Who is the Enemy? Who Are the Oppressors?

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Communist and Neo-Marxist ideas have so thoroughly penetrated our society and thought that when we hear Communist and Neo-Marxist ideas we pass over them as if they were a reasonable idea in our society. They are being spread by students, city council persons, mayors, senators, representatives, and others at nearly every level of leadership in politics and government administration in America. I am not saying that everyone who spreads these ideas is Communist and Neo-Marxist but they have incorporated parts of Communist and Neo-Marxist philosophy as their own. This threat to civilization if not new is as old as the Roman Republic that inspired the forefathers of America.

As you can see by the preceding paragraph it will be awkward for me to be precise and concise at the same time. So from now on I will use Neo-Com as meaning a fusion of traditional Communist and Neo-Marxist thought, belief, and or action.

Neo-Com thought has too many problems for the serious student of history, economics, or politics to accept it. However, at first glance, it does sound good and some people will repeat their ideas without even knowing that is what they are doing and without understanding what Communism has done but what it has always promised it would do (such as killing a fifth to a quarter of the population,) to establish a Communist paradise.*

Let’s look at this. Every Communist society in history has killed millions. Stalin killed over 20 million Ukrainians and others (this is a minimalist number that refers to a great purge and does not include the millions killed in the gulags and other activities of the Soviet Communists in their less than a hundred years of Russian dominance. Pol Pot killed millions in Cambodia. I had a nurse whose parents, aunts and uncles, brothers and all but one sister, and numerous cousins were all killed by his Communist domination (not only in the mass slaughter of the Killing Fields but in the “re-education” camps. The Chinese communists starved 60 million Chinese so that they could sell their food to Russia to buy weapons to arm the CCP (Chinese Communist Party,) and the true death toll that has happened and continues to be exacted by Chinese Communism will never truly be known. Communists say these weren’t “real” Communists and were “aberrations” but if you read Marx and Engels they were clear that these deaths are the cost of the “worker’s paradise” of Communism. These are the deaths of those who will not embrace communism and are thus enemies of the Communist state. Their wrong thinking is so deeply ingrained, Marx insisted, that they can never be reformed and must be eliminated. You see, in Neo-Com and traditional Marxist throught, the suffering and death of millions is always excused because the end result is a human paradise with no more war, crime, or injustice.

Of course, there has never been a society that was free of these things. Religion would say that it is because of humanity’s “fallen nature” and, as a Christian, I would echo that as part of what can be seen in history. But I would also point out that it is universally the behavior of “primates.” All primates that I have studied, kill each other, are hierarchical, and fight for territory and resources. So if you are a Christian Communism is impossible because of our “fallen” nature. If you don’t believe in God Communism is impossible because we are descended from other primates and a few years of any type of government will not make a substantial difference upon our genetic development and instincts we have developed in fighting for survival over hundreds of thousands of years. In Neo-Com thought this miracle of human transformation into the perfect Communist human, is accomplished by “fuzzy” thought in which Communist Society is inhabited by the “new Communist” person who no longer scrambles for dominance, position, or survival. The fuzzy part comes in that this Communist paradise is ushered in by the “Neo-Com” Person while at the same time, it is supposedly the society itself that produces the perfect post-capitalist “Neo-Com.” This wonderful paradise is produced by the Neo-Com revolutionary who is NOTHING like the perfect Communist.

The Neo-Com revolutionary, like the old communist revolutionary will lie, cheat, steal, break the law, and destroy the institutions of existing society in any way they can, ostensibly, to make way for this paradise. They have to lie, cheat, steal, and even murder because society has been created by the oppressors and all of its rules and morality were created by the oppressors to maintain their wealth and power. Therefore, only someone willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder, and who rejects all morality and moral codes whatsoever can be a communist revolutionary. Only they can fight the “oppressor” and bring in the Neo-Com paradise anyone who doesn’t have the guts to face this will, we are told, never be worthy of the Communist paradise. In the last election many Democratic workers were exposed by hidden camera espousing such ideas and each time they were dismissed by media as “exceptions” but they all have a common dogmatic origin that is identifiable.

How these Neo-Coms, with nor moral code or fiber whatsoever, become the perfect Communist in a perfect Communist society is never explained and will never be satisfactorily explained.

So many Communist and Neo-Marxist slogans have entered our society that we take them as a matter of course and don’t even stop to question or challenge them. We will continue to take a look at some of its fallacies and rhetoric in coming blogs.

In Neo-Com thought everything wrong is the result of “oppression.” We hear this over and over again through all manner of political and social debate in which anyone who questions that idea is, actually, one of the oppressors.

It must be convenient to believe that every problem in history, society, and politics has one origin and one outcome. It relieves you of a lot of thought and consideration. Anyone who disagrees with you is an “oppressor.” Anyone who questions is an “oppressor.” Anyone who doesn’t understand is either ignorant or secretly an “oppressor.” Anyone who denies they are an “oppressor” is most certainly an “oppressor.” This is why a Neo-Com will generally not debate or argue their beliefs because by the fact that you don’t immediately agree with them you have proven yourself to be part of the problem.

Here I am using “oppressor” but there are many kinds of “oppressors.” There are Capitalists, Nazis, tyrants, homophobes, transphobes, racists, the “rich,” and any of a multitude of labels that can be used to define the “oppressor” of others. This is as old as Communism itself (a philosophy originating in the mid 1800s yet, even today, people seem surprised when they encounter it. In fact, Marxist thought written by Marx and Engels in the nineteenth century specifies that anyone who is in opposition to society is an ally and should be helped in their quest to weaken and topple the “oppressive” Capitalist state. That is, until the Neo-Com takeover whereupon they can be eliminated,) in fighting the “oppressor.” [See active-measures-the-subversion-of-the-good and Yuri Bezmenov’s videos below. ]

This is why, 3rd Wave Feminists (who espouse much Neo-Com rhetoric in their search for “equality,”) can ally themselves with traditional Muslim women wearing hijabs and shouting about Jihad and others who glorify in their “nasty”, amoral attitudes. I don’t know how many times I have heard incredulity at how homosexuals, feminists, and trans people can march with traditional Muslims who would kill them if they were in power. It is because of Marx and Engels’s insistence that everyone who opposes the “oppressive” regime is an ally. They can be sorted out later during the dictatorship of the proletariat when any who don’t truly believe in Neo-Com thought can be eliminated to usher in the paradise of Communism.

All of this confusion as to hows and whys people of different beliefs can be allies would be explained if people understood Neo-Com and traditional Communist thought. And they are able to do all this because “good” Americans, Germans, French, English, and others can’t believe that people would be so morally bankrupt and ruthless as to lie, cheat, steal, murder, and allow criminals to go free all for the sake of destroying America and Capitalist society. It is all explained in Marx and Engels writings and expounded by other Communists that followed in their footsteps. [See also The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen and American Betrayal by Diane West – available on audible.]

The next blog will discuss Economic Determinism and the lack of Free will in Neo-Com and traditional Communist thought (and now I haven’t forgotten about my promise to discuss the family – but then the destruction of the family is another goal of the Neo-Coms, as I will demonstrate.)

Again, let us be clear. I am not saying everyone is traditional Communist or Neo-Com who is doing or saying these things. I am including some presentations by a Soviet Communist defector who was part of the subversion machine where he describes these people who help the Neo-Com revolutionaries as “useful idiots” and he says that after the revolution these “idealists” must be eliminated almost immediately because when they see what this “worker’s paradise” actually looks like in reality they will rebel against it. Of course, by then it is too late and they are arrested by the Neo-Com leaders who have no morals, no loyalty, and no remorse.

Why is it that “good” people never believe fanatics who say they are going to kill people? This is not good it is naive. Just because you have never met anyone who you recognize as evil doesn’t mean there isn’t evil in the world. Jesus said to be “wise as serpents” but too many “Christians” today don’t follow Christ they follow Barney’s imitation of Christ singing “I love you. You love Me. We’re a happy family.” Jesus stood up against wrong he didn’t just sing songs and pretend it didn’t exist and that the rapture would take them out of trouble before things got too bad. (For more on this see OfNaturesGod.com)

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Full Interview – I Heartily Recommend the Full Interview, the books of many Soviet Defectors that I could recommend, The Naked Communist by Skousen, and the books by John Barron on the KGB.
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