Democracy or Republic? The Genesis of Hope

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SabersEdge blog for 8 August 2776 AUC

Do we need the government to be safe or safety from the government? I would say we need both. But in today’s world, the question of how the government ensures our safety but also has limits that protect us from potential government overreach is a complex issue. Striking the right balance between these two aspects is crucial, and it forms the core principle of our constitution. The United States Constitution was crafted to safeguard our natural rights, employing checks and balances to restrict the powers of various branches of government but it didn’t appear in history out of nowhere. It has a long and distinguished heritage that is unique in the world and is firmly grounded in the history of Greece and Rome (which are in turn grounded in the Middle East and Egypt). However, over time, the memory of this heritage has blurred and is largely forgotten. For that reason, the same ideas that brought doom to previous generations are resurfacing today because people don’t know what happened last time these ideas prevailed. Today, Freedom Troopers we will delve into the importance of this heritage, the historical origins of our government structure, and the relevance of these concepts in today’s society and the hope they contain for our future.


The Sophists of Ancient Greece were among the first to outline the parameters and limits of democracy and the need for virtue in our leaders. Plato attacked the sophists because he noted the excesses of Greek democracy. He had seen the failures of democracy that were demonstrated to him when the mob majority voted to exile or kill his teacher Socrates. Socrates could not fathom living away from his homeland and chose death. Plato blamed and maligned the sophists for the failures of democracy. But the truth is that the Greek democracies were very fragile, and majority rule brought constant confusion and social turmoil and led by the emotions of the mob they constantly swung from excess to excess. Our founding fathers knew all of this and rejected democracy calling it the tyranny of the majority. All democracies in history fell into disorder, injustice, and mob rule, and ultimately gave way to tyranny in remarkably short order. In fact “tyrant” comes from the Greek work for an autocratic ruler.

Our founding fathers closely adhered not to Greeks but to the Roman philosophers and leaders who built a lasting republic. While academia in the American Colonies and first hundred and fifty years of America it was Rome and not Greeks that were studied. Perhaps, our current chaos is partially because academia today studies more Greeks than Romans and everyone talks about “democracy” and becoming more “democratic” without understanding the history of democracies and republics nor why the founders did not want to be too “democratic.”

The founders looked at democracies and saw how the mob was influenced by the smooth words of fast talkers and made decisions that were not in their or the state’s good interest. The founders limited voting to try to ensure that those who voted had a stake in the future and would not only be educated but also willing to spend the time necessary to study the facts and issues of government and to make the decisions that were necessary for building a good future. It was mob rule, influenced by fast talkers, that destroyed democracies as they followed after charismatic leaders that were more concerned with their own wealth than what was good for the community. It is ironic that in the modern age, our leaders seem to know less about these things than did our founding fathers who lived in an America that had no mandatory education and few universities.

Our founders looked to Rome which still has the longest-lived Republic in human history. Roman written “history” tells us it was founded by Romulus and Remus, descendants of Aeneas a Prince of Troy, on 21 April 753. Modern historians have dismissed this as legend but archaeology tells us that Latium and the Appennine society of that area had several influxes from Greek culture but also had stronger ties to the Greecian cities on the Asia Minor coast along the Aegean Sea – which describes Troy as well. So while the details may be contrived there may well be some truth in the legendary founding of Rome. Historically, we see that there is evidence of continuous, permanent settlement upon the Capitoline Hill in the City of Rome from 1700 BC. up to today although the traditional date for the founding of the Republic of Rome is 21 April 753 BC. If you see a date of AUC it stands for the Latin Ab Urbe Condita and means “from the founding of The City.” To the Romans, this was the most important date for Europe and Europeans to recognize and so Rome dated from the founding of the city while we date today from “Anno Domini” which means, in Latin, “the year of our lord.” This year, 2023 AD is also 2776 AUC – “from the founding of the city.”

The Roman Civil Wars that brought about the end of the Roman Republic essentially ended with the Battle of Actium. In 31 BC Caesar’s adopted son Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium. Jumping at the chance to end the bloody wars the Roman Senate voted Octavian over-arching authority where he could do anything he wanted simply by declaring an executive order to do so. He was proclaimed with the title Caesar Augustus and thus ended the Roman Republic after existing 784 years. Rome was so tired of violence and war that they sacrificed their Republic for the supposed security of an Empire. Any historian can tell you that the empire was not as long-lived as was their republic.


America was founded as the first national republic without a king at a time when most of the world believed that government authority stemmed from the monarchy and Divine Right. Instead, America was formed as a government of, by, and for the people. Instead of the people being subordinate to government the government was subordinate to the people. Too many have forgotten this today.

The change in attitude is notable when you find out that in the American Civil War Union soldiers would just walk into the White House, the house of the President of the United States, pull out a chair at a desk, and take a pen and paper from the desk to write home to their families. That was because the Capitol and the White House were the people’s buildings and the White House was called the “people’s house.” This could have happened in no other nation in the world, except the Confederacy, whose constitution and attitudes were founded upon American principles and were largely copied verbatim from the US Constitution. The Father of their country was George Washington and the heroes they honored were from the American Revolution. In fact, contrary to what we are taught, they considered themselves to be the true defenders of Jeffersonian Democracy against an overreaching authority growing in Washington DC. Contrast all of this today when we are prosecuting demonstrators for gathering at the capitol building and entering AFTER police had opened the doors to them and motioned them in.

The founders of America noted that unlike fragile democracies the Roman Republic had lasted 784 years before it fell to Empire (when I went to college the more democratic government of Italy had more governments than there had been years since World War II because the factions fell into continuous squabbling). Our founders wanted to minimize this squabbling and hoped that all would vote their conscience and that there would be no political parties in the new republic they were founding. Their goal was to build a lasting Republic that protected the natural rights of its citizens, allowing all to flourish and grow, while limiting the power of government to tyrannize them, and allowing people everywhere to vote their conscience rather than be bound by political parties. [For more see ]

For these reasons the founders dismissed the examples of Greek democracy and favored the example of the Roman Republic. All but George Washington could read Latin and had read the writings of the Romans in their original language. George had read Caesar’s account of the Gallic Wars, enjoyed the play Cato, and had other books in his library. We see signs of American classicalism in the colonies and our government everywhere. Even when you look at news video of the meeting of the US Senate you see the golden fasces that symbolized the authority of Rome displayed on the walls behind them on either side of the dias of the senate. Fasces are the bundle of sticks bound around an axe that represented the authority of the Roman government. The power of the axe, bound together with the sticks that represented the people of Rome working together to form the power and authority of the Republic.

We even use Roman sayings on our coinage and on the seals of our government. E Pluribus Unum – Out of the Many…One. America is a nation of individuals that have come together to form one unity for the good of all. America was designed to bring the durability and blessings of the Roman Republic and the Enlightenment to the entire world…a world which was then and is today largely wrapped in tyranny.

It was widely assumed, and George Washington was encouraged by many, that he would become the American King. A lot of people wanted a king so they could “be like other countries.” Even today we see too many who don’t understand the uniqueness of our founding and heritage and want us to be more like “other countries.”

Today, we see Washington leaving the army and returning to private life as “just the way things are” but after the Revolution Washington was seen as the modern Cincinattus. To lay down such power and authority was so rare that he was compared to a Roman Imperator who was given absolute power by the Roman Senate to defeat the enemies of Rome and after the crisis was over gave back the power to the Senate and returned to his farm, just as Washington did. In other words, the last time anything like this had happened before George Washington was 2339 years before. That is pretty damn rare!

But we take it for granted today as if it was nothing special and are told Washington was an elitist tyrant. We will see the lie in this more clearly when I finish my blog about the life of George Washington. It was because of his fame stepping down, like a modern Cincinattus – when he could have become King, that he was in his lifetime called “The Great Washington” and was later elected the first President of the United States of America.

Directly influenced by America, France was the first country to follow the American example and rebel against its king to create a second Republic in the world. After the French Revolution still more followed until the majority of the West and some other nations scattered across the continents also became true Republics. But it was America that was the first great Republic of the people after the fall of Rome. Today, too many in the West take freedom and republics for granted but they have always been the exception in world history. That is why America was called the Great Experiment because it posited that people could govern themselves safely, securely, and intelligently, through reason and equality (not equity – that is communism). This idea is still belittled by people in many countries who look at our current democratically and ideologically spawned chaos and view the Great Experiment as failed.


That is part of what makes America special, it was envisioned as becoming a symbol of Liberty, a beacon on the hill to all the world. And it is still seen this way throughout the world. Too many Americans view the torch of liberty and our flag as symbols of tyranny. An idea encouraged by America’s enemies – which include tyrants and dictators everywhere who don’t want their people to get any ideas of self-government. That is why so many want to come here that America has to have walls and borders to keep people from flooding into it and destabilizing our country. Meanwhile communist countries make walls and patrol borders to keep their people from leaving, just as leftist Neo-Marxist ruled states in America are trying to make laws to keep people from fleeing their jurisdictions. [For more see: ]

If America falls there are people throughout the world that will proclaim that the fall of America means that the whole idea of a democratic republic and freedom was a fantasy and (as it was when America was formed,) the world could well collapse into global tyrannies. We know this because they are already looking at the chaos created by the Left in America and losing faith in freedom. Some claim the whole idea of human rights was a pipe dream from the beginning (a pipe dream is a dream created by smoking hallucinogens in a pipe.) [For more see: and ]

All over the world the torch of liberty and the American flag represent freedom and hope to a world that still suffers in tyranny. That is why America and the other Republics that exist today have borders that were established to keep people out. I stood guard on the Communist East German border during the Cold War and their barbed wire, mines, tanks and guns were to keep their people from fleeing. Every year dozens of families died trying to escape the communist countries of the world. They still are escaping but it is no longer covered by Media.

Every day US Immigration processes tens of thousands of applications from millions of people who want to come to America. When I worked for DHS every day semi-trailers full of files and applications would pull up to an Immigration processing center and unload these requests.

I had nurses in the hospital during the difficult year of 2020 who had fled Viet Nam (Democratic Kampochea) and also Cambodia. The first had been able to flee with her family after her father had been imprisoned and tortured for seven years in a “re-education” camp because he questioned communist doctrine and the government. The other had lost her parents, brothers, aunts and uncles to the communist secret police and when she was informed that they were coming for her that night she fled. She crawled through thickets and brush for miles to avoid detection and when she had escaped Cambodia her hands, knees, legs and feet were all bloody from the effort. Yet in America, many youth today are trying to skip happily into a Socialist/Communist future. [See also: ]

Many people realize that if everyone poured in, and if these people didn’t understand our rights, history, and heritage and how our checks and balances worked then our Republic would be endangered – just as it is endangered today by generations who were never taught our true heritage and promise. If we don’t turn things around we will lose the freedom of our Republic and the American Experiment will fail.


Today, it seems that everyone recognizes the promise of America (and wants to come here to be part of it,) except young Americans and Boomers today who embrace the Neo-Marxist ideas of the Left. These ideas took hold in the 60s when Boomers everywhere were advocating “free love,” “anarchy,” and “socialism.” While other Boomers, like myself and my wife, noted that we had just finished a war against Nazi National Socialists and were fighting a Cold War against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russian Communists). This is not speculation. During the Cold War I was a counterintelligence agent and it was clear that it was communist “agent provocateurs” that were behind these movements and communism was in vogue, just as its predecessor socialism is today. [see also: ]

I have already pointed out to you, Freedom Troopers, that I noted the existence of trained “agent provocateurs” in the riots of 2021 in the news clips on TV. I recognized them because I was trained to recognize and hunt them during the Cold War. So the danger is not passed. In fact it is worse today than it ever was because Americans no longer know why there ever was an America. They are lied to about why America was founded and told it was founded in tyranny without noting that only in the predominantly white cultures of the West do people even care if their government is acting fairly to people outside the country. [ see also: ]

One of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration is that these people are so relieved to have escaped from a tyranny they are happy with an America that is, today, everywhere taking away the rights of its citizens. To them they feel they are better off then they were. They laugh at Americans who call themselves “oppressed” because when they look around they see more freedom than they had ever imagined. Unfortunately, when they don’t understand the promise and heritage of America, the Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, they don’t see American’s are concerned at all. Other immigrants give me hope because, having fled communist tyranny themselves, they notice that what is happening in America today is the same as what happened in their country when their republic fell to Communism. Many are outspoken in warning Americans that if they don’t act now we will lose the liberty that is our heritage and the hope of the world. [see also: ]


The lessons of history, the wisdom of our founding fathers, and the relevance history underlying the modern context reveal the uniqueness and heritage of America. As citizens, understanding our rights, responsibilities, and the essence of our history is crucial to maintaining a just and free society. Only by learning from history’s triumphs and mistakes can we ensure that the torch of liberty continues to burn brightly. I believe that today all nations and the Republics of the Free World would benefit by reviewing the writings of the philosophers and senators of Rome as well as the writings of the American founding fathers. In our combined heritage that comes down to us for the Roman Republic [see also: ]

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