Live Your Own Life Before You Die Your Own Death

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We hear many voices today advocating limiting speech without understanding that the right of free speech is what has preserved our Republic. If a person is not free to make their opinions known by speaking they will only have recourse to make them known by actions. Is this why in today’s climate when more and more companies limit free speech we see more and more people reaching to violence as a way of voicing their opinion?

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If people understood history they would know that it has always been thus. In any society in which people are not free to speak, they are not free to act or even live as they would like. Everything becomes suppression of the individual will and creativity. Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Vaclav Havel, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and others have warned us but our society did not listen.

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” ― Bruce Coville

Today’s generations were apparently raised by over-protective parents which produced an overprotective society that was terrified of litigation and we have too often become scared of living as a result. We are afraid to be the people whom we really are for fear of what someone might say. But I have always taught my children that there will always be people who don’t like you. Isn’t it better to be yourself and have people not like you for who you really are than have them not like you because of what you are pretending to be?

Never having experienced true violence weak people with no moral fiber are shattered by words and differing opinions and need someone else to protect them because, like the emotional children they are, they cannot protect themselves. “Words are violence” they lie and expect us to lie with them. Thus speaks people so protected they don’t even recognize true violence and they cannot take even seeing it – even though it is an uncomfortable fact of life that even fairy tales acknowledged. But that was in a stronger generation apparently, as children were prepared for and warned that life was not a Disney story. Indeed, any time you fail to speak the truth from your heart; whenever you say what your “supposed” to say you fail to be honest with yourself and are living a lie. Here at SabersEdge, we try to be true to ourselves and we long to be free and become the people that we are inside, the people we were meant to become. Please take a moment to share this article with someone else who dares to become the person their heart is calling them to be.

Live your own life, for you must die your own death

The Romans said, “Live your own life, for you must die your own death.” Knowing that far too many people live to please others and are never true to themselves. They suppress their inner nature and lie to themselves that it must be that way. Our society wants us to be politically correct and we are told we have to watch what we say or write. We must “walk on eggshells” lest we offend some of these adult children who cannot survive without mommy or big brother looking out for them. What is with all of these offended people? Why anyone would announce that they don’t have the emotional maturity of an adult by going around and telling everyone how offended they are? And do they not know how condescending it is for them to be offended in someone else’s behalf? Or on behalf of a whole people? These professional cry-babies are stealing the autonomy of another group by speaking for them, without their permission, as if they know what is best for someone else. That is the same attitude that white’s had on the plantation when they thought blacks had to be “taken care of” because they were not capable of thinking or caring for themselves. In the Victorian Age it was called the “White Man’s Burden” and too many white leftists seem to feel it is still up to them to protect the poor people of color who they, apparently, don’t believe can speak for themselves. They congratulate themselves that speaking for these people they don’t know is “enlightened” and they are in “solidarity;” rather than that they are condescending and presumptuous. Such rascism from the Victorian Age is still alive and well as the educated well to do speak for those they deem to weak to care for themselves.

But they don’t stop with speaking for a group they don’t even belong to. No, they want to dictate to all of us what we are allowed to say, what we are allowed to do, and what costumes we can wear to parties. But we don’t have to live our lives the way they want us to. Do not submit to their chains of tyranny that those with no moral backbone put upon you because they are assuming they know best.

It is a parent’s job to ensure their children are ready to live on their own and it is education’s role to support that and it seems that all over the Western World too many have failed at both as we see an increasing number of childish, immature, tantrum throwing children who have grown into childish, immature, tantrum throwing adults who cannot stand criticism and are incapable of addressing an idea logically. They are so morally weak that they have their self-image wrapped up in both their opinions and what others say to them or about them and they are afraid if anyone ever proved them wrong they would wither and die so they fight to their last owns of strength to defend ridiculous premises that philosophers and societies throughout history have always known were false. Premises they often don’t understand because all they can do is offer “sound bites” they have been brainwashed with. As if that constituted an argument. (See also Who Stole Your Education? at )

In communist countries I readily saw how their populations lived in fear of what they said or did because of the back-biting sniveling weasels that infected their neighborhoods and work environments. Today more and more seem incapable of even knowing who they are or of standing like a man behind their own words and cause trouble anonymously like the cowards they are. The thing that amazes me is that we tolerate it. I will not adopt the opinions that I am supposed to have according to people who have not even thought their ideas through to their logical conclusion or applied them to systems theory. (see Active Measures; The Subversion of the Good for more on what is happening on this score: )

America was founded by men who refused to bend the knee and live the way someone else told them to. They had their own opinions and thoughts and were not going to compromise them to please lesser men. The control of speech and freedom of expression is a trait of every dictatorship since Ancient Greece and Rome. Today, we need people to stand up and live their own lives and quit sniveling and bowing to a society that is so obviously weak, immature, and without meaning. Who wants to live a life without meaning? And the cure is as apparent as the curse is prevalent.

“And therein we find, neglected by us, the simplest, the most accessible key to our liberation: a personal nonparticipation in lies! Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Live Not By Lies

Only by knowing ourselves and being true to our own thoughts can we live our own lives and be fulfilled in a life with meaning. You only have one life and you need to be true to yourself as you live it and not slink around afraid that what you say might cause a tantrum in some emotionally weak cry-baby. If you are not true to who you are you will never really live and it is a shameful thing to die without ever having lived. You were meant for better. It is these emotionally unstable people that need to withdraw into an institution if they need to be constantly protected. They need a safe space where they can color and hide from a world that they were never taught to live in by the parents who were responsible for doing so. The great mass of people who are real and who know who their own mind are not willing to live someone else’s life, these people need to live their own and end their polite silence allowing these tantrums and emotionally unstable children run society. Stand up and insist that you be free to live your own life, and don’t be afraid of what someone else will say. Be yourself. That is far more interesting than being a copy and paste for another’s opinions or lies. (See also Propaganda, Lies, Corruption, and Misinformation: )

Here at SabersEdge we strive to live our own lives and learn who we really are. We don’t need someone else telling us what we can or cannot say because weak, emotionally unstable adult children might be offended. They may well spend their whole life miserable and die without ever having lived. But we cannot let them take the quality of life and freedom from the rest of us. We yearn to not only life but to thrive. Jesus said that “I came that you might have life. And have it abundantly!” Society today is denying us the chance to be ourselves and to live this abundant life.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn knew all about these things because communism denied them to all its citizens and he lived it. He wrote about them in his book “Live Not By Lies” and he was banished to the West for being true to himself. His words are there for us today:

“We are approaching the brink; already a universal spiritual demise is upon us; a physical one is about to flare up and engulf us and our children, while we continue to smile sheepishly and babble: “But what can we do to stop it? We haven’t the strength.”…But we can do—everything!—even if we comfort and lie to ourselves that this is not so. It is not “they” who are guilty of everything, but we ourselves, only we!”

―Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Live Not By Lies

We must not allow others to make us live a lie and we must insist that we be allowed to live our own lives, true to our own hearts and minds, because we will, most assuredly be required to die our own deaths. And to die without ever having lived is a sad way to go.

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