unisex ideal has been around for a long time. But as I noticed things that didn’t seem to fit I explored the idea more fully and found this whole idea was a bunch of bull. Two books, The Alchemy of Love and Sex, by Theresa L. Crenshaw (which discusses the hormonal differences that are there from birth from y or x chromosomes, this book can be easily found and purchased through the sales links on the right,) and Animal Behavior (I will update the stats for this book when I unpack it,) where a zoologist applied his skills to studying the human animal. He discarded the assumptions of society and just studied human behavior about that of other primates. These books exposed all the lies that are being spread by popular society. Lies that have been utterly disproven by science. Yet for some reason, antique ideas from the 60s and 70s (and in some cases, like Communism, from the mid-1800s) still perpetuate the conversation even though responsible science and study have repeatedly demonstrated their assumptions to be false. But these studies are quietly shoved aside by the idealogues who have control of most aspects of our society. [See: https://sabersedge.online/we-are-men-of-action-lies-do-not-become-us ]

We have a crisis in the children that we raise resulting from this contamination of ideas resulting in record numbers of suicide, mental illness, and drug abuse. The broken families have undermined our children in many ways. Single women raising children (and most courts still have the sexist assumption that children should go to the mother,) not only deny the child a good male influence but the anger and aggression that remains from the divorce or unfulfilled relationship boils over to burn the children. Somehow, it doesn’t occur to these women that anything they say about their ex applies to their children. For their children are biologically half of the father. Children know this, at least subconsciously, so their psyche applies every curse and criticism of the father to themselves. It is no wonder that our younger generations are confused, directionless, and have such a low opinion of themselves that drugs and suicide are rampant and pervasive in a manner that we have never known before. [see: https://sabersedge.online/do-you-have-time-for-children# ]

Besides this, in the Alchemy of Love and Sex the scientist who wrote it was a product of the 60s. She said she was intent on raising her sons to be more sensitive and not forcing them into what she considered stereotypical gender roles of a patriarchal society. She decided that her sons would play with dolls. Then she wrote a keen observation. “They did play with dolls. They used them as weapons.” This awakened her to look at the chemistry involved in gender differences and spawned her book. She realized that gender roles were not societal constructs but biological constructs. Tim Pool even noticed this by observing his chickens. The male will stand guard over the females, alert to danger and when evening comes he stands guard at the door until all the hens are safely inside. If the hens and chicks are threatened he will attack the threat so that the females and hens can escape. This is not learned behavior forced on the rooster by chicken societal gender roles but a biological imperative that also exists in humans. Over centuries it has manifested in men holding the door open for women, allowing them to enter while he is on guard, and the saying that pervaded every disaster “women and children first.” Our society reflected the biological imperatives we see in the animal kingdom. Our society, however, is waging war on biological reality and the narcissist and psychopaths who are pushing this don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process. [See: https://sabersedge.online/active-measures-the-subversion-of-the-good ]

Our society wages war on biological and environmental realities and because it has been indoctrinated in ignorance by our “educational” system they are unable to think its way out of the problem. [see: https://sabersedge.online/natural-laws-and-natural-rights ]

There is too much to go into all of the issues here but I want to offer men and boys hope because there is hope. Throughout society, you can see on youtube men are rejecting the society that attacks them. You see videos about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), videos about how the MeToo movement has destroyed opportunity for women in the business world, and videos about men rejecting women and their feminist indoctrinatedfeminist-indoctrinated neurotic expectations. To this point, I have even told my youngest son that if you want a real woman you may need to find a foreign woman (perhaps from Eastern Europe,) that is not twisted with unrealistic expectations and denial. Now not all women or men are like this. But too many follow along with whatever society teaches without questioning. Unfortunately, these reactions (such as MGTOW – while understandable – are equally destructive of the fabric of society and are reactions that equally fail to understand the proper dynamic of gender roles that bubbles up from our biology.

I decided to write this blog because I was watching a series on Youtube that I used to watch as a kid. This series presents a positive understanding of masculine power and, in nearly every episode, shows examples of toxic masculinity as well. So they make a good comparison of what is good and proper versus what is out of bounds. In a world that no longer recognizes proper boundaries, I think this is a good series for people who are trying to find meaning in a confusing world. This story has a lot of masculine energy because it is about a man raising his son alone in the Old West. After all, his wife has died. He is not a womanizer because he is still in love with the memory of his son’s mother and sees her in his son. (Unlike the myriad of single parents today who harbor animosity for the father or mother of their child he sees the similarity and it inspires not his ire but greater love.) Because of the situation, this is a show that is all about male power and what it means to be a man and I recommend it to everyone who does not have a positive male role model in their life and to anyone who is just struggling to be a man in today’s society.

At a time when our entire society appears confused as to gender roles in general and manhood in particular I offer this view of a time when they knew what manly ideals were about. A more direct time, to be sure, but unlike the changing times, the values and the foundational beliefs of a society that have developed over thousands of years can only be denied by those willing to face the harsh consequences of a directionless society that denies nature itself. Such a society sows the seeds of its own destruction. For the men who will rebuild society from the ruins that we are creating take a look at what past generations knew that we today have forgotten.

I will include a couple of episodes here. The story is about Lucas McCain and his son Mark. Lucas was a sharpshooter in the Civil War and has a wide-flung reputation as a gunman but he never seeks out a fight. He developed his deadly reputation in the military as a sharpshooter in the Union Army where he was an officer. Lucas McCain is played by Chuck Connors and nearly any show with him presents a good image of masculinity. Another I watched with him when I was young was called Branded where he was unfairly branded as a coward and he embarks on life to restore his reputation as a man. But this series The Rifleman is the key one I am talking about today. It has a large number of well-known actors from that day and age and is truly amazing at the quality of acting and actors that they were able to attract for what was a relatively low-budget series.

I hope that these episodes please you, and remind you of where we came from, what it means to be a real man, and who we truly are deep down. You cannot move into the future if you don’t know where we came from because if you don’t know what came before you don’t know who or where you are in the progression of time and destiny.

The Hawk: This is a good episode about freedom, assumptions, mislabeling, fairness, and includes an antagonist who revels in insensitivity and cruelty.

So, what would life be like without the police? Without a competent government that maintains justice and order? Or with a government that only serves the rich. This episode is all about the tyranny of an oligarch who thinks money gives him the right to do anything. It also explains Lucas McCain’s unique rifle that fires so rapidly and helped bring the Rifleman his reputation. But for all this, the thing that impressed me most in this was the competence and confidence of ten-year-old Mark McCain. Established as a hunter and trapper in the Hawk episode here we see his competence in dealing with the horses and other chores on the farm. At ten years old the boy is more competent, confident, and able to face fear and the unknown than some adults I have met today. Mark McCain is already on the road to becoming a man but he has a great example in his father. However, don’t try this at home. McCain lives in a world different from our dystopian cyberpunk present where amoral corporations rule. McCain’s opponent has a trace of honor and keeps his word. Don’t expect people to do that in today’s world because the values of Western Society which made this deal possible have been destroyed by the elite and their lackeys.

The first episode hints at the origins and is about pride, values, honesty, and misuse of power as McCain ultimately stands for justice and in standing his ground removes a tyrant.

This is an interesting character study and has Michael Landon (the good guy in so many series,) as a “bad” guy. Continues the theme of robber barons/men of power who abuse their wealth versus those who work and hold on to what they’ve got. And continues the theme that a man makes his own destiny.

Lucas McCain, a deserter, a Lieutenant who needs to find his integrity, and a Major who is on a power trip.

OK, I was done posting these and this episode started and I suddenly realized that although I had seen this before and didn’t realize that the drunk was a man who became the Marshal in the later episodes. After he overcame his addiction to alcohol. This character progression and development is something that too many stories are lacking today. McCain can seem harsh here to our modern softness but his tough love redeems the lost.

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