What’s Up In the Maui Fires?

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A fire on the island of Maui in Hawaii has destroyed the Native capital of the Hawaiian Islands. This is the city where the capital existed under native rule before the US exerted its power and control over it. The city has continued to be a primary city for the natives of the islands with the majority of the property and city owned by them. As beachfront property developing companies have been trying to get ahold of this property for generations but the native peoples do not want to sell their land. This is the area that has been destroyed by a sudden and unprecedented fire that destroyed the entire area desired by developers. While many sheeple can be silenced by simply declaring it was caused by global warming others have pointed to other reasons up to and including the destruction by a Direct Energy weapon such as is carried upon 21st Century naval vessels.

Hello Freedom Troopers, thank you for returning. I ran across the video below and found it disturbing for several reasons and decided to supersede my scheduled post for this timely event. We will return to our scheduled program after this blog. Tune in next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel…

I have not done a detailed analysis because there seems to be a bit of a media blackout on the matter. It was easier to find detailed information on the destruction of East Palestine in Ohio. Why there is such silence over such destruction that caused the death of hundreds in a list that will continue to grow as the bodies of the many missing are found? Why such silence in our media? Don’t they always triumph over the causes of brown-skinned people? Apparently, they do unless Blackrock, JP Morgan, and other banks and WEF companies interested in developing the area are involved. If natives are involved and their interests conflict with the desires of the powerful elite who own the media outlets are involved then they remain silent.

People will obscure the issues about the directed energy weapons insisting there is no evidence the government has done such a thing. However, the media will never venture to point out that the powerful elite companies allied with developers also developed directed energy weapons. These companies, even if they don’t already have them, could pay for the technical and scientific expertise to develop them and those developing them would never even have to know they were not working for the their government.

This is a greater concern because allegedly there are more than five cargo containers of emergency supplies already sent to the affected region that FEMA has prevented distribution of. Apparently, they are only letting in FEMA and Red Cross aid and stopping all other aid at this time.

It is also alleged that they are letting tourists into the hotels but not letting in families and other natives who have relatives in the affected area. Apparently, all of the native homes and businesses were destroyed but somehow the large tourist hotels of the mega-corporations and coastal development companies not only survived the destruction but they are still operating and serving tourists. Boy! That was lucky for them the corporations wasn’t it? What are the odds?

There is even a video of a large tourist boat cruising the area to take their clients snorkeling in the waters off of Maui. In the video, you can see natives who had run into the sea to escape the flames and were being swept out into the ocean by currents. But surely we cannot expect wealthy vacationers to giver up their snorkeling vacation just to rescue people whose lives are in danger, can we?

The government is preventing aid from going to the area, while the aid they are offering is low-interest loans for those who have lost everything. In other words, Biden has ordered that people who have lost their homes can take out a second mortgage on the value of their ashes. Does this have something to do with ensuring the people have no hope and will FINALLY sell out to the developers?

Don’t expect a government that is controlled by greedy and corrupt swamp dwellers who have sold their souls long ego to the mega corporations and global elite who now make up the WEF to help “the people” when there is money to be made.

Developers began calling natives who have lost everything and had not yet buried the dead they know are dead nor identified or found their missing family to offer them a good price on the ruins the government is not going to help them rebuild. We are told, that they began calling before all the fires were even out.

Look fires rage in Maui – we have our phone banks standing by – to buy the property we have wanted for so long. Too bad about their homes but, on the bright side they can now sell their beachfront property at fire-sale prices and move to somewhere less desirable.

This is what you get when religious values are replaced by secular materialism, personal responsibility is replaced by Neo-Marxist Economic Determinism – absolving any personal responsibility for outcomes or actions, and the idea that everyone is created in the image of God is replaced with the idea that human beings are nothing but a clump of cells evolved (not by the wisdom and hand of the Divine,) but by random chance from pond slime. This is what Post Modernism and Secular Materialism have done to destroy our humanity.

Apparently, if you are materialistic, atheistic leftistsit’s, genocide and exploitation of Native Peoples is still on the table – as long as its for a good cause – like expanding vacation resort facilities for the economic elite who control the International banking network and corporations of the WEF.

Heck, they have already pulled strings in governments all over the Western World to stop our food production from Ukraine to well over 200,000 cattle killed in America and left to burn. No matter, Whole Foods and other companies will still feed those who can afford it and no Waygu beef quality meat has been lost. It will only affect the third world and the poorest in the West. Millions will starve over the next few years because of their desire to stop “global warming” and Russian Imperialism but as leftists always say “we have too many people.” It cannot be a surprise to any intelligent person that when psychopaths and narcissists are in charge that compassion for the poor will not be figured into any operational plan. After all the media will not blame the corporations that own them for the millions of dead, but for global warming therefore the real culprits will go unscathed and un-accused.

Just as will happen in Maui.

As I told my son, US Army Rangers may have determined that bugs can be a good source of protein but I will be damned if I will eat bugs while the elite eat their Waygu beef at five-star? restaurants. And why are they still lying about red meat being unhealthy when it is the over-processed food they force into our stores and down our throats that is causing us to be the fattest population the world has ever seen. but it’s OK because fat is now beautiful and no longer causes health risks – amazing how that works.

There will be a time when we will need to try to find out the cause of this tragedy. But for now, it doesn’t matter if it was global warming, drought, or destruction by malice and greed. What matters now is that these Americans need help and our government is non only not seriously helping they they are interfering with the efforts of concerned Americans to help themselves and their fellow Americans.

We need to get help to Maui and tell our Representatives and Senators that our government needs to send real aid, protect the property rights of Native Americans (and all Americans,) and stop inhibiting aid from family and volunteers to the area.

You can help by going to UMCOR, the United Methodist Commission on Relief (one of the few things the UMC actually does right,) and looking up the number of the account that sends aid to Maui and give directly to them. 100% of your donation goes to Maui because administrative and organizational costs are paid for by the UMC churches and congregations throughout the world in their donations given during their Sunday worship services through their apportionments (a-portion meant-for-others) so all the aid goes to where it is needed.

To learn more and see other US needs now:


To go direct to aid fires in Maui:


This deserves a more complete coverage

3 thoughts on “What’s Up In the Maui Fires?

  1. Whoa, a detail showed up in this video that they didn’t really develop. The glass in cars was melted – which is like a 1400 degree C temperature. Wildfires are hotter than most people can even imagine but I have never heard of glass melting in cars during a natural fire – tell me if I’m wrong but I cannot find another occurrence – as I said I don’t think that you have to assume the government used a directed energy weapon (that seems as implausable to me as saying most cops are out hunting black people for extermination. Unfortunately, there may be a rare one in a million cop or nurse that is a murderer but most are there to help. This brings out numerous examples of incompetence of the government at many levels which makes the fire worse. If its a conspiracy information will come out, it always does. I am often amazed at “conspiracies” that history proves true a generation or more down the line. NONE of this helps the people in Maui. The issue here is that they need help and the government has failed. That is what FEMA EXISTS FOR! It was created as a rapid response force yet here and in New Orleans it utterly failed! Heads should roll but too often incompetence (like the police chief of Las Vegas mentioned in this video, is rewarded with other high paying opportunities. The elite take care of their own and the people suffer. This is the story of tyranny the world over. Facts will continue to come out but don’t go down the rabbit hole and get destracted from the human need that exists in Maui. I gave you a means of directly helping them in my blog. Anyway, Patrick Bet-David (as usual,) has an interesting take on the matter. The incompetence adds to the story. What is the saying “never blame malice when stupidity serves as an explanation”? As George Carlin said, think of someone you believe is of average intelligence…now realize half the world is dumber than they are. (I would add that some of these stupid people are rich, powerful, and in charge.) I am disappointed they didn’t add more info about the developers trying to seize the land. The vultures gather, its what they do. I am surprised at the speed at which they acted here. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy-u-eVSoyI

  2. Information on the predatory Land Grab in Maui is in this video. This is not a unique situation. Corporations (and people like Bill Gates who now owns more farm land than any other American – Bill Gates the farmer? He’s not interested in farming but he is invested in stopping normal food production because he is heavily invested in alternates.) All over the US mega-corporations are buying up housing and land that they are not using. In some cases they are taking farmland off the market at a time when people are going to be starving world wide due to 1st World reduction in food production that the rest of the world needs. Unfortunately, the 1st World is in a population crisis and the rest of the world literally needs 1st World farmers, food production, and transportation to get their food. The Maui situation is one more example of opportunism that takes advantage in a psychopathic and narcissistic predators who prey on human well-beiing for their own advantage. VIDEO: (I don’t know anything about the Maui Legal Fund but that sounded sincere. You need to be aware of how much of the donation is absorbed by admin costs in any organization you give to – again it is one thing the United Methodist Church does right.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkVV-VJISHs

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