It’s Not Their Fault Its the System


[Note: An event happened in New York illustrating the Communist Rhetoric in the news possibly resulting in riots in New York – already resulting in an attack on a reporter – perfectly illustrating the point of this blog. I added this after the initial posting – but I did say that this happens nearly every day, now less than 24 hours after posting we have a major event that fits perfectly. Tim Pool Newscast posted below.]

“We mustn’t demonize the teens,” said the Mayor of Chicago recently because they “don’t have the opportunity” (as if any American could be said to lack opportunity when compared to most of the world.) For all of our faults, we are still among the richest and most over-fed and sheltered people in the world. “They are only hungry,” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (herself bearing the name of an “oppressor” and conquistador,) said in excusing the riots of a couple of years ago and in numerous congressional hearings and public statements since she continues the refrain to explain everything from riots to immigration. These and other words protecting perpetrators of illegal acts as if they were the victims are the result of leaders who have accepted Neo-Com thought. Whether they are Marxists or not they promote Marxist ideology by their words and actions.

The Communism of Marx and Engels denies free will in an idea that is called Economic Determinism. Humanity is the servant/slave of economics and will act according to the situation of economic oppression and simply do bad things because they are “victims of oppression.” This is the idea repeated often in media and by government bureaucrats and politicians although they may disguise it in many flowery, or even clumsy words or rhetoric.

It is convenient when all of the problems of the world can be summed up in the word “oppression.” It protects you from having to think, argue, or understand what you are talking about or doing and this is why the modern Leftists cannot defend their positions. Their entire understanding is based on an oversimplification of history, economics, and a complete denial of human nature. This is probably not too surprising when they are followers of a philosopher who let three of his children die of malnutrition and for whom another daughter committed suicide. All while he was (not working to feed his family,) but sitting in the library reading and writing. Even when he did get an inheritance (a moment of hope for his wife that she could now pay the rent and feed her children without having to continue to sell their furniture and possessions,) he spent the money vacationing in Europe and presenting himself as “a man of leisure” while his family was starving. When he finally did return home and his wife thought she would get some help she found out that he had practically none of this inheritance left.

Is it any wonder that he developed a philosophy that insisted that poverty, starvation, war, oppression, and suicide were out of the control of the poor (that the starvation of his children was not his own fault,) and the fault of “the system”?

This is a key problem of Communism and it is a belief in Economic Determinism. No one has free will. Although later authors tried to lessen this belief Marx and Engels were very clear that free will was non-existent. There was NO freedom at all. Everyone was locked into economic determinism and had no choice as to how their life was unfolding; a comforting thought to anyone who doesn’t want to take any responsibility for their failures or troubles – this is, as you can see, the perfect philosophy for professional victims.

Economic Determinism is the Marxist idea that all crime comes from the injustices of society. Why richer societies like America still experience crime and riots is explained to them with the universal accusation of “injustice.” (Thus the defense of the rioting teens in Chicago, the takeover of Downtown Portland, and so many other activities in the news today – including the release of criminals in New York and their failure to prosecute murderers for felony-murder and substituting charges (like trespassing as recently happened in a joy-riding car accident that killed a six-month-old,) – continues to happen throughout the US and Europe. Under Neo-Com doctrine none of these criminals are responsible for their actions whether shoplifting or murder it is all the fault of “the system,” “oppression,” or the injustice of society (while these may appear at first glance to be slightly broader views than economic determinism of Marxism,) it all goes back to the source idea. Whether they call it Economic Determinism, victims of racism, lack of opportunity, or just “victims of oppression” it is all from the same Neo-Com concept of Economic Determinism and an oppressive system. Nothing is anyone’s fault as everything is economically determined and the result of its injustice. What so many advocates don’t see is that there can never be a democracy or a republic if there is no such thing as free will or personal responsibility.

Of course, none of this is a problem for the actual Marxists out there because they wish to destroy any government that is not Communist and they welcome the action of “useful idiots” who blindly repeat their talking points without understanding because, in so doing, they are undermining the very existence of democracy and the ideas of a republic itself – all this works in the Neo-Coms favor for the destruction of the government and society in power. Crime, rioting, and a general loss in confidence in society and its institutions all serve their goal of revolution and destroying the non-Communist state. All of this is necessary to undermine and destroy includes all of the institutions, beliefs, customs, and history of a nation to be destroyed. A destruction that MUST happen so they can rebuild everything in the Neo-Marxist image. [See also: ]

While some modern Communists and Neo Marxists have purported to soften this language of economic determinism, in truth, if they deny Economic Determinism they have undermined and invalidated the very basis of Communist and Neo Marxist thought. Their entire argument falls apart without it.

According to them, the injustice of society is the behind every evil, and if anyone suggests that some people may have worked harder and accumulated more by legitimate effort it is all dismissed because not everyone had “equal opportunity.” The injustice of society and economics is, for the Marxist, the basis of all problems-write history in their image (as Howard Zinn did in his history of America.) This is what our leaders are referring to when those (like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,) say things like “they were hungry” to excuse acts of violence or theft. When asked why these hungry people were stealing clothes, Televisions, jewelry, or other luxury items instead of food they quickly move on to other subjects. This is the key to Communist and Neo Marxist rhetoric. It cannot stand scrutiny or logical debate and the standard response of Communists and Neo Marxists and those conditioned by them is to respond with anger and accusation or to change the subject – you see this almost daily on the news or in clips. This, dismissal of argument is also because of a fallacy of Communist and Neo Marxist thinking.

Communists and Neo Marxists will not take any criticism from critics because, by the very act of criticizing their beliefs, you are identifying yourself as either ignorant or an oppressor. If, after a repeat of Neo-Com dogma you persist in your “counter-revolutionary” ideas then you are clearly an oppressor yourself. And, if you deny being a racist, nazi, capitalist, or other type of alt-right oppressor then that proves that you are one. This, of course, like so much Marxist thought involves circular reasoning.

So, we cannot criticize them or we become part of the problem and we mustn’t demonize the criminals because they simply don’t have the opportunities that would make them good citizens. They don’t have a choice. So the Neo-Marxist mayors, congress persons, city councilors, school board officials, and other bureaucrats that excuse any type of anti-social or criminal behavior are all (whether they know it or not,) are spreading Communist propaganda. So, once you see this you cannot un-see that the words of the mayors of Chicago, New York prosecutors, California politicians and bureaucrats, and so many others are actually Neo-Marxist philosophy that has come from our media, our schools, our leaders, and most of all the enemies who have always wanted the destruction of America and its systems.

Communist and Neo-Marxist ideas have so thoroughly penetrated our society and thought that when we hear Communist and Neo-Marxist ideas we pass over them as if they were reasonable ideas spoken by reasonable and patriotic Americans. They are not on either point. These subversive ideas are being spread by students, city council persons, mayors, senators, representatives, and others at nearly every level of leadership, politics, media, and government administration in America. I am not saying that everyone who spreads these ideas is Communist or Neo-Marxist but they have incorporated parts of Communist and Neo-Marxist philosophy as their own and they spout it like a fountain of subversion that is undermining and destroying the very foundations of America and the ideals upon which this country was founded upon. [See also: ]

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