Maui Fires and Climate Change?

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As I indicated before the idea of a Directed Energy Weapon by the US Government causing the fires in Maui is almost certainly a red herring. While the fires could be traced to developers you would need particularly psychopathic leaders to do that…more likely, is the data indicating failure to act to update the power grid which was known to spark or environmentalists setting fires. They have set several fires on Maui this year and were CAUGHT setting 238 fires across the US this year with the stated goal to “promote” taking global warming more seriously.

This is the pathological nature of Left-think.

Welcome Freedom Troopers back to SabersEdge on 24 August 2776 AUC. I appreciate my faithful readers and you give me the desire to keep going when things get tough. Please take a moment to send a link to SabersEdge.Online to a friend who thinks as you do. Your intelligence and your fearless ability to look at the world without the sugarcoating that so many need sets you apart and puts you on the sabers-edge of ushering in the future. A future we all can believe in. Scouts lead the way!

I have said before that we may well have lost the most meaningful aspects of the Cold War. Through Subversion and Sedition (two activities that were under the purview of my investigations and briefings as a Counterintelligence Special Agent, – See definitions below,) the lies have grown louder than the truth in our society.

Having allowed the domination of American Institutions of government, education, media, and even churches (seminary was constantly espousing the “preferential hermeneutic of the poor,”) – by insidious Leftist doctrines promulgated by fanatics of the Left and echoed by those who don’t fully understand what they are doing (the “useful idiots” spoken of repeatedly by the Marxists.) Thus we have allowed the entire belief system and values of the United States and Western Culture to be dismantled, shredded, and ultimately destroyed over the last hundred years (already by World War II the Communists had placed or recruited over 300 high-ranking agents in the government of the US making decisions for us and that was when we were ALLIES! Anyone who believes this is a conspiracy theory is completely ignorant of the facts involved and they should study the issue before they speak. In fairness it is a difficult study because so many in academia and media are partisans of the LEFT and their peculiar Neo-Marxist hermeneutic.)

OK, I have used that million-dollar word twice now for a reason. I don’t expect you to know it. It is a word only used by academics and that I never used in sermons or discussions outside of academic circles. Such words are the way they “gate-keep” their status and authority and it is the way the elite talk and show their superiority. Hermeneutics is an underlying method or principle of interpretation – it is a way of thinking or worldview. You can think of it as a lens through which we order our thoughts. Not all have hermeneutics or an underlying philosophy of life or worldview, some people make decisions based solely on what sounds good at the time. These people have been called many things throughout history but Marxists have always called them “useful idiots.” The preferential hermeneutic of the poor was a concept that my wife, sister, and I heard so many times in seminary that it became a joke among evangelicals and conservatives. It was the idea that Christ came particularly to the poor and powerless of society (Zaccheus the Tax Collector and Saint Paul were outliers?) and to destroy the power structures of the world.

On its surface that doesn’t sound too bad right? However, when it becomes a straight-jacket of belief you miss things. One professor told our class that the poor need the gospel more than the rich. As always, I could not let that go without comment, so I asked “Then why are suicide rates higher among the middle class and wealthy per capita than among the poor?” The teacher moved on without answering. I found that many professors totally dismissed any ideas of ministering to the wealthy or comfortable because of their Neo-Marxist ideas that pervaded their belief structure. Yet only a few of them would have described themselves as socialist or communist. Still, many basic Marxist ideas now pervade academia, government, and the “woke” leftist communities and organizations. [See also: and ]

My sister, wife, and I were all in Seminary at the same time and my sister once said that she didn’t think seminary could survive more than three of us at a time. We were all raised to question and to think for ourselves and we had a world-view that did not match theirs. One student I was talking to about the narrow ideas and agendas of the professors said, “Yeah, after a while you just learn to keep your mouth shut.” I said, “I never learned that. I learned that we all must speak out when things are wrong.” But then, I had several instructors who actively campaigned to keep me from graduating – and they almost succeeded. Had I not been as stubborn as my family tends to be I would have given up as so many others did.

You may think we are off topic of the Maui fires but we really aren’t. Whether it was corrupt officials who believed the future was in “green energy” so that they didn’t spend money repairing the sparking power lines in Maui or whether they were environmentalists trying to convince us to take “man-made global warming” more seriously it is the result of Leftist ideas.

Leftists see everything according to power and domination so they will center on the developers, ideas of directed energy weapons, and other things that incriminate the power elite. But I don’t think these are the most likely in this situation. Although, as you know, the neo-fascist ideas of ESG (Environmental/Social/Government) and the WEF (World Economic Forum) are of particular interest to me. I don’t even think these ideas are necessarily all wrong.

95% of scientists do agree the climate is changing (although they don’t all agree man is the driving force.) I don’t even see how people can seriously argue that we have no effect on the environment when we clearly do. However, cow-farts and man-made-global-warning are ludicrous and can only be believed by those who have an anthropocentric hermeneutic (in other words they have the underlying belief that man is the center of the universe and controls everything – which I find to be an interesting belief for “environmentalists.” Although most would say they don’t have that when you think man is the cause of all the problems you do have a childish and narrow belief that we are the center of everything. That is an element of radical materialism – another Neo-Marxist idea that pervades our society.) ESG is not even a totally corrupt idea. The idea of government, society, and business all working together appeals to me. We should all be working together to make the world a better place.

I just have serious doubts that giving the elite who created these problems our blind obedience and trust to solve them would be one of the stupidest things that we could do and I think it will bring doom to the world. They are not all-wise they are just rich and one does not coincide with the other. Vanguard and Blackrock are NOT the savior of the world and gods of the new era and if they continue to become that we have a dark future indeed.

You might ask, how can I confuse neo-fascist and neo-Marxist in the above paragraphs? Aren’t Nazis on the right and Marxists on the left? So Academia has told us and so even I once believed – until I started studying them. Nazis were National SOCIALISTS. They were real socialists. But academics have spent over 80 years trying to convince us that Nazis were “on the right.” This is not because they really were but because the Leftist Academics were desperate to distance themselves from the National Socialists because everyone recognized Nazis as evil – the fact Communist regimes of the 20th Century have killed many times the millions of the fascist regimes of the 20th Century is conveniently ignored by our media, academia, and even our government. They have suppressed the nazi ideas that are clear in the diaries of German soldiers that praise the ideas of “neighborhood kitchens,” and other community and government programs that were clearly socialist in nature. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is full of socialist ideas. Their hatred of communism was not because they didn’t agree with the socialist aspects of communism but because they were NATIONALIST while communists were internationalists.

I am still working on the ideas of classicism and how ancient Rome and Greece affected the structure of our government and the pervasive Western Ideas that created the most powerful, free-est, and richest society the world has ever seen but I want to make sure my facts are in order. It is coming soon.

Because I first wrote about Maui before the facts were out – to highlight the need of the people and how you could help [see: ] I wanted to give this update now that we have more information and these explanations, while still not proven, seem to me to be the more likely. Never underestimate the stupidity that can occur.

Other Definitions:

SUBVERSION is a word that (like so many of our words,) comes from the Latin language of the Roman Empire from the word subverto or subvertere. It literally means “to turn upside down, overthrow, overturn…to ruin, destroy” (per Cassell’s Latin Dictionary.) It refers to a process whereby the values, principles, and beliefs of a system or government are contradicted, reversed, or replaced in an attempt to sabotage and destroy the established social order and its structures of authority, founding myths and history, institutions, national symbols, power, traditions, virtues, and worldview. It is an attack not only on public morale and cohesion but on the very underlying fabric and foundational beliefs that hold a society together. It is like a poison injected into the body politic that (if not cured,) will ultimately lead to the death of the society and government it is attacking.

“Following penetration, and parallel with the forced disintegration of political and social institutions of the state, these tendencies may be detached and transferred to the political or ideological cause of the aggressor.” [Paul W. Blackstock; The Strategy of Subversion: Manipulating the Politics of Other Nations; Chicago Quadrangle Books, 1st Edition Hardcover, 1964; p.56.] This is used as a tool to achieve political goals because it carries less risk, and cost, and requires less training and equipment than open warfare. As Uri Bezmenov says, it is not only lethal to a society it will develop a life of its own as subversives will continue the destruction of the target society even after foreign direction has been removed. Subversives are often called “traitors” but because the US Constitution defines traitors very narrowly it is covered in 18 USC as a different offense. Make no mistake, though, subversives are the enemies of society and the nation and we are at war.

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

18 US CODE §2384. Seditious conspiracy

SEDITION is also from a Latin word and comes to us from our heritage of the Roman Empire. Seditio, seditionis means “a going apart; hence a civil or military revolt, insurrection, sedition, rising, mutiny” and can mean a quarreling of brothers or within society. (also from Cassell’s Latin Dictionary.) Sedition is conduct that can include speech, organizing groups, or other activities that tend toward rebellion and overthrow of the established order. Sedition can often include subversion and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority, constitution, or institutions. It can include inciting commotion, riot, or open violence against the laws and legal authority and is often subversive in nature. However, because these acts are overt and more direct than subversion they are considered separate acts. You can think of subversion as “behind the scenes” or a “whispering campaign” in the realm of ideas and sedition as the act that sprouts from those ideas. In Rome leading or instigating “seditio” was punishable by death and included appealing to the people to abolish elections and institutions. After the Republic became an Empire it included the crime of utterance against the dignity of the Emperor. But we are not ruled by an emperor – despite the widespread and aberrant use of Executive Orders in today’s society.

If you understand the roots of Neo-Marxist thought that have infiltrated even the daily language of the media and even some political leaders in our country you will begin to realize the activities of subversion and sedition that undermine our country and the entire Western World. We are in a fight for the survival not only of our freedom, but our way of life, our values, and our worldview.

It is a crisis and struggle for our very survival and like all such struggles it can only be faced by men and women of virtue (pietas,) and courage in a contest of will, blood, and iron. This is what it means “to preserve and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” – this is a vow that every law enforcement officer, politician, agent, official, and officer, of every elected and appointed office in the United States swears to upon their assumption of duties. But before we can defeat the enemy we need to know that we are at war.

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